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I RefuZe to Settle

To me it's funny when I hear from a girlfriend, that they will not settle for less, then they deserve. Then to say, "I deserve the best, goddammit!" I did allot with my time during the 3 years I was single and entertained myself with women's groups, and actual university courses about achievement, physical training with mastership with coaching. One of the best coaches I had , was a trainer at Steve Nash- Married, and originally from the US, very fit. His wife was 260 pounds! I said, "I am shocked at your wife being of a larger proportion" He said, " She has everything and more that I could ask for in a wife, and we are working towards a amazing fit life together"
I only found this out, because he was planning the wedding, and as we trained we talked, boy did we talk. I had gone on a handful of dates, and during a core session decided to share the horrid tales of all the men I went on dates with. What I forgot however, is all the horrid details I…