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The L Word

GVixen has been dating for a bit, and its usually around the 2 month mark, that I either sabotage the relationship, or just plain run. I have been reading a book by two ladies called The Rules, I started the bock a little late, so I broke some of the, my goal was to see if a 1980's book with 1950's frame of mind still applies to the dating world here in 2010.
The ladies have some very good points-I have been following most of the rules with my current relationship and the book seems to ring true, however there are also some points that the ladies stat, if he does this....He's really not that into you.This has gotten me off kilter a little, as my guy has done some of these things..I dare not tell however.When I am done the book I will post a full detailed account, It really is quite interesting and its all based on The One, The big catch..and talks about all the little ones in between.
So far the relationship of almost 3 months is going good! I have vertically no …