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Grosner Kids


I always told my kids they could do anything in life. My kids both went back to school and did very well.
Both have trades. As a young parent my communication was always very clear. We were considered poor, however my kids had all the game systems a kid could want from their grandad, designer cloths, a nice home, tons of food, friends and were well liked most of the time. My kids hit a hard faze from 15-18..

Both boys had run In's with drugs. My eldest was a pot head, had some experiments with chemicals, went missing (this almost killed me) came home quivering on the horrible experiment. At 19 , he told me he did pot and I just had to get the fuck over it. I never really did, but I tried to be as open as I could with it.
I mean he worked everyday, paid rent and went to part time school.

My young son just did it all at once, and this landed him in the hospital for 6 weeks. He came out a different kid, a good one. but as Kid Kudo sings" You don't know about the night ter…