Nov 13, 2015

Sex Politics and Logistics...

Well, you know he's a good man if he buys your tampons, that's all I can say, especially if he's a mans man, and buys your tampons.

Dating in Vancouver can be pretty tuff beans on a women, as I have talked about for the last 10 years.
You never know if your going to be stuck with the bill, asked to do "Dutch" Pay half or if the man has 5 other dates lined up for the week.

You get pretty daunted with hopelessness, and fear that you may be alone forever. Is he into you? or is he waiting for the next best thing?

Did he actually pursue you? Now there's a question. That means did he see you and make a attempt to date you? cause this is pretty dam grey in Vancouver. This means, you did nothing. You did not hit him up on chat, you did not find him among your friends, your friends did not pressure him to meet you or you meet him, He actively sought ways to try and date you.

Sometimes we date our friends, and realise all the reasons why you were only friends in the first place, and maybe that taboo thing you did, like sleep with him was not such a good idea, like a year later. Sometimes it is.

Well I did have a man pursue me in April, this happened in my life, and I was completely not interested. I met him at a function with several other married men, and left the event thinking to myself this was the best time and company I have had in a long time. I was at a table with educated, gentlemen of value and worth for a benefit. I had intellectual discussion's and heard hilarious stories.

A month later, a co-worker requested I see her, peer actually. She said that a gentleman from that night really wanted to take me to dinner.

It is really out of character for me to let my walls down and just go with it.
for starters I was a little intimidated by his title in society, and my first idea was, what on earth would this man have in common with me, and further more what would I have in common with him?

I had met him once. He gave a speech at a fundraiser.
When I agreed to meet up a few months later, it wasn't even the same guy.
I guess he had a few trainers and had been on a massive over haul of his life. In two months, he was all of a sudden divorced, fit, tanned and training for a marathon.

I was intrigued.

It is now 6 months later and I still get butterflies on when I'm going to see him next. So he stepped into the new millennium and had sex before marriage, with me..90 days after courtship.

That's right folks, you heard me correctly. For 3 months the heavy petting was like a grade 8 horror movie.  "Why?" one might ask, well it certainly was not my doing. The only thing I could do was get to know the man.  I realized I really liked him. There are many reasons why, but it really is not important.

This week, the discussion was about questions. "Out of the 5 states, which one would you go to?"  Utah, West Virginia, New Hampton, Alabama or north Dakota?I picked Alabama and West Virginia

 I know nothing about those, so I picked Alabama and West Virginia- The hottest possible

I said out of the 5 Canadian places, ...
Montreal, Winnipeg, Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Yellowknife, which two? He picked Nova Scotia and Montreal.
Then the question was , if you could ask God 3 questions what would they be?

I said; "why are humans so horrible?" to the planet, animals, people...destruction.
            " Will I be OK? will my family be OK?"
             " Will there be another ice-age? cause extinction is happening huge.

His were: How do I know that you (God) loves me? Like will there be a sign?
                 How am I able to understand that god has his hand on certain people?
                 Why is the world so broken?

These are the discussions we have, and then we decide.. that I will take him to two Canadian destinations and he will take me to two USA destinations, and on the discussion of god.. we realize again that we are only human, and cannot have these answered specifically, but we can do something small to find answers within ourselves..

The relationship is working, and I don't know why its working- but it is, I bring out something in him he never knew existed, and he brings out something in me I needed for a very long time.

What I think is crazy about this relationship, is I have never once analyzed this relationship. I think every one for the last 20 years I have analyzed and picked apart, I actually don't even think about it.
We just plan our next set of events and do it. When he goes home or I do, I don't think "oh I wonder what he thought of that, or I hope this and that" I don't worry about a phone call or what he is doing.

There is nothing. It is, just what it is. With a certain status in society, comes community, faith and several other things. complexity I guess. I am learning how this all works. For starters I never voted for several years, however I did vote for Harper to be gone. I never really knew about the American constitution, or the politics of my own country.

Then I was challenged on why I should vote, which then in turn went onto topics such all what has come to now in BC, and I really feel I have a more personal understanding, to be frank, politics were never my strong suit, and quite honestly I had very little education on politics.

Because I am kind of a hippy, and really felt it was all about money and no one was going to change anything.. and sure it is about money, but when you have not had a raise in 4 years, and the economy is the worst its ever been, you start to think that even one more vote will make a difference.

I am learning about things I never put much thought to before, and also that most things I do should have purpose. Other wise we are just floating...

I floated for a long time, paying bills raising kids and never gave my life or myself or my kids the meaning of purpose. This is how I feel anyway. I discussed the importance of money and looking after ones self, but what I regret most is those discussion of making your purpose and making a difference in the world as a whole. Except for recycling, that was always huge on the household duties.

Sometimes I think to myself, am I "simple minded". But no..that is not the word that the man I am dating, said I was..
He said..

You are a survivor, aren't you?

I guess I am.

Gvixen signing off

Oct 17, 2015

365 Days Rent Free & A Suitcase Boarder..What's New? October 2015

The Summer Plan...Well, it did not quite work as I envisioned.
Yes I sold all my stuff, Yes I lived rent free in the US..
During the summer, school staff typically collect unemployment insurance and work odd jobs declaring earnings. My plan was to work like a dog and pay off debt and save.
Well I worked for one month for Canada Post, got injured and was denied WCB or Postal Support- What a Joke.

I did vacation, which was the first in 5 years, I vacationed with zero money- yes it is possible. My Unemployment did not kick in till August ( Great Government System We have here)

I sold items in a US consignment store and lived off some of the earnings, I cashed in my dwindling Canada Bonds.I clearly did not think this threw.

OK...So September came, and the plan was to continue my 6 months in Hopkins...that did not pan out either. I calculated cost of parking in horseshoe bay. The daily ferry cost. The crazy playboy I'd be rooming with, and good thing I did, no work available till mid September...Sign...

I reunited with a old co-worker and she needed a car, I needed a place.. She bought the car covering my first months rent and damage. My final destination is...
CHILLIWACK! Not entirely rent free, but a quarter of the cost, of typical rent in Vancouver. Close to the boarder still.

Life is still figuring itself out for me....
I am now commuting to Vancouver..and the tally is...toll cost 161 month, gas cost...350...hmmm
there is also living with a unfamiliar roommate thrown into the mix..sleeping on a air mattress..
Do I have full time work? The VSB seems to call full time work 20 hrs a week..Sigh..

Although I legally cannot talk about my work..I have so say that in all my years experience I finally feel challenged and respected in my field of work..I also realize, sometimes you can't save everybody and if things are affecting your health its time to throw in the towel.

Chilliwack BC is covered by mountains and I love the fact there is zero traffic congestion. The ideal thing to have would be to find a choice of work here- so the only latest news is, I am looking, and looking hard.

Due to the current level of work I am doing at a School/ Hospital..I don't even have time to look good.
Sometimes I wear the same outfit two days in a row, zero in a bun, I come home and fall into a 1.5 hour power nap. The truth is, working and living in Van- took a 45 min drive, working and living in Delta took a 1hr drive, working and living in the US took a 1.3 hr drive, now its a 2 hour drive with traffic. How awesome would it be to walk to work, run in the morning..oh right, Canada Post fucked up my feet, ..OK do Yoga in the morning? Be off by 4pm and go to a gym, cook dinner..maybe paint?

Its like some distance dream. SQUIRREL

The Rant

I get up at 5am, arrive at work at 8am, work till 330, get home at 5pm, nap till 630pm, eat a snack, clean the house, pet the cat, try to make a 745 relaxation Yoga class, try to do some paper work..for work..bed by 10pm. Then there's the recent boyfriend, the American..who I get to see...Saturdays.

Except this week he surprised me and came here to buy me ice cream, I was in such a funk, I was probably like a hag.

I'm pissed off. I am not just pissed off at this situation, I am pissed off at the political bullshit in my work..I am pissed off Sea World still has Orca's in captivity, I am pissed off there are lost girls in china, I am pissed off that I cant make a difference...I am pissed off my mom is sick, I am pissed off I don't vacation with my boys..

The furthest thing from my mind is spending 2-4 hours on getting ready for date, talking about the latest guy, buying the latest shit, or eating at the latest 5 star restaurant, or what you didn't do on your restful days of vacationing. If you are not doing something with your life, don't talk to me, because I'll probably say the WRONG thing right now.
I think this all stems from having to put yourself in the field of something you have no control over.... and it literally breaking your heart...
And seeing all/or little of what you have, and realizing someone has way less.

So next time you post your latest 30 dollar Fake nails, give a fucking buck or two to a charity would ya? better yet, your old nail polish to the women shelter, two cans of food to a food bank.

I like a good nail and hairdo, spa day (whens the last time I had that? oh right 2007) and once a year.

I am so tired, but the truth is, if I had a life of not working like a dog, I would be working or doing charity or volunteering to be tired like a dog anyway..what is wrong with me? If you have ever had kids, or had to care for someone other than would get it..that includes elderly parents, other peoples kids...
We are parents, nanny's, caregivers...and when we leave..we move onto world work..some do anyway.

I don't feel quality of life right now in my current situation, I don't feel like I'm making a difference, I don't feel active and healthy, I feel like no one in my circle gets it. I have a handful that do, and I know that if I was present in their life as much as I wanted, or could be, I would be healthier than where I am right now.

yeah..I get it Ann Bradford....
So what am I doing about it? I have started the process of moving into another district..Surrey, Abbotsford..Chilliwack..I have hit up my contacts on Linked In..
I have made myself somewhat unavailable during this stressful time..inward time. I have only shared the negative energy with people who are grounded, can take it, and give solid advice.

I have gone to meditation and relaxing yoga..Although I am wondering if Oxygen Yoga should really have Yin, in Chilliwack, The last instructor was a complete moron.

There was nothing relaxing about Pilate's lunges and a confused teacher in placement of hands and feet.  4 people sat out- I unfortunately sat threw the stupid process giving the women the death look.

The worst part of it was, typically on Thanksgiving the piece read aloud, should be about gratitude and thankfulness right? Her piece was about things being difficult that she read from her personal journal,..well she had all of my negative energy from across the room. During Shasta, she certainly was not getting all my love and peace..she was getting the turtle head out my ass from the stressful awkward poses that made no sense, and I know they didn't because I went with a gymnast.  I said to my friend was I wrong in thinking that was totally confusing? She said "Hell no, she had no idea what she was doing" and then mimicked her to give us both gut wrenching belly laughs.

The highlights: Well my love life is good, I'm dating Mr Political Himself- which I cant talk about moving on

My mother still has her comedic wits about her while in the hospital, today I got a random text that Saint Paul's carries toilet paper from Russia, cause it makes her ass bleed.
The day before she feels the Filipino workers are deprived or something because they stole all her yogurt, that was labeled from the fridge and one repeatably goes threw people drawers in the night shift.

MarTin the cat is back with me and is as crazy as ever..which really means he's happy, so that's good.


BTW, I need a small couch or love seat, for free- preferable one that folds out and can be delivered
PM me if anyone has a decent one. I am currently using lawn furniture.

Ok..So I think I should be a counselor, writer..all no money. Fantastic...I think allot at work, specifically at this specific position, I feel defeated, lets move on...

I feel tired and I'm going to attract that? Fantastic

I do imagine allot! Like leaving Canada, starting over, attempting to be a professional student internationally, or working abroad somewhere.
Buddha is not really working his magic tonight..LOL

I recently told someone they angered me deeply internally every time we spoke, so therefore I could not accept texts or calls anymore. I' m at a time in my life where I feel like , its now, this is the rest of my life and I have to make the most of it, and anything or anyone that does not have a positive effect on me should just simply be removed, and I really don't need to give a reason of why.

So even thou I am extremely frustrated right now, it will improve and probably change in ways I never thought possible, if I did not move to the states and actually be poor with no work, I would of not had that restful time..I would have missed out on allot of rest and enjoyment. It was hard struggling the expenses I did have in Canada, and I am still catching up..but I probably needed the time off...I probably need a year off. Thanks LB xox
If you are frustrated, fix it. Move on. Tomorrow is a new day:)

GVixen Signing Off

Jul 12, 2015

What's Your Story? 365 days Rent Free & Suitcase Boarder

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are hitting puberty and realizing its fucking pre menopause. (Peri, they call it) I finally in all my years, I have some real knockers-who would have thought.
This comes with night sweats, irritability, and sex hunger and a little bit of insanity. I wish I could say my behaviors were in tune with my years of  wisdom. I am a complete emotional headcase.
See a animal video, I cry. Spend time with a dear friend, I cry. Its all odd.

I do know my estrogen levels are excelled on all accounts and I get heated up very quickly, emotionally and physically. Like a top ready to explode.

 I thought the boob enlargement odd last month, and that maybe it was the milk here in the USA-I've been drinking whole milk.
I don't believe in medications, but I have been taking quite a few vitamins, magnesium and iron and all sorts of stuff for muscle growth- I have a re occurring dream that I'm going to have to have hip replacements like my mother.  I have this sciatic nerve  thing going on , on one side of my body.

This journey and adventure has not been easy this month. I have slow hours with work.

A lot of change for this gal, I went to the 3 day Make Your Mark, Business Mastery, I've only put it off a entire year.

The program is by Collin Sprake, Motivational speaker on Business. The program was a lead into his school and books and Cd's,  I received excellent information.

I was not prepared for the relationships and emotional baggage release that came with the program. I remember sitting threw the first day and listening to the cheering and clapping and cheesy mantra while I received horrid text messages from my family. Everyone in the room, wanting to hug and release their crap of why they have no life and no money and basically its called the insanity circle.

I got threw it went home and thought about it all. The next day, I sat beside this women who I felt like was the other half of me that was missing.  Day two, was more releasing of crap-crap that I thought I had over come. It started with a simple vision board-I have done many, and taught how to do these for my clients. What I was not prepared for, was we were to sit across a stranger and explain it. When I got to the part of publishing my book, the women asked about the book. I said very strongly " it is called, "365 letters, A Girl gone temporarily Insane. and deals with grief"

The women asked, who died? I said my dad. The women said, people slowly preform suicide everyday in their own lives, explain this one. I explained and then got choked up to the point where I could not speak.  She grabbed me and hugged me very strongly. She said, "its been two years, why is it not written?"

I said because I have a hard time writing it, then she did what she was summoned to do- the motivational speaker had told the other person to think of creative ways to make it happen. So she said I should join a writers club, and also interview people who had different forms of dealing with grief not just my own, and the strength would resonate to other peoples pain.

 I was dumb founded.  I was asked to join a group the previous day. Which I missed due to work and obligations.

I clearly saw that this class was more, from that moment on. Next the lights downed and we had to write our life story, going back as far as we could remember. I did not want to write this either, because my life had been like a fucking Gerry Springer Show. I saw a 50 yr old man break down in sobs, due to his story- I saw the coaches help him get back on track..and I slowly started to write. 5 pages and 6 pages...this was also to be shared the next day with a stranger. So what we got here, was free therapy.

If you have crap in your life and you cant remove it you cannot grow your business, simple and true. If you keep worrying about shit- you will never move forward, I love the mantra..

"I am Happy, and Healthy and Abundantly Wealthy!"

I met amazing women and learned valuable information for my own company- I highly suggest this coarse for everyone, if they are thinking about a company or even change of career. Relationships and bonds are built here. The coarse makes you accountable for the work.

Sometimes your story is your company. The women that sat beside me had quite a story, and her story is her success in business and life.
Gillian Faith , won the award for strongest women, and here I am sitting beside her-and as they handed out cards, I received this one:

So there you have it, I got threw it..did a vision board, got some free healing and now had to put things to work.

I decided after all that was said and done with last weeks bullshit from family, and with my mothers surgery and knowing shes OK, to just for once try to move past the family garbage and focus on what I do want in my life. I am continuously facing life's curb balls. I have very little patience or tolerance, and sometimes what I think is perfect and good is, not quite what I thought.

I do know that I have  alot of love to give to someone in the future, much adventure to be had still in my life, -amazing relationships in friendships, and family, and I give back to community...its really all I need, I don't need pre-judgement calls from anyone, I love who I am just the way I am, and my story is a powerful one to share, it is the basis of my company. Be present in today. Not yesterday or before. I am the girl who wears bright red lipstick and leopard bras, sometimes I am tasteless and tacky- but I am a good genuine honest person.

I am learning to re-train my words, and to say them out loud.

So I can say with confidence I am moving with my eyes more wide open now. Also words are powerful the words that you tell yourself, that are put into the universe.

On this journey, my new slogan is ; "I am not reducing debt... I am investing in my future abundance"

Gvixen Signing off

Jun 20, 2015

Old Patterns

There is nothing worst than feeling like you've been in a uncomfortable place that you once were in past. I guess this happened after receiving a email that gave me some closure in the last 24hrs.

I truly believe that we are the creators of our own destiny, and things do not happen by luck or chance. We put ourselves in the places that are either good or bad. As we grow older we become wiser, and you learn from your experiences or you don't and you keep going around in the same circle.

I'd like to say, I have grown huge as a person, and can go with my instincts now. It is very difficult to recognize old pattern sometimes. Due to being hurt or years have past. remember that old saying
"you only remember the good, not the bad" Sure you can do that if it

Or you can remember the hell you went threw and the tears you wasted or time you wasted on a certain thing and you can become stronger and look at how you did or did not benefit from that situation.
The important thing is to look at it or that situation, and ask yourself "how did I get there?"

If you do not feel you are worthy inside, you will attract someone that is not worthy of you ,  or for you, or a career that does not value your worth, or a living situation that does not encompass all your value.
When you have a poor self image of yourself, you attract insecure people into your life, so you can mask your own insecurities. This is not the case for me anymore, however it was many times in past.

Unfortunately for me, after reading the book, "why men love bitches" I realized I fell into the nice girl category. I had recently done the same dumb mistakes in a short lived relationship- I was played by the,  single dad syndrome, newly separated she took everything, sexless marriage bullshit.

I only had myself to blame, in the scope of things. I was not seeing what it really was.
So in the realm of getting over that bullshit and caring on with my life, there was someone who found me, I am not sure if it is necessarily a romantic type of relationship, but I do know this.

He likes everything about me, just as it is. He is 100% cell free, TV free and totally focused on having conversations with me. He is a peer that I value, and respect,  an extreme athlete. I am learning something new every time I am around this person. There is zero drama, no x girlfriends, crazy friendships,, work stress or financial baggage. This person is not interested in the drama of other peoples lives, or whats going on in them if it concerns negativity. His social time is jam sessions, family orientated events and community events, their are no drinking binges or random people stopping by..his life is simple and easy.

So this person felt that I was someone he wanted to know-and seeked me out. This is something new.
These are the type of people I want in my life. This may mean ending some friendships. I went to a few friend gatherings this month, and left early and felt the evening was completey unsatisfactory and a complete waste of my time. I went on some good ones too, that will be part of my future.

I think that the more I hang out with this person my test of will,  will be met. Challenges are what I need in many areas, of the mind, fitness and career choice.

There were 3 relationships that entered my life recently, the player, the User and the Samaritan.
The player is a dear friend of mine and is living the life of a 20 yr old. I have a hard time wrapping my head around this person because I see a incredibly beautiful person, that is trapped in their own self sabotage.  I have a few friends I call players, they are all seeking a greater purpose, but never really get there- for fear of something else. The user is someone that takes and takes until all your mental capacity is gone. I have deleted this person. The Samaritan is the person I mentioned above.

So in the coarse of 24 hrs I have taken a hard look at my behaviors and what attracts what, and also where I want to be. I know I have chosen the right path so far, and I'm sticking to it. The behaviors however- this I need work on, because what it has caused in myself, is mistrust, and hurt. So there is a huge wall. I am almost scared to be the person I am. I am scared to be the affectionate caregiver personality I am, or rather gullible is what people have said in past. I trust no one, this is not very good.:(

I could say, I have no control over the situations in my life, but we do!!! and this is the hard part for me to learn.- but then it goes back to the beginning, why am I allowing myself to be put in these situations? and how do I stop it?

I really don't know.

I do know that sitting on his sofa watching my ass grow larger and worrying about it, is no way to be.
so I've shut off my cell and have decided I need to go run. I climb a very large mountain tomorrow.'s great purpose.

Gvix Signing off

Jun 9, 2015

One Month Done! As A Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free

Well, I made it threw one month!

I feel I have set up how things will go for the next year and it feels good.

When I arrive at work a hour before work, and tell my story, people are wowed, and I have to say-If you really set your mind to something and have good people in your life who support you, anything is possible.

There will always be cynical people who don't understand or get it.

As one family member basically asked if I felt bad, for just staying at peoples homes and taking.

Well let me clarify what exactly this project is about.

Like many people in Vancouver we are working to Live, we are busying our life's with programs and fitness activities to feel a sense of wellness. Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. I repeat, Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. There are no perks to wellness in Vancouver, you either have the genes to get outside and do it on your own, or you pay someone or some program to get you to your wellness.

I have blogged on and one about how the school board strike almost killed me financially. I am not going to talk about that again here. The bottom line is there is 45K that needs to be dealt with. On top of that a slandering of bullshit on my credit file. Sure a person can pay it, consolidate it or bankrupt it.

The bullshit will still be there. I had both. I had done all three in the coarse of 10 years, Paid some, consolidated some and bankrupted some-

I spoke to people ; Credit Counselor of Canada, Debt Canada , a one was going to clean this mess up but me.

My rent of 1000 will go toward this debt, half of my food bill in Vancouver; 250, Half of my gas bill 150, my car payment, 260. This is $1660.00 toward debt.

My income at is basic level is $2800. My new expenses are about 800.00: In Vancouver my expenses were 2797.00- All of my income. Most times some bills never got paid due to other bills, like federal debt.

I sold and donated everything, except a handful of memories in a 10x10 storage unit, this is still being downsized.

My first friend, this was all her idea.
We will call her LDB, this is a women who paid off her two degrees and masters in a year, invested 100K in savings, has a monthly household savings account of 2k. If I was going to listen to anyone , it was going to be LDB.

LDB, offered her home and more.

I spoke with people that had room and loved my company,that could use a hand maintaining their home. The two locations are family orientated, meaning we eat as a family, clean as a family and work as a family. I bring in groceries just like the rest of the house, I do laundry, dishes..we work as a family.

During my stay, I will work full time, and be in university classes, some online and some in part time.
I will work on my company, for added income.

The first family is in the US, the couple have very large careers, and things get array in the up keep of the home and children.

The second home is like a paradise away from home, a bachelor with many family members in his communities, this person AJ, I asked for his help. I knew AJ a handful of years, he is sweet and kind and very committed to his family, I thought he would not only benefit from my stay, I would benefit also. Both places offer what I had in my home town of Terrace, BC, support, love and stability.

I then decided to blog about this process, this is a book that many would want to read, when I tell people I work with in the same profession as me, they are wowed! Many people are moving back in with their parents in Vancouver, to do this very same thing.

The hardest part of this process is saying No. Saying No to friends who want to go out for dinners and events and gatherings, saying No to people who need help- because you simply cant.
Saying No to things that seemed easy, like Yoga Class at 120 dollars a month and learning to do it on your own, Learning to say No to even a Gym and doing it at home. Eating for only a week at a time.

Doing things in your own vicinity to save on gas. Declining a drink after work.
All of these simple things are debilitating and emotional.

I have not yet saved any income, cleaning up current debt- but I feel I am on the road to success and this makes me feel awesome. I have started  my university courses, I am doing one at a time. The first of coarse is English!

This Blog Post is dedicated to the people who have supported me financially, mentally and physically; I Love You All

Chris Chicoine
Michelle Kofed
Lauren Price
Kelly Babbs
Zachary VanGenne
Kelly Vangenne & Family
Stephanie Jones
Cathy Konst
Laura Bennett
Darren Phillips
Branwen Willow
Ravi Gill
Bernie & Christine Goddard
Anna Wydra & Family
Andrew Jamieson

Gvix Signing Out- Keep it Real

May 31, 2015

Exploring...Week 3 Beginnings : 365 Days Rent Free, Suitcase Boarder

I decided to really take stock of this weekend to its fullest extent,  I needed some serious alone time and quiet time.

I spent Friday In Vancouver doing to some needed self care, I had allot of paperwork to deal with on my vehicle, toll fees, parking charges, all to renew the insurance-this took hours and hours, or so it seemed. I then went for wellness care, pedicure and foot massage, eyebrows the Happy Cheap Salon in the area we call Main street. Had a dinner at my sons restaurant. Was very lovely, but a long day.

 It was late when I headed back and I got pulled into the boarder for over a hour with long questions...Ugh

They asked very personal questions and I felt like I had done something wrong, I had nothing in my car, I work for Canadian federal government, back and forth everyday..I have stated the truth since I arrived..I don't get it. Sometimes they are just rude, like my friend forgot to give the guy the yellow slip and he leaned into her car and told her it required her to think. The guy on Friday, asked  the required questions, then asked why I just didn't stay in Canada, and i said because I am staying in Fern dale, then he said in a abrupt voice, I don't have time to talk to you your going in. It was 1030 there were no cars!
In the building I sat as the only person, to have them go through my car and decided to take a full hour. He says: "you are free to go" Like Ive just spent time in jail. So upsetting.

I was not going to let this upset me, and I went straight to bed at home to be up early to plan my exploring the next day. The choice was Fair haven Washington, A haunted little town with the ferry entrance to Alaska. The town takes pride on its Artisans. I read up on the brochure before I headed out. I was looking forward to the famous rosemary Bread with curd butter for 75 cents and Tony's famous Latte.

The town has many stories of it's haunting, and the buildings are very old. I sat on a patio for a few hours then walked all the way down to the water, went into all the art shops, most businesses had large murals on the walls , very kewl.

The plan was to go up to Washington University as well for a small trail run, however I had stuff to do.

After my little adventure I tackled the 6 bins of consignment clothing to go to the lovely owner at Labels. It was quite a procedure! I was happy to hear she can sell at least half of it, the rest went to donation.

 I wanted to also replace a pair of vintage "New Religion" jeans, I blew the ass out a week ago at a event and they were my Fav's, my plan was to find a pair of original "Hudson's" The rave here in the USA, well the girl went to the back and after trying on 6 pairs , she finally came out with newly distributed Hudson's! YAY, I paid a whooping 6.99 for 200 dollar jeans.

Labels runs many fashion shows to support women of abuse and after chatting for quite some time, the next one I may just be the make up artist for the event.

I then went home to tackle my room, I had to make a study area, as I have started the pre requisites for my teaching degree, if I go that route. My first trial lesson on language I got only 43%, I have to re do the entire chapter. It is very hard, harder than I thought.

Last stop of the evening, a great nightcap at Temple Lounge, always great house music, ambiance and great vibe. I have been here before many a time, and its a great place to find a quaint table and people watch. I walked down the block to find several sayings on the pavement. Walked by a punk band and a rap show, I love this area of Bellingham.

I ordered a Osa drink, tequila and a bunch of fruit, I find you can only have one drink here, the drinks are very good however they have 2 to 3 ounces in them.
I was surprised to see the waitress bring me another one, she said it was bought for me, I go to look in the direction and its a larger than life women- I held up the drink as a thanks..then i looked around and noticed there were quite a few gay women in the place tonight, some sort of social function?

I decided it was time to hit the rack, so I headed home for a well spent day :)

Some more kewl pics I leave with you, the Vietnamese Sandwich - supposed to be good.

Week Two of being a suitcase boarder, 365 days rent free

I absoluTly love this article I am posting, and this was very much tested with family members this week. The article is at the end of my blog post.

So it is week two of living as a suitcase boarder, and I was just starting to get used to the commute and my mum had a serious fall. The fall cause her entire face to be bruised and bloody, her mind confused. The fall caused a mini heart attack and her entire body to be bruised.

Everyone my age seems to be dealing with aging parents. For me this is the scariest thing that could possibly happen. I am not set up for it for one. I feel helpless most of the time. I also feel like I am finally free of responsibility except for myself, quite frankly I cannot care for anyone else. The week consisted of commuting way to much, trying to deal with the parking in downtown Vancouver, which was well over 100 bucks. How can they not have parking at the hospital? The congestion and fees all make me sick. My moms dog had to be walked twice a day, hospital visits, it was 16hr days and I lost it a few times. I felt like I had zero support and I do have three other sisters.

When you simply cannot deal, what do you do? I meant when you do not yourself have the strength to deal with everything, I did what I needed to do, and thank fully this time, my mom is home on the mend and getting better.

This one week of issues put a wrench in my life.

Many choices we make in life—ranging from what we do, to how we conduct ourselves, and who we interact with—are subject to prying questions and commentary from those around us. Family members, friends, and even total strangers, it often seems like everyone has an opinion on the things we do, no matter how small or insignificant those things might seem to us.

Sometimes people go so far as to ask you to explain yourself for the decisions or choices you make in your own life. You might feel obliged to respond, but some things are really no one else’s business and you don’t owe anyone an explanation at all for the following 15 things—though you think you do.


Whether you are cohabiting with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, crashing in different motel rooms across the country, or living with your parents for a while when you are past your twenties, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone for who you live with and why if you don’t want to. If you are fully aware of your living situation, then it means you have your own reasons for being in that situation that are nobody else’s business.


You have your own ideas about the things that would make you and your loved ones truly comfortable and happy, which is your main priority. Since we are all unique individuals with different values, dreams and aspirations, your core priorities will be different from the next person’s. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for what you determine is your core priority in life. That is your personal business not other people’s business.


If you don’t regret your actions, still think someone is wrong about something or don’t care much for their forgiveness, you don’t have to apologize. Many people are too quick to offer apologies and try to mend wounds that are not yet ready to be mended, which only serves to aggravate the wound and bring more problems. You really don’t have to apologize if you are not sorry or your side of the story hasn’t been heard.


You might worry that you will come across as “rude,” “anti-social” or “aloof” when you cancel plans or other obligations because you need some time alone to reboot, unwind or just enjoy a good book by yourself. However, spending time alone is a completely normal, natural and necessary practice that more people should adopt. Take your alone time confidently because you don’t owe anybody an explanation for it.


Just because someone shares their personal beliefs passionately doesn’t mean you have to sit there and nod in approval to everything they say. If you don’t share in their beliefs, it is unfair to yourself and to the other person to suppress your own thoughts and feelings and pretend you agree with them. It’s okay and better to disagree with them gracefully instead of bottling up your disapproval and frustrations.


You have a right to say no whenever there is no compelling reason to say yes. In fact, the most successful people in the world are those who have mastered the art of saying no to everything that is not a priority. Acknowledge other people’s kindness and be grateful for it, but don’t be afraid to politely decline anything that takes your focus away from your core goals and priorities. That’s how to get ahead.


You might be slender, plump, tall, short, pretty, plain or whatever, but you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone for why you look how you do. Your physical appearance is your own business and you are obligated only to yourself. Physical appearance shouldn’t determine your self-worth.


There are certain foods that you just don’t like at all for different reasons, including taste preference and health issues. You don’t have to explain to anyone at all why you prefer certain foods. Your food preference is a matter that is best left to you. If anyone pesters you about why you are eating (or not eating) certain foods, shrug it off and just say you feel better eating (or not eating) those foods.


As long as it happens with another consenting adult, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for where, when and how you conduct your sex life. You can wait for marriage, try one-night stands or experiment with same sex encounters to your heart’s pleasure and still not have to explain your sexual preferences to anybody.


Sometimes circumstances force us to choose between work and “having a life.” The decision is not always easy and you might end up choosing work, not because you don’t care about your family or social life, but because you are working on something that will give you security in the future. Either way, you don’t owe others an explanation for choosing a career over your personal life (or vice versa) as long as you are confident about what you are doing and why you are doing it.


Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Catholic, Protestant or Muslim, that is your own personal choice. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for why you are what you are and believe what you believe. If someone can’t accept you for who you are, that is their personal dogma—not yours.


Whether you are single by design or by default that is nobody’s business. Being single is not a personality disorder. You are free to be in a relationship or not. Besides, you are far more than your relationship status and singlehood is just one of those social labels no one should really care about.


Someone might be nice, good looking and you may even be a little interested, but you don’t owe them a date just because they ask. If you feel deep down you don’t want to go on that date, then don’t. You may offer a reason for declining, but keep it brief and stick to your decision.


Whether or not you choose to get married and have kids or stay unmarried and be childfree, that is your own personal decision. Even your mom who is dying for grandchildren should understand that marriage is a personal decision and not suited for everyone. She should respect your decision about it no matter how hard it is to swallow.


Sometimes people make inappropriate commentary about your romantic relationship(s), which is really none of their business. You might overhear comments like you are not the “perfect couple” or you should find someone else. However, you are not answerable to anyone but yourself for your relationship choices. Live your life and never, ever leave or stay in a relationship just because someone else says you have to. Make your own mistakes if you must, but learn from them always.

May 20, 2015

Day 1, Suitcase Boarder & 365 Days Rent Free


Its Done

“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I've become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me.
I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate, or create a bubble of mistrust. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who choose war over peace in all circumstances. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.”

There's been a lot of bull crap energy that I've accepted recently, I have no idea why..Sometimes we lose sight of what our focus is. This past month was all about removing obstacles. I still have some sorting to do.
But I Dam well did it!, I never doughted myself..I just knew it would be allot of work.

So its day one and its Victoria Day...and my progress of getting things done is going very slow, I am tired have bruises all over my legs, WTF. Also I need to see a chiropractor :(, I have never been to one, but something is out of wack. I guess this is what happens when you move

When you move, you find out who your real friends are, I tell ya.

I have been in and out of bed, do a bit here n there, and then think ..can i just be on vacation forever? no, that would not do. I rejoined Facebook, have to keep in touch with the kiddies and relatives to plan for some serious camp time. I unloaded and re-loaded the car several times and now my room needs a full re-vamp. I read my book in the sun. Then I decided to go to dinner, why not! I went to this very authentic Mexican place downtown, wen I said for one the waiter looked at me like I was crazy- then I saw mostly large groups go there, The Chimichanga was outstanding! I ate it all.

At night here, we are on the very top of a large hill, so the sky looks like a massive umbrella with tons of stars, frogs sing..and in the morning the deer and rabbits are on the lawn. It is awesome.

In the morning, 5 am the commute was 35 minutes! not bad at all, I of coarse got up way to early, for a very

filled workload. Beach day with the kids, some sand volleyball ( Did I mention I love my job) I suck at beach volleyball, its been years. I may have to get some lessons from two pro players I know, because it was super fun, even thou I suck.

Afterward I had all this crap to do of running around, Transfer of funds, bill payments, car renewal..the list goes on..but its all part of getting the shit done!

The only busy part of the commute home was in Vancouver- The rest was smooth sailing.

I managed to pick up my items I need out of storage for my ZEN patio. We are doing a yoga space/ table garden area for the summer, just off from my bedroom the deck wraps around the house.

Ok, it wont look like that..LOL, but it will have a nice relaxing feel to it, like this
This will be my greatest space. The action didn't stop of Map My Run...there are over 3000 amazing trails in Bellingham.

Followed by the evening of coarse of study. This summer is going to be action packed and I am excited.

At 730 pm, I thought I'd just lie down for 30 was out cold.
and woke up at 845 :( Fack....

It is going to take a little time to mentally prepare myself completely for all that I have done up to this point. Also some serious body work, massage,chiro, hot tubs some foot rubs..I think I need about 4 days of sleep. I guess I should be in bed right

Well this is good night...

GVix Signing off..

Till next time.

May 6, 2015

My Gurlz & Stories...

I am not sure if it was the full moon, or its just Vancouver in Spring, but this spring I have to rely on the stories of my girlfriends for the wacky world of dating. I am off Pof,  and Facebook. I had some dating sites up that I don't remember pass codes for to delete, and OKcupid, I think these were vacant profiles, no info no picture. For research purpose only. I love how I still get the odd message that says, I really love your style and there is no picture or write up.

Tonight I picked some women and their dating stories to share. More of a awareness blog post. I have also recently been back to dating.  In my upheaval of a life right was random and odd how it happened. Just a handful of dates that have all been great dates! I don't have one thing to write about! lol, I do know I have much change going on, it is alot of work and excitement and a date here and there just makes it all more exciting, can you define what is a good date from a bad one?

If you are gut laughing, that is a good sign. If you can have a conversation longer than 5 mins, this is good. My last date, I went to a comedian show, the last guy to go on, said he had a thing with women that have male names, like Sam, but not Doug. Cause then when you are telling them what you are doing its just wrong. "Shout out my name" I'd rather not. I laughed and laughed- it was really alot of fun.

I will give famous actresses as the names, to the 3 women I have chosen to share their stories with you tonight, and their age group.

A young Betty White, Age 38
Proper with Bad Ass

Avril Lavigne, age 42
Bitch with Romanticism

Renée Zellweger, placed Bridgette Jones, age 32,
Sexy and not innocent

All these women are gorgeous amazing women. High roller women. This means all make more money than the average tradesmen, All are smart, all have kick-ass bodies. In fact all 3 of my ladies girlfriends could be movie stars as the pictures above. All are OK with being single, meaning they enjoy their life as is and do not complain of "I wish I had a man"

One is Single, One is married. One had to change her life drastically. I only picked three specific women out of 10 single girlfriends that I hang out with. I say single, as in they are involved in extra curricular activities, weather they are dating, actually single, exclusive or married or separated. You will never find their identity because this is my UNLISTED group, meaning you cannot find these women on social media-  So gents, if you are getting excited that their are these women floating around in my circles of media, you will not find them.

So lets talk about men first. Ever hear of Ashley Madison? Find out something new every day.
I now trust absolutely no one. I am disgusted and repulsed. I truly now have seen it all. We will talk about this site later on.

OK so after studying dating in Vancouver for 7 years, being highly disappointed with some of our more popular sites, like POF, Realizing that the site should be called "Plenty Of Fuck"
Also realizing their are plenty of lifers on there and many have issues including the women. I can say their are some good people on their, however they never change and keep running the same pattern over and over and hence never really find someone based on good merit. I really could not do the site anyway as a serial monogamist.

I would go on their for writing purposes and sometimes I was just too busy to get out there. I realized over two years that sporting events, work events and meet up groups were a much better option. My own sporting activities also rotate every year with new people.  I actually met some men this way that were quality men. There is still hope for YOU! In April, I took the 3 best candidates on POF and closed the account down. One was a VPD, who never got around to asking me out, just texted me on his night shift-Lame. Second was the worst two dates I have ever had. The 3rd was a pop up new member who joined as I was closing my account. I think he was on it a week and got off of it.  Now, I live off the skirts of my high powered Gurlz and their tales. Betty...
Well she lives in my life style I had, about 4 years ago, 3 jobs, two are casual. She was raised very religious and still has god in her heart. Betty has a little bit of a freak side to her, a rebel. This is a women, that no matter what is going on in her life she is smiling and positive on the outside. She is a natural caregiver, a neutered. Most men would think, A Nice Girl. WRONG.
She is very nice, until you give her a reason to not be nice. She will never explain why, you simply will never hear from her again. She will never tell a man off. You simple will not be able to get a hold of her.

Betty is on OK Cupid. The latest conversation was the man saying what do you like in your man smoothie?? The way I read it,  was maybe he makes smoothies? I make a killer man smoothie, that shit will give you energy all day. I said maybe its a turn on?  you can make a killer smoothies and then offer up a hike or something. I mean the guy was HOT. Oh no, that is not how it went

Moonlight Caress
Bon Soir Miss
OkCupid Betty
Bonjour to you J
Moonlight Caress
Bonjournier Miss How are you doing today?
My name is _______.
OK cupid Betty
I am well J
Thanks for asking and you?
Moon Light butt hole
Awesome its sunny, What brings you
Into the romance arena?
Checking things out and seeing what the
Romance arena has to offerJ What brings you?
Moonlight Butt hole
(not asking for specifics here)
Searching for that unique passionate compassionate sexy adventurer smiling dress heels
Jeans enjoys cuddling , wine dancing laughing romantic career orientated, watching a movie on a couch type of young at heart lady.
“Gvixen: sounds a little over the top, no?”
Moonlight butt hole
Is it? How so?which part intrigued you?or is interesting bad?
It is just interesting in a good way,what you brought to the romantic arena
You sound like a pretty chill guy…?
Moonlight butt hole
I would consider myself a pretty relaxed guy
But motivated to succeed.
“Gvixen, so he has not succeeded in life” winner
Relaxed and motivated is good
Moonlight butt hole
Tell me more about what key ingredients
Should you guy smoothie have or perhaps not have?
Gvixen: “insecure, weird commentary and he feels he has not succeeded in life yet
the third Bonjour would have been good bye for me.

 Betty and I at least, once a month sit over a drink in which Betty discusses ways to piss off her parents. Betty is 38 yrs old.
Her father is a pastor, in their home, every time she goes home, it is like she is the mule that was put out to paster. It is never a good feeling, so she has been taking a break. The latest get together she discussed how she has never brought home a man. Betty blurted out, I like black men. I said " There you go bring home a large 6'5 linebacker see what they have to say about that", Personally it would be interesting for her to just say shes gay. I am getting the feeling her famm may be a tad racist. I make a good gay women, I could go over there with her and put on a real show. :D

My advice for Betty is a life style change, get out there. change your scenery. If you really want it you will give up something to have it.

Next Up Avril...

I had no idea there was issues in the marriage or in the bedroom for that matter. This is a women who is all class. She is the type of women that most men think they cant have, partly because of her career and her looks. She is in a career that requires her to investigate and deal with high powered men.
On the flip side she is highly feminine and romantic with a bit of freak. We have the same astrological sign :) Actually many of my friends are the same sign as me, its weird. Instead of a dirty little secret, Avril grabbed the horns and said, our marriage is over romantically, I am seeking a partner for intimacy. I am not leaving. I am leaving the bedroom. Not exactly something you hear everyday. She had quite the dirty little secret with her friends for quite sometime. Until a large bottle of wine came out one night and I was the first to hear of the story.

So there is a dating site called Ashley Madison. The site is for unhappily married people. Cheaters.
I had to go on and see this for real. So I put up a fake profile, no picture. I was indeed shocked to hell.
there are different sections, attached, living codependency, open marriage, single..friendships, forums to discuss your shitty marriage, travel escorts. First off, there were some POF single men on there looking to fuck married women so there would be no attachments. Second there were married professional men I knew on there. Thirdly, a lot had weird masks on and when you request their private profile- it is all PENIS.

It is basically a porn site. So when Avril told me she met her man on there i was a little worried. They basically did the friendship of discussing their shitty marriage. Then the guy separated, then they dated. I read some of the "50 shades of married people" emails and was really shocked. I was a little turned on by the descriptive content, however I was a little put off by it as well.

I was impressed how Avril put the guy up for a challenge however- all based on "Why Men Love Bitches" A well know book that all women should own. Bitches, means: Beautiful, Intelligent, talented creative and honest. Basically it means be true to yourself, your worth and value. It follows the tell tale truths about "The Rules"
I agree there are allot of marriages that just die and fizzle out and sometimes you need to walk away. I do not agreed with this method. It did turn out for my one friend, however it is a very very risky game to play...
the one exciting thing I love about this friend is she is always thinking of new ways to keep him on his toes and quite frankly its exciting. It is sexual, passionate and fun. Because things started out with friendship and intellectual banter..he never really knows when hes going to have sex again, so when it happens it is pretty hot. I mean they are in a is it going to happen at bedtime? at the end of the night? not always:D...It may just happen on a lunch hour in a private is pretty hot.
If you like sex and are comfortable with yourself and are willing to throw some spice in the mix, well this is what truly keeps things going.. most times its the chase first, then keep it going.

Don't give up your life for a dude. If the guy met you as a 4 times a week gym girl who had a social life and liked to go to dance class- that's the girl he liked, not the one who is now eating chips on the couch watching Netflix waiting for him to come over. just saying.

That's how she keeps it alive, I have yet to hear whats up with her lately...I think she should write a Xrated novel for us all to read. I would read it.

Renee...Sigh...see how her mouth is slightly open there in the picture? Highly sexual being, to men and women. This is my friend who has a new tale every time we have wine night. Now it takes a bit of prodding for her to kiss and tell, but when she does, I am either sitting there come I haven't done that..or when? where? Whaaaaa?
The single promiscuous girl who prefers no strings attached unless its on her terms and you fit a certain quota. She gets what she wants when she wants it. For example, guy comes in to the gym and they have a few eye contact sessions, by the 2nd week hes pushing her up a steamy wall in the change room and kissing her fully on the mouth with a finger up her pussy. In the movies right? I just want that after work in my own shower.

Well she fell for a guy a few years back now. Single dad, met at a local location. real earthy guy, a dirty hippy so to speak, as my redneck son always told me "Never trust the Hippy, Mom" little did he know our family had a long line of hippies in

 This guy could give her babies. For awhile she stopped and realized she was falling into the "Nice Girl" category. doing his laundry, cooking, buying shit..If you are not a challenge in the beginning he will loose interest, he may even feel like hes dating his mother. She found she was nagging- when you nag, its over.  My parents nagged and fought- I will never Nag. If you don't have common respect for your partner, then get the fuck out.

This guy was nothing compared to some of the hot steaming stories of men I heard she was with in the past. I did not get it. I really did not see the attraction. We are going to step aside from the story here, for one second.

Now we are back to a trust issue. There is ZERO men in Vancouver to trust. Look in the mirror and repeat after me: There are zero men in Vancouver to trust, or just there are zero men you can trust" Hence the dating site for married men and seeing men I know on there"
 The only real person you can trust is yourself. There are quite a few check marks to get in line for real trust. I have fucked up myself in a few. However I don't bend for anyone now. Until trust is established, there are no men you can or should trust.

1) Have a medical report that the guy is 100%STD free, if he likes you, he will get it.
2) Investigate: google him, Do some history.
3) If he changes his story, there is something up.
4) If you met him on a dating site, take extra caution.

I am not saying stalk him, live your life and see what unfolds, follow your gut and don't put all your cards into that person until hes proven he is completely transparent.

Well Renee, fully trusted this person, she met him locally (no dating sites) He had kids (had family values) He did not involve himself in media (she could not find anything) His story did not change (she met his entire family)He had almost no male friends. (loner)

Renee realized the sex was diminishing. In fact she was getting ready to dumb his ass. Then she got sick. Very sick. He neglected to tell her he had HSPV, when she confronted him, he said oh, the cold sores on my dick- no big deal.

So now we have a 32 year old who still wants marriage and to have babies and has to change her entire life. The free spirit is no longer. On the positive side, its like reverting back to old school..
20 dates till you love me. I had that on my original profile, 20 first dates, most men didn't even give a rats ass. Well- I think its a good motto for anyone. I guess it depends what you are looking for right?

HSPV is up to 80% in Vancouver, one of the fastest and incurable STDs out there.
you can contain it and never have a outbreak. However if you sleep with someone, they are likely to get it, even if you don't have a flare up. Protection will not help you.  5 great friends of mine are infected HSPV. It is because it is so rapid and people get caught up in the moment and fuck up.
Fortunately you can finally be tested for it.

So yeah..Renee's life changed. But....Renee got her groove back. It was about a year of really taking accountability for ones life and choices. She did find new methods of dating, and had some pretty exciting stories recently.

Her life is very full. She recently told me she hasn't even noticed about being single, this made me very happy.

She is on a exclusive site, but you know what? IT's no different!!!why would it be? you still get the type of jerks on any other site for anyone else.

There is the odd chance you meet a great person on a dating site, most of these types get frustrated in a week or two and get outside and involve themselves in activities, like I did. I still blogged about it because I wanted women to know that there is so much more than sitting on a site hoping your dream guy is gonna show up there. I wanted to point out what it is and what you will find.
It is like 1 out of 100, that you meet that one guy that is hoping to find something, and gives it a shot and then decides he doesn't have time to waste away his life at a computer. Active, fit healthy people are not sitting around waiting for someone. They are taking life by the horns.

Do it now.

That wraps it up for this post, I am sure there will be more- Please feel free to send in any stories you may have that relates to this post, you can email me directly at or use the google format.

In other news...

This summer will be the start of a very promising Blog in Wordpress.

Just A Gurl....And A Guy

I think you can all see where this is going, I am hoping to have a literary talent, male gender do several commentaries with me, including short clips...she said , he said. Has anyone ever seen The Idiot Abroad? It will be as real as it can get.

I have not found my partner in crime yet, however you can email me if you are interested or post a small video of your ideas.

Gvix Signing Off..
Dam Insomia

Apr 27, 2015

19 Days Till Im a Suitcase Boarder, Rent Free 365 Days...

Donations, storage and the division of items continues on.

Meanwhile...In Nepal...Please take a moment to read the donation section at the end of this blog.

I did two car loads to Developmental Disabilities. I took 6 large recycle bins of clothing to the consignment store in the US, My friend thinks Ill make a mint!:)
I set aside a box of items for my school I work at. Gave a box to a single dad awhile ago.
My son will be taking many large items and a small section of my kitchen items- this is a relief.
I think the best part of downsizing, is giving ..Just saying.

It has been a whirl of a weekend! moving, social gatherings and outings, emails conversations and group involvements. I finally feel like I am going on a adventure.

I worked out a arrangement with my storage facility to still sell any big ticket items from the storage bin, so I can downsize my unit when the time is right-YAY!

I had some people on Craig's list respond to some of my items for sale, one women, I just noticed today her email read: SHTOUTOFLUK, she kept making arrangements but not following threw..then said she didn't drive, hence the name of her email.

I don't recall if I shared about the one guy that called late, like 11pm, in the funny Adam Sandler voice about my car, at the end of answering all his stupid questions, he asked if the chick in the picture came with the car. He then said, he was so happy I  provided a map where I live. I went back and checked my adds and realized I had put my telephone number and a map was included. I promptly deleted all that and used the internal email- god I'm a duffis. Careful what you post peeps!

I really think that,  where I am in my mind now, was a awakening I had in in 2012, I had randomly met a small group of people, and I'd have to say looking back now, it was all a reason in my life. In 2012,  I dated Special K, I refer to him by this name, because there was a time when dysfunctional was his middle name, and this too has passed. We went on random dates, but never really declared ourselves as a couple.

During our time of split, he had mentioned a small artistic community in my neighborhood, East Van..musicians forth. Somehow I met a few. Three in particular really left some deep things to ponder in my mind, and I really just, awoke to those thoughts and discussions now. The energy levels when I met these people, were like a calling that everything I was doing in my life was the wrong direction completely.

Whenever I had conversations, I felt like I was entering a church of sacredness and I just wanted to weep. It is pretty horrible if you live your life not following your true intention and destiny. Society can have a huge factor on where we "think" we are supposed to be in life.

I have very little in common with these people, a photographer, A musician and artist, A life coach, and a musician with a purpose. What I mean is, I am not a musician, I am hardly a artist. Life coach..well that is part of who I am. They all gave up to gain. They all followed there own path.
They all created and made a blueprint. This is what I have in common. The lifestyle each of these people had was one I had hoped to have.

My community blog I actually have not written in since then..shortly after all this my father passed away, and I think that my focus just went into work and I left any creative process I had at the door.

These people have always stayed in the back of my sub conscious, discussions and words waiting there for me to follow through. Almost, like failed promises to myself. To me the quests that all of them were going on seemed so difficult..Michael selling off his life and basking to raise money for a musical trek, but he did it and came back quite different. I follow his posts and hope to meet up with him again soon. Our last meet up was breakfast and a market outing..then I randomly saw him in a court yard of a school I was working at for the day. For only a handful of times..can change the coarse of a lifetime. Below is my story on Michael.

I had first met a couple, who introduced me to Michael at his Birthday /Auction, Album Release Party, The couple was Erin and Solah.  I had wanted to interview them both, due to the artist talents of each and the love they had for each other shown in a art gallery was just awesome, In person it was even better and I only wrote a small fraction of what they were accomplishing in their daily lives.

 When I had met them for coffee however, thy expressed my energy..and for some unknown reason I started spilling  the things I was unhappy with, in life, it was like some weird confession. They have this effect on many. This is why Solah is a life coach after all.

Well I needed a whole lot of finding ones self at that time, I gotta tell ya. But then, somebody dies, you lose a pet, you have a breakup, move, throw yourself into work..and before you know it, you stop and go, "WHere ThE Fack AM I?"
or, Who the hell am I? What am I actually doing?...Sigh...nothing I thought I would be doing,

I could refer to "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" A novel which tells the tale of a lawyer who sold everything to find enlightenment, well it would be a whole lot easier if I was a lawyer and had the income to back myself. This small group of people found enlightenment and then found their richness starting from nothing. I can do that.

As I am ranting on about my path in life and how I see this all UN folding for a better me, I can't help but think of the devastation, a earthquake of 7.8 on the scale in Nepal. I cried as I watched the videos today,one of my top destination places to visit culture and family traditions in a foreign country. The families to scared to go into their homes due to the after shocks, the ruin of ancient structures..

Sometimes I feel so helpless in the world, when there is so much more I would like to do.

I donated a small amount today, I may start a fundraiser, see what I can do in my community to try and help.  All I know is that any amount helps. You can donate to the links below in blue, or straight to the UNICEF website below, you may have to copy and paste due to the secure site.

Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross says it has people on the ground in Nepal to treat those injured in the earthquake. The organization is accepting donations from individuals or businesses who wish to make one-time or monthly contributions to the effort.

CARE Canada

CARE Canada has more than 150 staff in Nepal to help survivors find access to food, water and shelter, the relief agency said in a statement. CARE workers are building temporary shelters, providing ready-to-eat meals, setting up toilets and purifying water for those displaced by the quake.
"All of the particularly vulnerable – children, breastfeeding mothers, people with chronic diseases – they have been suffering a lot," CARE emergency response coordinator Santosh Sharma said. "It's essential to get help to these people as quickly as we can."
Sharma adds that medical supplies "are an urgent need" and more than 40,000 people are being treated in hospital.

Many people are afraid to enter their homes for fear of triggering a collapse, he said.
"Almost everyone has slept outside and they are creating temporary shelters with what they have," he said.

CARE Canada is accepting tax-deductible donations to help with its relief efforts in Nepal.
Save the Children

Save the Children has an ongoing Emergency Relief for Children fund set aside to give the organization "flexibility" to respond to disasters that affect children.

The organization's Australian branch is calling for Nepal-specific donations to help pay for hygiene kits, buckets, jerry cans, kitchen kits and tarpaulins for shelter.

World Vision Canada

World Vision is helping children and families gain access to food, shelter, clean water and other basic necessities. World Vision Canada is calling for donations to help provide "lifesaving essentials" to the disaster-stricken people of Nepal.

Plan Canada

Plan Canada is calling for donations  to support earthquake survivors through Plan International Nepal. Mattias Bryneson of Plan International Nepal says his staff are worknig to address "core needs" for the survivors.

"It's dark now in Kathmandu, and power is out in most areas," Bryneson said in a statement. "It seems as though the entire city is outside, sleeping on the streets."

Doctors Without Borders

Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) says it is sending four teams of medical and logistical staff to Nepal to help those affected by the quake. MSF is also shipping 3,000 emergency and medical kits to the country.

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages says it's dedicating its resources to helping children who have been forced from their homes, separated from their families or who are not getting sufficient care as a result of the disaster.

"We don't want to see any child alone in Nepal as a result of this tragedy," president and CEO Boyd McBride said in a statement.

SOS Children's Villages says it will offer "child-friendly spaces" where children and their parents can receive food, clothing, shelter and healthcare.
The group put out a call for donations in the wake of the quake.

Canadian Government

The Canadian government has pledged $5 million to help with Nepal's disaster relief efforts.
Foreign Affairs Assistance

“Canadian citizens in Nepal requiring emergency consular assistance should use the Registration of Canadians Abroad ( service, and contact the Consulate of Canada in Kathmandu, Nepal, by calling + 977 (1) 444-1976, or Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre by calling +1 613-996-8885 (collect calls are accepted where available). An email can also be sent to
“Friends and relatives in Canada who are concerned about Canadian citizens known to be in the affected area should contact Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre by calling 1-800-387-3124 (toll-free) or 613-996-8885 (collect calls are accepted) or sending an email to”

This is it for me, long weekend..fading fast..Please Donate Today
Gvix Signing out..
(heart chakra<3)