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Project China

I mentioned yesterday it has been my intend for a long time to work aboard.  Many of my friends and family are asking why, some are very supportive and some not.

I will start the program to teach English in January. I hope to spend summer visiting all my relatives and then finally rapping up my place here to leave for China in August or September 1st. Hopefully the house will be packed away by June.

Sometimes you get to a point where you have to let things go. All your material crap, drama and burdens in life to create a new one. I really thought I did this before. I down sized my material goods, got rid of 20 bags of clothing, filed rid of the 60K SUV.

What I failed to miss was real purpose, I still have crap..I still work like a dog and own nothing. I am happy when I have time to do things like hike and dragon boat..but I am so exhausted from stress I can't really enjoy them anymore-I feel like I am in a rat race in Vancouver.

I have had plenty a guardian angel…

Palm Readers and Awakening Conversations

Hi and welcome to my neighborhood.

It was really bothering me this year that I have not set out on my quest I originally intended to do when I did my vision boards in 2011. My quest was to do some sort of work abroad... GVixen is about to go International.

I had yet another hard year and gave up my drive for drama. I fell in love a few times, worked in different areas of my field. Stressed about my kids and family and finance..and it all led to the same thing. Still thinking about stress and drama and crap.

I started to ask people in my work field about ways to make this a reality. Teaching abroad was something I knew Id always do- but thought it would take much more years of school to get there, not so. I will write a different post on my Project China. I will be leaving hopefully by either June or August. My life here in Vancouver will be for sale, and my new one will begin.

This was a 4 day weekend for me, I did work here and there, but along the way I had very harmonious conversat…