"Must Love Dogs"

"Must Love Dogs"

 I often look at men who have viewed my profile..I find it incredibly funny when a man has a picture of himself with his Chihuahua dog up to his face. I do not find this attractive. However I do love my dog and have one picture of her, by herself in all her glory. 

I never thought in all my life I would read about men, who do not want kids, pets, dogs..or even cats. However they are out there. I was always raised with pets, and I think kids who are raised with pets learn quickly about responsibility and values. Did you know as a homeowner you are not allowed to put : NO PETS
Pet lovers of Vancouver call this discrimination to animals, and I fully agree. Home owners are allowed to charge a fee however. 
I have some other views on dogs specifically, because Vancouver seems to be increasingly growing with the idea of boutique pets.
Dogie Wear:
I get comments all the time about how ridiculous it is that our pets wear clothing. Well here is my take on that. My dog hates clothing. I have a assortment of stretchy Shirts to keep the pug hair off my leather seats in the car, and it works quite well. My mother buys my dog outfits all the time. If and only if I am going to an event I will put them on my dog.
 My dog see's me with an outfit in hand, she gets very excited because she is going out. However after a few minutes of running around, those things need to come off.

Dog Carriers: 

Why the fuck would you think your dog would enjoy you shopping? I think it is ridiculous that you take a dog in a purse to a mall to shop. I sport a dog stroller, but only, and I say only, for long distance, my dog is a senior. I would never put my dog threw the torture of being in a over populated materialistic mall.

Hats, earrings and goggles n Shit: 

The latest is to have your dogs lower part of it's ear pierced with a hoop, dogs like to roll in dirt and play..hello infection, unless of coarse you use the carrier and you decide your animal is a show piece.
A bulgy eyed dog, should wear goggles when, hanging the head out the window, or motor sports-this is to prevent cataracts. My dog has pug goggles. I highly recommend them.

Dog Socks:

My dog does not wear them unless she drags her one paw. Now believe it or not, special breeds, like bulldogs, have to wear socks. because they have skin irritations, and one dog I know had it so bad he had one of his toes removed.

Dogs are great therapy for sure, this is why dogs and cats quite often visit senior homes and group homes. I used to bring my other dog to a few group homes and trained her to work in the group home, this was DDA, better know as Developmental Disabilities. I also worked in a house full of ladies, the ladies loved to care and learn from my little dog. Now my dog being a senior and me wanting to spend all my time with her, I refuse work that won't allow my highly trained dog. I will not put in 10 hours unless I have a nanny. 

One company I work for has had the full joy of my dog, and she has enriched the lives from 3 group homes. Recently I was told I was not allow to bring my dog. This is after a year the residents of all three group homes have learned to care for the dog and it was quite sad one day I was ordered to leave. The company frequently has dogs in the head office and other managers with dogs. I mean the perfect setting, is for residents that are semi independent. I could go on and on, but not today.

Dogs during sexy time: 

Now I don't allow my dog in my room during sexy time, in fact I shut the door, I find it uncomfortable. I don't allow any pets in the room during sexy time.
afterward, sure..
Because I have been in bachelorhood for almost 3 years now, my dog sleeps at the foot of my bed, and at 4am 
when the family upstairs, gets up for Indian time, she scurries to get under the covers to dilute the noise. 

I decided to write a story on pets, because the majority of Vancouver is increasing with animals. I do not agree that homeless people should have a pet. Is this wrong? If they can't provide food and shelter for them selves, why put a animal threw it? I do know the government used to provide food for homeless dogs at the food bank..still I think its wrong.

My cat is definitely not allowed in my room, because he has a habit of combing my hair with his paw and sleeping on my part of my head, the part with my hair fringed out on the pillow, sometimes he will randomly hump the dog while shes sleeping. MarTain the Seal Back Himalayan loves Fat Sushi the pug. Its quite weird but true.

As I enter the dating sense more and more men do not want animals.:( My dog is a senior, so every moment of spare time is for her, I mean she really doesn't have very many years left. Recently, I dated a man that actually hated dogs, hated the fact about picking up shit, bitched about a random poop found on his lawn, and banded any thought of animals. Well he is pleasantly gone. We discussed it quickly over a coffee, and it was a deal breaker for me.  

I was doing laundry one day and stopped into a store, Discovery Dogs. I have stopped into a few boutique dog stores now, one actually sells Canuck's jerseys for your dog for 100 dollars. I did my famous routine.
Asking the question that no dog store owner has ever had the knowledge or capability to answer.
and it went something like this :

" My dog is subject to bladder stones and urinary crystals" My dog cannot have treats" I feel my dog is depressed with having the same processed food every day, my vet said she was on this food for life"
I was shocked that I ended up staying 1.5 hours to hear the answer, and this has now developed into a interview on Vancouver's Voice Blog. Stay tuned for the story! I interview end of June.

I also had a male friend point out some interesting things I never considered much about hygienic factors with my dog. and here are some:

After work, I come in and take my socks and shoes off because my feet most times hurt, after work, my fat pug has a fetish for dirty socks, she will run up bark grab the dirty sock , shake it run with it and take it to her bed and sabotage it. I come in, say hello give her pets and kisses, after she has sucked the shit out of the stinky sock.

My dog walks n poops, not a squat stand still dog...so you have to follow and scoop and she shits, most times I bring wipes for those sticky poops, I never realized my dog is so fat her ass had left a shit streak in the back of my car, on the leather seats for a week now.

If I am late getting home, I have once or twice seen my dog run from the litter box, shes stolen a little cookie of MarTains shit. I discipline her, but later gladly put her in my bed.What?

Sometimes during long walks, my dog simply cant walk anymore, I always thought the wet spot on my left shoulder was drool,...wrong..her wiffle was wet. yuck. A wiffle is her vagina.

I do not make out with my dog, or let her tongue my mouth. This is just wrong, I had a girlfriend with a poodle that would utterly tongued her dog. disgusting.

My dog will often put her asshole on my foot. like I am sitting and she will plop her ass on top of my foot. Her mother used to obsessively lick my feet as soon as my socks were off. 

I don't care, I love my dog, and any man that doesn't love my dog, can clearly go fuck themselves, its a full package deal.

I guess now in my life my little dog and now cat, are indeed my companions. It makes me realize I am not alone and they love me unconditionally. I enjoy coming home to a happy dog wagging her tail excited to see me at the end of the day. My dog does not judge me. She simply stands by me.

GVix Signing out


  1. Hello GVixen, I enjoyed reading this and all your other entries I have had a chance to read so far. I must say though that your latest post, 'Must Love Dogs' seems rather typical of a women's/dog lovers perspective on their furry friends and I have a somewhat different perspective on women and their dogs. If you care to read my post on the subject at my very recently begun blog at: http://daveinthecity.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/4-must-not-love-dogs-cat-ok-2/
    you will see what I mean - lol. I look forward to reading more of your offerings in the future.
    Regards, daveinthecity

  2. Hi Dave,
    Well thanks!Typical? hmm
    I will have to check out your website, are you from vancouver?

  3. I did indeed check out Dave's Blog, holy tolito...indeed quite funny and well written, but it won't win any points with the dog lovers of Vancovuer.
    I left this comment:

    Well someone pissed in your cornflakes Dave, I only say this becasue of the ongoing rant agaist dogs and women who love them. I mean what's next the god dam sky is falling? I am curious to see what kind of person you'd be if hit with the fact that your women brought home a dog one day..lol..Anyways besides that this and everything else, I actually found your writing very good and look forward to your next "new entry"
    Signed: GVixen, dont mess with the vetern


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