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Escapades Of SingleHood

Dating is supposed to be fun!

Escapades of being single thus far...
Well, I cannot say that I have actually gone on a date. I had a amazing date with my two long term girls friends, and I have to say it was better than most dates I have been on in the past-I laughed so hard the next day my face wouldn’t move!

We all met in Delta at my one friends house, curled up to watch bridesmaids-now that is a must see movie, even for men-oh my..Laughed so hard! We decided to chat it up with some Buddy's from our home town via text-
Course they wanted boob shots..I sent in a stunt double, which made the situation even funnier-then our buddy tells us he hurt his foot in a bad motorcycle accident-and sends a pic, we were expecting a mangled foot, we see his foot-and then realize his slong is hanging out of his boxers...I still laugh to this day. To converse and flirt with male friends that you know are harmless, funny and make you laugh-definatly sets the evening!
We slept in bunk beds..ran around th…