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24 days till I'm a Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free

So to set out on my grand adventure of being a suitcase boarder and 365 days rent free, I clearly had to unload some baggage, you cant take a entire home with you. A fresh start with old stuff in a storage locker is not a fresh start, its a occurrence of memories you sooner rather forget. We are the directors of our own life, and we can paint any picture we want...You just have to believe it.
OK so, I really thought about my brand new bed, and well it is going into storage, I think I only had sex in it a few times, maybe twice. with the same person, who I still love and adore, so there are no bad memories with the bed, new linens will happen clearly afterward.

I will need one dresser and I am taking my cherry mahogany pub table. The rest is bins of stuff that I have sorted and pillaged and really decided on what stayed and what went. My sewing studio I have lugged around for years was cut to a forth of what I had.

I had two garage sales and made about 100 bucks, big whoop-ultimate fa…

I Really Love you...They Said.

What does that mean??? Is it the vows you take on your wedding day? Is it something you say everyday when you hang up the phone, like a routine? A common curtsy when you go to bed? something you blurt out after hot sex? I really love you means;
You look at each other when you kiss… You want to kiss forever.. When you have had a bad day, you asked the other person how their day is. I really love you, means you work hard to keep that passion alive…things in this world get comfortable and taken for granted. When you fight, you fight and make up and don't go to bed angry. I really love you means…I would give up my world for you, if I had too. I really love you means…you are my best friend and I correspond with you before anyone or anything else I really Love you means…I support your dreams, and you mine, even when we are apart And if you cant find your dream right now…you make a small one up…
you build a Moroccan tent in the living room and feed each other..what ever it takes
you are…