Internet Dating Be Gone

After all my years of writing on dating in Vancouver, The dating site that is a eye sore and stays the same-POF- Plenty of Fuckers.

 There will be no more updates in 2015 from this blogger in regards to POF. Not at least for 6 months anyway.

I have continuously stayed on the horrible site all through my past two short lived relationships.
I was writing some drafts, which I have promptly deleted.

I became slightly more active on the site the last week due to being home sick with boredom.

Superbowl week in the states, was a week of full physical training prior to the event, and then I left the states with a horrible sinus cold. This week another full training almost every day, home, running and gym, I find out the cold is in my chest.

My trainer has left for South Carolina, and I feel lost with out her, I can't do what I was doing anyway with being sick, but even walking her dog would suffice because she lives quite close to where I live.

During the past two weeks, I have been bringing my health up, sorting and getting ready to pillage my place. In between meeting girlfriends and trying to stay in touch. Training, for some new things in life. I have a new caseload at work- its been quite busy and I like it.

New project underway- which is quite time consuming.

I go on Pof today, ( this was actually Sunday) due to feeling like I'm on my death bed and, continual ping ping, three men,  clearly lifers tell me off, because I did not respond in either a timely manner, or at all.

One man, had clearly the largest moose knuckle I have ever seen in a pair of jeans from 1970 or Walmart.

Another looked like my grandfather, and the last was a man of the name of "UGS to go", age 27 with no picture. However told me if I gave him my email, he would send one. NOT

I scrolled threw the online list to see the same men I have seen in the last 5 years, If they were writing a blog on dating in Vancouver, I am sure Id hear about it. Clearly something is wrong with them.

Then there is the top matches section, good lord.My mother is 65 and there is no one she would date on that list.

No one reads my profile, I am sure of it.  I need a champion not a man.. I am high energy, with huge ambition.So why even message me if you are a fucking tool. Sorry, its true.

I had two men message me that I actually felt met the standard, attractive, and both actually called me. I gave my number and hid my account. Done.

I received several broken messages today, from the one, and one line sentences. Not a conversationalist unless the he's online I guess.

The other, his occupation seems to move from reporter to regional car sales?? WTF
Then there is the bullshit line, ohh I never go one there-

I meet men on planes, why would I ever need to be on a dating As one told me after a conversation I had with them. Maybe I talk to much??

One of my best friends is right, I will post a taleor two,  she will comment, on and on about that site.
I brushed her comments off, because I do take it as a grain of salt, that any of the men on there would never actually,  take part into my life. I actually enjoyed some of my experiences, because I love meeting new people. Its fun, I also like different perspectives on things in general.

I have come to realize, the whole site is negative.

I recently asked someone in my circle for a drink-

I have found this person always funny, attractive with a good soul. I got all dressed up. Then 30 Min's before the meet up- He cancelled, said they had a tummy ache. I was really hurt, but then I thought about it and they probably thought I meant hang out, as a friend, which I guess is not entirely incorrect.

A teacher at work also asked me out, a substitute for the day. I was quite embarrassed, and being at work..ugh it was , well this has never happened and I stammered and felt at odds. I quickly stated I was involved.

This leads me to believe I truly am not interested in anything right now. The man was attractive and I was blushing, however I stated a outward lie.

I wanted to get this out there, because I will not be telling any tales of dating for the next little while.
I am just done with it, Online dating that is. I also am done with the system breaking hearts, two of my friends ended up with scum bags.

Vancouver is the mecca of women, there is a dime a dozen, you can have one in each section-and the other side of town, the women would never know. I experienced this first hand when a women contacted me on Facebook. We were dating the same man. That was fun. Not. Karma will always kick you in the ass.

Then there was the Marine, lol, hacked into my Facebook and preyed on one of my friends youngest daughters, even convinced her and me to fly down to Florida. I reported that weirdo.

I put allot of hard work into being the diamond in the ruff. Self efficient and expect nothing , accept everything. The world is a large place.

I am at odds with today.

Signing off


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