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Fitness Log..

After my trip to Terrace and receiving all the info from my dear friend..and eating the same dam meal for 4 days, and killing my male employees with turbo gas..I went off the beaten path. I was sidetracked..

I did some research and I can switch it up..So day two of back on track, I feel like I want to die.
I must of shaked my rump at the POF dance, my tush hurts, and I have bruises..WTF

I go to the gym, kindof unattractive, I do not wear makeup and I wear Boys cloths.
I typically have a look of pain on my face the entire time.

The thing is, I go to a gym that can sometimes have attractive people-UGH
If it was summer, Id just hike a dam mountain.

So I am sweating up a storm on the treadmill, and someone says"you gonna be much longer" Its my old trainer..and he looks ...I want to die. Guess that's why hes a trainer.
He says, I see you got a bit of ass going We sit down and I go over my written routine..He approves, and says, whens the last time you had someone giv…

Plenty of Fish Annual Dance Report

Well...POF Dance...
Yes I have some footage on video, that has to be edited, The location was swell..It was ugly night in the ladies department. That is without question. So..our table was quite popular. I will NEVER go to one of those things again. The Blasphemy and Boldness. I had a amazing time, considering I had something else on my mind all night. I scaled up the men in general, whoa..lonely hearts club..and well then their were the players..clearly some had too much to drink, I am not kidding on the ugly night. Hey everyone needs love thou right.

Transit was there, that was funny..the bus drivers of Vancouver all seem to be single for some reason..Out of Service means theyve had a bad night it seems, need to do a spin around the city a few times before they can deal with people again...and I will now quote my best friends story on Transit, These men should of been, Have a sit back its a goodie;

Why Mass Transit Can Never Save the Planet

By David F: It came to me t…

Dear 2011-Goodbye

Dear 2011-

Thank you for the memories, and the friends I will carry into the new year. I have to say I am glad you are over.  I have learnt many lessons in your year, but have come to realize 11 is not a good number for me at all.

I made new friends and fell madly in love and learnt new sports...I advanced in my work..cleared some debt. These are the positives you gave me 2011. I bid you good-bye forever. If I make resolutions on Jan1st they probably will not happen...So today is a New Day. Possibly the first day I was born.

Today is my New Years...

It started with meeting a beautiful person. He came at the tail end of November-I am not sure if he will be in my New Year, I hope so.

It is shocking to have sex after almost 5 months, and in the moment you are realizing ..OMG I have having sex!
Then in the end, you feel weird..and say..:/ "Great Sex?" The first actual date on a dating site got into my pants-not much room to be yourself or exploratory-hence I was probably a shit…

Escapades Of SingleHood

Dating is supposed to be fun!

Escapades of being single thus far...
Well, I cannot say that I have actually gone on a date. I had a amazing date with my two long term girls friends, and I have to say it was better than most dates I have been on in the past-I laughed so hard the next day my face wouldn’t move!

We all met in Delta at my one friends house, curled up to watch bridesmaids-now that is a must see movie, even for men-oh my..Laughed so hard! We decided to chat it up with some Buddy's from our home town via text-
Course they wanted boob shots..I sent in a stunt double, which made the situation even funnier-then our buddy tells us he hurt his foot in a bad motorcycle accident-and sends a pic, we were expecting a mangled foot, we see his foot-and then realize his slong is hanging out of his boxers...I still laugh to this day. To converse and flirt with male friends that you know are harmless, funny and make you laugh-definatly sets the evening!
We slept in bunk beds..ran around th…

The World of Dating...Again

Ugh...I hate dating..

Fortunately I am involved in enough activity to meet people where I don't have to go to the web, however I did and remembered why I hate online dating. So its been about 3 years since I visited..and the same dam guys are on there..That says something in a nutshell.

Am I ready for this.. have no idea. I do know I want to be crazy in love again! I decided to do a simple profile and leave it for a few days, try my luck. I was quite overwhelmed at the response I received. I cannot say it was like picking candy unfortunately...more like deletion of 200 and finding 5 persons that may be eligible to meet. I chose 1.

Then you add that to the 5 set-ups from friends and events..and well you got overload. You even up meeting none!! HAHAH Then there is the rumor through the agency you work for that you are one looks at you the same.

"You look nice today" What crack did you take JB, I am in my sweatpants like every other day.
"Cant a person tell you y…

Singles Ads

SWF seeks SM..Looking for a love affair that will last forever. Must enjoy the outdoors, be physically fit, likes sports but will not ignore me if I'm in the room naked.  Non smoker, Non drug user, Social drinker, on occasion. Dating and friendship..possibly more. Likes Travel, enjoys sailing. Can take at least 3 weeks off for vacation a year.  Will share the covers. Do the dishes and cook on occasion. Must not live with his mother, or vast amounts of roommates. Must have vehicle and financially stable. Educated. Preferably more than high school. Coffee Dates are out, so is walking on a beach.. because I do not know you. Preferable you have your own teeth and hair. Casual Sex is out. Must be funny, having a foot fetish is not funny. Neither is wearing a corset in your private time. Being in a separation, still at home with the wife and kids, also does not comply If you are in recovery-You are still a addict-I counsel everyday. No thanks. Emotionally absent and uncommunicative are a deal breaker f…

Communication through text messages...

This year seems to be the year of turning points for many of my friends...
One friend is in the world of dating online..another is going through a divorce..coworkers are experiencing life change... So I thought I would share some of the hilarious text messages and chit chat on any given day. Please note, any commentary is joking, and none of us are racist, opinionated to different ethnics or races in general..this commentary would happen in any culture.
The first conversation is of me and a co-worker..we are with two separate clients in the same area in Vancouver, but in different locations..This person is going through a ten year divorce. He is male. He is with a female client and I am with a male client.
Gvixen" Hows your date going?" John: Sokay..Shes calm John:She is happier with me because you are soooo..Boring Gvixen: Whatever! John: Jking, BTW two 2 very stylish homosexuals just walked by Gvixen; Whatever! I know I'm fabulous, Gvixen: you are so gay-closet boy Jh…

Little Engine That Could....

Do you ever look back on things you said and realize to your horror you were a total hypocrite?I have been doing allot of reading, including my past blog posts. In one of dating posts, I stated I hated emails and texts..and yet in times of pure fear that's all I do. Hypocritical!
I tell one of my friends the best advise of how to deal with fears and work situations, and I cant dish out my own advice for myself. This is always the case! You give amazing advice, but don't follow your own word!
I really need to take my own advice on a few things, cause as far as I know, people really value my ear, advice and the value of my company when they are going threw a hard time, I guess this is why my career is helping people.
Everything I told myself not to do, I did. I guess that's what happens when you fall in love, you go blind. My Guru friend says that after 6 months of being with someone, you are actually after that just living with images..not really the person. To reconnect and k…

108 Beads..

The beads that monks, Buddha's, Yogi's.. wear around their neck's and hand's, symbolize 108 beads, a perfect three-digit multiple of three, it's components adding up to nine. A number representing supreme balance, in Eastern cultures. In Western time's, these bead's often represent 108 beads of gratitude. You are to touch each bead and stat what you are thankful for right now, and all good things will happen.
Some time ago I went to see, Nithyananda, a Monk/Yogi, (try pronouncing that name.) Nithyananada believed that every thought a person had was a thought of the past, re inventing itself over and over..So all the thought's a person has are of the past, pain, worry stress...heartache were actually hindering your future thought's. In order to have a full life , wonderful life filled with all the wealth, love and nurturing and adventure, you must re-program your way of life, and the way you think. Nithyananda still applied the same principles of Bu…