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What's Your Story? 365 days Rent Free & Suitcase Boarder

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are hitting puberty and realizing its fucking pre menopause. (Peri, they call it) I finally in all my years, I have some real knockers-who would have thought.
This comes with night sweats, irritability, and sex hunger and a little bit of insanity. I wish I could say my behaviors were in tune with my years of  wisdom. I am a complete emotional headcase.
See a animal video, I cry. Spend time with a dear friend, I cry. Its all odd.

I do know my estrogen levels are excelled on all accounts and I get heated up very quickly, emotionally and physically. Like a top ready to explode.

 I thought the boob enlargement odd last month, and that maybe it was the milk here in the USA-I've been drinking whole milk.
I don't believe in medications, but I have been taking quite a few vitamins, magnesium and iron and all sorts of stuff for muscle growth- I have a re occurring dream that I'm going to have to have hip replacements like my mother.  I h…