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Live Gvix Update

Quick Update:

A bit of Live action will be coming your way within the next few months.
YouTube Videos!!

Keep a eye out for:

Whistler Women Escape: A intimate discussion on what women think about when going on a date
Mount Washington Women Escape
Hilarious Mudder Training Video- small segments starting in March
How to not get killed on a Internet date: footage of several different women, giving perspective.
Fundraising bloopers for China
I leave you with one of my favorite videos
And here is a hilarious video...

Stay tuned
Nite All

Finding the Magic....Lip Service

You can only stay in the closet for so long...seriously.. What I mean by this is at some point you are forced to shine.
You cant live with the idea of sadness forever..and you certainly wont get anywhere with being in love with the idea of love.
Let's be real here , love will not find you-it is up to you to get out there in the world and be present in the now- to be seen, to acknowledged and possibly by chance, someone will see you for who you really are. and... lip service will get you No where..really
it is another wall you choose to hid behind, a mask...

I am quite different than my Internet personality. I am quite shy at first. I keep allot of thought to myself. In my Internet personality I embellish on many a story and some story's are completely alter ego..
Most times the stories ring true.

When I am texting or chatting, I have allot to say, but in person I think my head sometimes swallows my face and I can't seem to have the wit I did when writing.

My fr…

Bedtime Stories

I was in the trails of Cypress Mountain at night, the trails were lit up and the trees looked like magic,  white massive snow globs. I shone the light onto the trees, they sparkled. The path had been untouched by people or predators. I am in my pink lamb PJ's and am uncertain why I am here. I walk a few steps then realize I am freezing, I look down at my bare feet in moccasins that are getting quite wet. I keep walking and say "hello"

No one responds, I have anxiety, and start to break out in a cold sweat. I start running, but there seems to be no end. I stop suddenly, as I see a deer nuzzling the snow. I stare at it, and then as the deer looks at me, my vision zooms like I am being transported threw a tunnel..and I wake up. I am in my PJ's in a drenched bed.

I get up shake my head, curse, as I rip off my PJ's and head for the shower. The next day goes by very quickly.

11pm, I am checking my email accounts, there are like 4. I am looking at the stats on my blog,…