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The Wheels On The Bus Go Round N Round, Conversation Between Women.

Moon Shaped Ass: Definition: A round longueur shape, blending slightly into the thigh area, no hip definition and on a male species.

One tends to wonder what to do when on a crowded bus, sitting and the most ugliest ass crack tends to launch within your face. As the wheels on the bus go round and round..round n round.

Yup I texted to half a dozen friends during that episode. I think I would die if I had to take the bus everyday.
I was bus training a student, it was hot, stinky jammed packed. I was sitting, and wham! ass crack.
I got a slight whiff of dirty sock and ass crack in seconds. but then when I looked up I realized I had just had the interlude with "Pat" does anyone remember "Pat"

It was from Saturday night live, you didn't know if it was a female or male. It is funny how one such as I, can have such a compassionate heart for those with disabilities, deformities or mental blockages, yet can publicly speak about little inconstancy's in the world rig…

A Blog...Is A Average Day, Anyday

In the movie Julia and Julia, the young new cook, decides to write a blog. The blog is 365 days of Julia's cooking, this turned out to be a national hit, her explanation was ; A blog is something for you to do every day to acknowledge your life everyday. Julia's reason for writing was her escape from her mundane career into her passion.

So today..I am writing about a average day.

I went this morning to pay a portion of my very overdue rent, from my next to nothing pay cheque. This was partial contract work over spring break, still waiting on all my over due pay. I still wonder how I manage to live like this and that something grand is awaiting around the corner.

 I knocked on my landlords door. I stood nervously with a thank you card, for patience with a package of flower seeds, and half my rent, in hopes that I would not be evicted,  no answer. I just had to have today go well, because after a long 7 months, I was going to finally see my grandson for a visit.

I heard many vo…

AboSoLutly AmaZing Book Reviews

I think most of my creative output in my writing stems from a wide variety of resources. This is my year I intend to do the most reading, working and re shaping of my life body and mind.

My choice of books are mostly biography's and writers that have a similar style as mine.  I would like to think my writing is more heartfelt and more biography than anything else. Most dating stories and experiences I write about stem from things, events or people that actually happened in my life, or other people's experiences that they share. If I want to really publish the 5 books that I have started, I think it is mandatory to always learn and keep stimulated by fellow writers. The grammar and English? that's what an editor is for, but I do try
I am happy to say, it seems I can't get my stories out quick enough for this audience..this is a good thing.

My first book review is:

All Over The Map-By Laura Fraser, Biography

In All Over the Map, the bestselling author of An Italia…