Communication through text messages...

This year seems to be the year of turning points for many of my friends...

One friend is in the world of dating online..another is going through a divorce..coworkers are experiencing life change... So I thought I would share some of the hilarious text messages and chit chat on any given day. Please note, any commentary is joking, and none of us are racist, opinionated to different ethnics or races in general..this commentary would happen in any culture.

The first conversation is of me and a co-worker..we are with two separate clients in the same area in Vancouver, but in different locations..This person is going through a ten year divorce. He is male. He is with a female client and I am with a male client.


Gvixen" Hows your date going?"
John: Sokay..Shes calm
John:She is happier with me because you are soooo..Boring
Gvixen: Whatever!
John: Jking, BTW two 2 very stylish homosexuals just walked by
Gvixen; Whatever! I know I'm fabulous,
Gvixen: you are so gay-closet boy
Jhon: they are so cute, holding hands
GVixen: You are just missing being coupled, Or... yer gay
John: U Are
Gvixen: I was, as in pretense..didn't enjoy the magic carpet
John:Yeah, they are adorable
Gvixen: All couples are adorable, when your alone and sad:(or you are just realizing you are gay,.lol
John: I'm actually the antithesis of gay. With the possible minuscule excepting of black dudes. 0.000136% 0f me indiscriminate by large black penises.LOL
Gvixen:I think I need to introduce you to my exceptionally hot gay friend.
John: ahhh, alast I was joking..
Gvixen: OMG, I found a book on "how to go shopping for the right man" what the hell will they think of next.
John: Poor U
Gvixen : Fuck off,
John: JOKING holly
Gvixen: Remember who you work

So from this conversation, you can see my day is quite amusing at times..

We will now move onto my friend who is fabulous, but has no clue when it comes to choosing men on the Internet-hence I just don't go on, I would have to say she is completely in the dark, and somewhat to wounded to think sometimes.

Jane: So I'm finally going to meet the Indian.. Friday night.
This is a man whom she has been talking with for quite sometime, he has promised her 20K to clean up her debt and a place to stay free of rent to get ahead in her debt load. She has not seen a picture, but he has sent her pictures of property he apparently is going to buy.

Gvixen: You coming to the BBQ, when will you know
Jane: 4pm: well we are supposed to meet now, but hes still at work he says.
Gvixen: 8pm-well?
Jane: I think hes fucking me around, says hes still at work.
Gvixen: Or Rogers Video, lol..or driving cab
Jane: yeah hes not returning my messages, I think hes full of shit
Gvixen: you know when buying property, its usually a joint thing, with the other 50 relatives,
come to my area, I live in New
Jane: 11pm Wasted my whole evening..fuck
Gvixen: yer welcome to come watch a movie
Jane: just got stood up by a ugly Paki, I'm not going anywhere, and that other loser is on POF
Given: why do you need to date anyway?
Jane: cause I'm alone, and sad
Gvixen: If you cant like to be alone, than you shouldn't date. come over
Jane: no I'm sick of this shit, just going to clean my house.
Gvixen: I am here-You will be ok.

One of my best friend, we debate on religious views all the time..He has been through hell and back, divorce..AA, NA..single dad..Career change..Now he is very happy and life is good..even if he did get summoned with a restraining order on his X We battle about religion, he is like those religious people who can heal the deaf or something..I am a Buddhist (half heartily) I believe we make our own paths in life) and that nature is our foundation.. I believe that all past biblical or otherwise give us great lessons to learn..Mike on the other hand..has a verse for every solution...ugh..

Mike: How are you doing?
Gvixen: Meh?..Blahhh
Mike: oh G, you are a strong women, I don't know how you do it
Gvixen: yeah yeah..everyone says that
Mike: I have many a great guides that will help you read: psalms :320
Gvixen: oh stuff it, I'm not reading anything-I wanted your opinion as my friend
Mike: then he adds a website for the major bible thumpers..
This takes up about 6 text messages..ghessh

My best gay friend

Bill: hey do you have the shits from that party?
Gvixen: lol..yeah kinda
Bill: It was the clamato juice, I think it was bad
Bill: I have been gagging all night and morning
Gvixen: Yeah was not into the crowds..sorry I left early and had to drop you off
Bill: I think the Tom guy is cute
Gvixen: yeah he may be gay, never works out with women I know that, I was set up on the worst blind date ever with that guy, good possibility he may be gay. He is very cute.
Bill: I will call you Tuesday about the extra work, you down
Given: For sure shasdisal
Bill: Did you notice I had some work done?
Gvixen, I thought you looked really good-omg really, yer so young
Bill: yeah but my lips are soooo kissable
Gvixen: you are kissable, not your lips
Bill: whatever:) Thanks Babe

My girlfriend Again

Jane: Friday 11pm I have a date on a hobby cat tomorrow:)
Jane:Saturday 3pm: my date sucks
Gvixen: why
Jane: He's Fat
Gvixen: Fat and in a wetsuit...yum
Jane: OMG,,I need to get out of this date
Jane: main sail wouldn't go up, so thing weighted a ton, had to bring the thing in..then he wanted to go for Mexican food and dancing-yuck
Gvixen: The visuals are stupendous..LOL
Gvixen: come to the BBQ
Jane: Ok well I went to surrey, got lost, cried in my car, your cell was dead!!! and am going home
Morning: Gvixen: OMG Im soo sorry, if it makes you feel any better I got the shits from bad clamato
Jane: yeah and I got text messages from the X at 3am
Gvixen: ohh
Jane: asking me if I fucked so and so
Gvixen: oh boy..just delete him..move on.


Betty: So did you get your ass out and train? how are
Betty: I sense denial, or selective hearing
Gvixen: Great, I am good and
Betty: Kay I will be in the area morning this week, if I show up
I better not see you in your robe having coffee.
Gvixen: fuck off
Betty: Excuse me??
Gvixen:Omg Im a fucking wafer Betty...Ill do it..its early in the morning.
Betty: it 11am???
Betty? You asked me, remember..I do the bootcamp at 6am, I will be by by 730am
all you have to do is get up, ok.:)
Gvixen: Fine, Please fuck off.
Betty: Only cause I love you.
Gvixen: Goodbye!
Betty: get up
Gvixen: today is not Monday
Betty: fine-tomorrow:)
Gvixen: go suck ass
Betty: :0 how dare you!
Gvixen: I am sleeeeeping

Marc: Howz it going?
Gvixen: Fuck off
Marc: ?

Coarse I thought I was still texting to someone

Travel agent based out of Toronto:

Kevin: So I put the word in for Travel writer..
Gvixen: Kewl, Prices
Kevin: Well I don't think the world trip is beneficial for you, that's for sure
Gvixen: So did you view the places and research?
Kevin: yeah I especially like Rameswaram, looks peaceful.
Kevin: I am thinking Europe, India and Peru/Brazil..I really think you should cut Bali all together.
I mean, you can stay at Rameswaram and then you will have the research lab in Peru..It just gets complicated with the flights from India to Bali. Yer looking at 3k, April 2012-3 months, any more than that-you will be exhausted.I sent you the full itinerary.
Kevin: Thought about it, you can wire monthly till then:)
Gvixen; ok, I just have to look it over and twik it..did you include my running expenses here?
Kevin: no, you have to send me the spread..its workable thou.
Kevin: really think you should consider my place in Bondi beach Australia, family will look after you...
Gvixen: No
Kevin: Ok?
Kevin: Look I don't think you should bite off more than you can handle here, but I think you will like the spread I did, it gives 2 to 3 weeks in each.
Gvixen: Everyone one in Van goes there, I am learning languages for a reason kevin.
kevin: well we have 8 months to twik it-get to work. Call ya 6pm, BC time.
kevin: want me to keep sending stuff
Gvixen: of coarse.

Its good...I love it..Keep communication going people:)

This Sunday I work/stat/time in a half..need I say More...
Singing off


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