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30DC- 01 to 04

Day 1 Eve

Made massive lunch( I do have to pack some Turkey there is just to much)Packet energy veggies, juice, vitaminsPacked Gym/Runners Bag for UBC Gym n Track at 630 am1 hour of LITS Done( Leave it tomorrow shit)Bedtime program:20mins of stretch Yoga15 min meditation10 breaths n 8oz of H20Actual Bedtime 1030PM

Here we go!

I made it!! I got up at 530 and was at UBC by 630 sharp, ran around the track on Ross Drive, school security man let me into the brand new gym by 730 and I did a massive workout. feeling great!
Followed food plan till 3pm, and then I was very sleepy- got home and felt so tired I wanted to die. Had a two hour nap-FUCK

Didn't sleep well all night. :(

Well the only thing stinky was me...:( cause it was Shark Day... Probably the worse period of my life.. no getting up at 5am, I slept till 7am... My friend decided that evening, that this was a good time to do taxes, however I had to get a massive folder ready for a important interview by the morning..I realized I f…

My 30 Day Challange..Cause Everyone has one Right?

Start Date: April 23
Yup after Easter Turkey-by the way this is not edited yet- so screw off.

No Meat, Fitness 7 Days A Week 2 Daily Wellness Practices Per Day One Juice per day 2 hrs of LITS A Night

I Love this question, don't you?Not. This was the 30 day blogging challenge by The Single Women .Net
Lets get right down to it, shall we. Men are Stupid in Vancouver. There I said it, and sometimes Women are stupid too. I am not doing a blogging challenge- lets just be clear. I decided to just make myself accountable for 30 days no matter how tired or sore I was. Id say I have a nice little muffin top, I have gone up a jean size- however I look better with weight on, it just needs to be toned and honestly- I had some issues this last month.
I sat up from a low chair and my lower back went out, prior to that my shoulder and arm is screwed up- Doc said my whole shoulder and arms were out of whack, and of coarse suggested Physio- last time I went it, did nothing, I take the pills stretch…