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AMBITION...Is not a Dirty Word
So as I muster threw the hours of Olympic schedule’s, hoping this will be my biggest challenge in life and
Leave me a commutative mark on my resume, while still working my regular 40 hours a week in Mental Health; I am plagued with my passion of my creative side.

I had started a company, called Vancouver Vixens; the name is not an escort service! However when you Google it comes up as such. This was my idea of ambitious women who all hold personal businesses to come together as a sisterhood. The Vixens would support each other in Business and also in wellness,
Sports travel and weekly functions which would be brain storming tools to the future. I had a vast amount of ideas and a large database for years of working with powerful people, as well as trade shows,
Events the elite upper class and the world of arts. When my partner proclaimed she had personal problems, and I myself could not focus on my value and train of thought due to bringing home the bacon for …