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There is nothing worse than feeling like you are hitting puberty and realizing its fucking pre menopause. (Peri, they call it) I finally in all my years, I have some real knockers-who would have thought.
This comes with night sweats, irritability, and sex hunger and a little bit of insanity. I wish I could say my behaviors were in tune with my years of  wisdom. I am a complete emotional headcase.
See a animal video, I cry. Spend time with a dear friend, I cry. Its all odd.

I do know my estrogen levels are excelled on all accounts and I get heated up very quickly, emotionally and physically. Like a top ready to explode.

 I thought the boob enlargement odd last month, and that maybe it was the milk here in the USA-I've been drinking whole milk.
I don't believe in medications, but I have been taking quite a few vitamins, magnesium and iron and all sorts of stuff for muscle growth- I have a re occurring dream that I'm going to have to have hip replacements like my mother.  I have this sciatic nerve  thing going on , on one side of my body.

This journey and adventure has not been easy this month. I have slow hours with work.

A lot of change for this gal, I went to the 3 day Make Your Mark, Business Mastery, I've only put it off a entire year.

The program is by Collin Sprake, Motivational speaker on Business. The program was a lead into his school and books and Cd's,  I received excellent information.

I was not prepared for the relationships and emotional baggage release that came with the program. I remember sitting threw the first day and listening to the cheering and clapping and cheesy mantra while I received horrid text messages from my family. Everyone in the room, wanting to hug and release their crap of why they have no life and no money and basically its called the insanity circle.

I got threw it went home and thought about it all. The next day, I sat beside this women who I felt like was the other half of me that was missing.  Day two, was more releasing of crap-crap that I thought I had over come. It started with a simple vision board-I have done many, and taught how to do these for my clients. What I was not prepared for, was we were to sit across a stranger and explain it. When I got to the part of publishing my book, the women asked about the book. I said very strongly " it is called, "365 letters, A Girl gone temporarily Insane. and deals with grief"

The women asked, who died? I said my dad. The women said, people slowly preform suicide everyday in their own lives, explain this one. I explained and then got choked up to the point where I could not speak.  She grabbed me and hugged me very strongly. She said, "its been two years, why is it not written?"

I said because I have a hard time writing it, then she did what she was summoned to do- the motivational speaker had told the other person to think of creative ways to make it happen. So she said I should join a writers club, and also interview people who had different forms of dealing with grief not just my own, and the strength would resonate to other peoples pain.

 I was dumb founded.  I was asked to join a group the previous day. Which I missed due to work and obligations.

I clearly saw that this class was more, from that moment on. Next the lights downed and we had to write our life story, going back as far as we could remember. I did not want to write this either, because my life had been like a fucking Gerry Springer Show. I saw a 50 yr old man break down in sobs, due to his story- I saw the coaches help him get back on track..and I slowly started to write. 5 pages and 6 pages...this was also to be shared the next day with a stranger. So what we got here, was free therapy.

If you have crap in your life and you cant remove it you cannot grow your business, simple and true. If you keep worrying about shit- you will never move forward, I love the mantra..

"I am Happy, and Healthy and Abundantly Wealthy!"

I met amazing women and learned valuable information for my own company- I highly suggest this coarse for everyone, if they are thinking about a company or even change of career. Relationships and bonds are built here. The coarse makes you accountable for the work.

Sometimes your story is your company. The women that sat beside me had quite a story, and her story is her success in business and life.
Gillian Faith , won the award for strongest women, and here I am sitting beside her-and as they handed out cards, I received this one:

So there you have it, I got threw it..did a vision board, got some free healing and now had to put things to work.

I decided after all that was said and done with last weeks bullshit from family, and with my mothers surgery and knowing shes OK, to just for once try to move past the family garbage and focus on what I do want in my life. I am continuously facing life's curb balls. I have very little patience or tolerance, and sometimes what I think is perfect and good is, not quite what I thought.

I do know that I have  alot of love to give to someone in the future, much adventure to be had still in my life, -amazing relationships in friendships, and family, and I give back to community...its really all I need, I don't need pre-judgement calls from anyone, I love who I am just the way I am, and my story is a powerful one to share, it is the basis of my company. Be present in today. Not yesterday or before. I am the girl who wears bright red lipstick and leopard bras, sometimes I am tasteless and tacky- but I am a good genuine honest person.

I am learning to re-train my words, and to say them out loud.

So I can say with confidence I am moving with my eyes more wide open now. Also words are powerful the words that you tell yourself, that are put into the universe.

On this journey, my new slogan is ; "I am not reducing debt... I am investing in my future abundance"

Gvixen Signing off


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