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"Must Love Dogs"

"Must Love Dogs"
 I often look at men who have viewed my profile..I find it incredibly funny when a man has a picture of himself with his Chihuahua dog up to his face. I do not find this attractive. However I do love my dog and have one picture of her, by herself in all her glory. 
I never thought in all my life I would read about men, who do not want kids, pets, dogs..or even cats. However they are out there. I was always raised with pets, and I think kids who are raised with pets learn quickly about responsibility and values. Did you know as a homeowner you are not allowed to put : NO PETS Pet lovers of Vancouver call this discrimination to animals, and I fully agree. Home owners are allowed to charge a fee however.  I have some other views on dogs specifically, because Vancouver seems to be increasingly growing with the idea of boutique pets. Dogie Wear: I get comments all the time about how ridiculous it is that our pets wear clothing. Well here is my take on that. My do…

Douche Bag!

Fun Filled weekend I gotta say! First Week Of June

For most of the weekend, I pulled 16 hour shifts.  Does Everyone know its spring time? LOL
The weekend, I was a soul mate, douche bag and also a kunt with a K.
Physically attempting this dating game is somewhat of a mind fuck.
I am quite enjoying most of it with my new frame of thought.

I will know when its right. right??

I received the most request for dates and text messages I ever have this weekend. I double booked, over booked..fucked up names hurt one and almost fell hard for another.

I put most dates off,  for one in particular, as I had been talking to this person the most, and he was actually coming into Vancouver to see me which I thought was pretty spectacular.

First lets take a look at the term Douche Bag:
Witipedia:  Douche usually refers to vaginal irrigation, the rinsing of the vagina, also a derogatory word developed in the mid 1960's.

Interesting, lol

I received a few text messages from a guy I met last year,…

Internet Shopping

Free Shipping from Taiwan, and it will look as good as this, promise!

So, I decided to do a little trial at UTube and my First time buying something online, I decided clothing. it's the most returnable right?

You never know what your going to get when you shop online, so I've never done it, except for the odd Itune song. I remember hearing horror stories about peoples credit cards being hacked, or ordering a computer and its a handheld toy.

I can say the same about online dating, you just don't know what you bargained for. If you end up dating the same person, it could even take 6 months to see all the lovely colors of the person you have decided to share your personal space with.

I mean it has been for me quite a adventure. Tonight I went to return the box of goodies, and the sales clerk was horrified, "This is what they sent you? someones used boots?" " Omg!" she said, "we have refurbished jeans and such, we call &quo…