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Internet Dating Be Gone

After all my years of writing on dating in Vancouver, The dating site that is a eye sore and stays the same-POF- Plenty of Fuckers.

 There will be no more updates in 2015 from this blogger in regards to POF. Not at least for 6 months anyway.

I have continuously stayed on the horrible site all through my past two short lived relationships.
I was writing some drafts, which I have promptly deleted.

I became slightly more active on the site the last week due to being home sick with boredom.

Superbowl week in the states, was a week of full physical training prior to the event, and then I left the states with a horrible sinus cold. This week another full training almost every day, home, running and gym, I find out the cold is in my chest.

My trainer has left for South Carolina, and I feel lost with out her, I can't do what I was doing anyway with being sick, but even walking her dog would suffice because she lives quite close to where I live.

During the past two weeks, I have been brin…