My 30 Day Challange..Cause Everyone has one Right?

Start Date: April 23
Yup after Easter Turkey-by the way this is not edited yet- so screw off.

No Meat, Fitness 7 Days A Week
2 Daily Wellness Practices Per Day
One Juice per day
2 hrs of LITS A Night

I Love this question, don't you?Not.
This was the 30 day blogging challenge by The Single Women .Net

Lets get right down to it, shall we. Men are Stupid in Vancouver. There I said it, and sometimes Women are stupid too. I am not doing a blogging challenge- lets just be clear. I decided to just make myself accountable for 30 days no matter how tired or sore I was. Id say I have a nice little muffin top, I have gone up a jean size- however I look better with weight on, it just needs to be toned and honestly- I had some issues this last month.

I sat up from a low chair and my lower back went out, prior to that my shoulder and arm is screwed up-
Doc said my whole shoulder and arms were out of whack, and of coarse suggested Physio-
last time I went it, did nothing, I take the pills stretch it out myself and its fine for a bit- but its not fine, nothings fine- I have zero flexibility- So its time to just do this intensely for 30 days and who knows maybe Ill get used it it, with lots of stretching.

 Summer is right around the corner and I am feeling quite toxic. If you are going to decide not to be single, summer is the best time to feel great, do amazing things and get your ass outside. 

So I am challenging myself to cut out the meat, except fish. I will do some form of exercise 7 days a week
I have a few great books, and Id like to do some practices in them, meditation, longevity exercises.
The I have personal business I've left, I call this , LITS-Leave it tomorrow shit. I was going to start a daily adventure thing, on Facebook, but its kinda unrealistic, and honestly, no one follows shit on FB.

Its 30 days to clean out my colon, have a healthy heart and feel better. That way, when I put the steak on the BBQ, and all the other goodies, it probably will taste way better!

Day 0 April 22

Well, after feeling quite blue in the start of my Easter Weekend and everyone running off to family functions and 4 friends ditching me, I had the enjoyment of cleaning out my mothers bedroom, 682 stretch nylon tummy tuckers panties from 1975, later, and 10 garbage bags of designer clothing in sizes 1x, 2x..we made progress and I feel like I did a good deed. Going threw my mothers things was like I was in a stand up comedy show and now I see how where some of her character lives in me, as I going threw the items, a nice black dildo appears, my mother, "of gosh I wonder where that came from?"- , not that I have black dildos anywhere in my house, horrified, I couldn't stop laughing..but it didn't stop there, my mother had a nice collection of what I call the 3rd drawer in, the tickle trunk. Not surprised, I mean everyone is entitled to their sexuality after being single 10 years, its kind of a right, and at least my mother is among the living. OK I am just making mature excuses..OMG! For Realz!!! who the helll sees their mothers sex toys??? for the love of god!! I did.:(

I was invited to kind of a celeb home out of town, can't say who it is, but it was what every girl needs and wants in life. A large loud Italian family. With all the men watching the game and challenging themselves on cooking tips, I was impressed the male host actually did a deep fried turkey and a oven roasted Turkey with one hand, and blindfolded, and he had to take care of the kids, no really there was a slue of little girls, I call them princesses all under the age of 7 running around in frilly dresses, with one little boy age 3 in a suit-how cute! There were at least 30 to 50 relatives, and all loving, I felt like I was at home. The area is hidden, mansions in the mountains, you can hear frogs at night, the stars were out..and the front patio of the house had sitting chairs for a warm night. I couldn't ask for a better Easter. The only thing missing was that someone special to hold me from behind on the front sloop and look up at the stars. All the beautiful wives were pregnant with the exception of only a few.

I stupidly bought earlier in the week a massive turkey for drop drop ins. I decided to start cooking it today, make some turkey pies tomorrow a stew and freeze the meat, and gorge myself of a far amount of it. As Tuesday is the start of my 30 day Challenge, and the day of my massive interview in hopes to start a new page.

I have a few thoughts on this..maybe its time to reconnect with some roots. Have a good income and save my ass off for a home. The problem is, I'm in love with someone here, at least I think I am.
Well... you can't have a life with no future right? I just moved as well. I am not sure how to approach this situation, as I have a very good feeling about the career...Do I put stuff in storage for now and coach surf over there? Its a major relocation with a minimum of two years. Maybe less if I win the lotto. do I just move it all- or later..what do I take? I guess seeing if it all happens is the beginning..or the confused right now.

This is another reason I need to kick my shit in gear, I will be training here I'm sure, if I acquire the position.
But only for for a short time. I dont need to think anymore just do.

Gvix Wishing you all A Wonderful Very Stupendous Happy Easter


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