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Sex Politics and Logistics...

Well, you know he's a good man if he buys your tampons, that's all I can say, especially if he's a mans man, and buys your tampons.

Dating in Vancouver can be pretty tuff beans on a women, as I have talked about for the last 10 years.
You never know if your going to be stuck with the bill, asked to do "Dutch" Pay half or if the man has 5 other dates lined up for the week.

You get pretty daunted with hopelessness, and fear that you may be alone forever. Is he into you? or is he waiting for the next best thing?

Did he actually pursue you? Now there's a question. That means did he see you and make a attempt to date you? cause this is pretty dam grey in Vancouver. This means, you did nothing. You did not hit him up on chat, you did not find him among your friends, your friends did not pressure him to meet you or you meet him, He actively sought ways to try and date you.

Sometimes we date our friends, and realise all the reasons why you were only friends in the f…

365 Days Rent Free & A Suitcase Boarder..What's New? October 2015

The Summer Plan...Well, it did not quite work as I envisioned.
Yes I sold all my stuff, Yes I lived rent free in the US..
During the summer, school staff typically collect unemployment insurance and work odd jobs declaring earnings. My plan was to work like a dog and pay off debt and save.
Well I worked for one month for Canada Post, got injured and was denied WCB or Postal Support- What a Joke.

I did vacation, which was the first in 5 years, I vacationed with zero money- yes it is possible. My Unemployment did not kick in till August ( Great Government System We have here)

I sold items in a US consignment store and lived off some of the earnings, I cashed in my dwindling Canada Bonds.I clearly did not think this threw.

OK...So September came, and the plan was to continue my 6 months in Hopkins...that did not pan out either. I calculated cost of parking in horseshoe bay. The daily ferry cost. The crazy playboy I'd be rooming with, and good thing I did, no work available till mid …

What's Your Story? 365 days Rent Free & Suitcase Boarder

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are hitting puberty and realizing its fucking pre menopause. (Peri, they call it) I finally in all my years, I have some real knockers-who would have thought.
This comes with night sweats, irritability, and sex hunger and a little bit of insanity. I wish I could say my behaviors were in tune with my years of  wisdom. I am a complete emotional headcase.
See a animal video, I cry. Spend time with a dear friend, I cry. Its all odd.

I do know my estrogen levels are excelled on all accounts and I get heated up very quickly, emotionally and physically. Like a top ready to explode.

 I thought the boob enlargement odd last month, and that maybe it was the milk here in the USA-I've been drinking whole milk.
I don't believe in medications, but I have been taking quite a few vitamins, magnesium and iron and all sorts of stuff for muscle growth- I have a re occurring dream that I'm going to have to have hip replacements like my mother.  I h…

Old Patterns

There is nothing worst than feeling like you've been in a uncomfortable place that you once were in past. I guess this happened after receiving a email that gave me some closure in the last 24hrs.

I truly believe that we are the creators of our own destiny, and things do not happen by luck or chance. We put ourselves in the places that are either good or bad. As we grow older we become wiser, and you learn from your experiences or you don't and you keep going around in the same circle.

I'd like to say, I have grown huge as a person, and can go with my instincts now. It is very difficult to recognize old pattern sometimes. Due to being hurt or years have past. remember that old saying
"you only remember the good, not the bad" Sure you can do that if it

Or you can remember the hell you went threw and the tears you wasted or time you wasted on a certain thing and you can become stronger and look at how you did or did not benefit from that situation.

One Month Done! As A Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free

Well, I made it threw one month!

I feel I have set up how things will go for the next year and it feels good.

When I arrive at work a hour before work, and tell my story, people are wowed, and I have to say-If you really set your mind to something and have good people in your life who support you, anything is possible.

There will always be cynical people who don't understand or get it.

As one family member basically asked if I felt bad, for just staying at peoples homes and taking.

Well let me clarify what exactly this project is about.

Like many people in Vancouver we are working to Live, we are busying our life's with programs and fitness activities to feel a sense of wellness. Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. I repeat, Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. There are no perks to wellness in Vancouver, you either have the genes to get outside and do it on your own, or you pay someone or some program to get you to your wellness.

I have blo…

Exploring...Week 3 Beginnings : 365 Days Rent Free, Suitcase Boarder

I decided to really take stock of this weekend to its fullest extent,  I needed some serious alone time and quiet time.

I spent Friday In Vancouver doing to some needed self care, I had allot of paperwork to deal with on my vehicle, toll fees, parking charges, all to renew the insurance-this took hours and hours, or so it seemed. I then went for wellness care, pedicure and foot massage, eyebrows the Happy Cheap Salon in the area we call Main street. Had a dinner at my sons restaurant. Was very lovely, but a long day.

 It was late when I headed back and I got pulled into the boarder for over a hour with long questions...Ugh

They asked very personal questions and I felt like I had done something wrong, I had nothing in my car, I work for Canadian federal government, back and forth everyday..I have stated the truth since I arrived..I don't get it. Sometimes they are just rude, like my friend forgot to give the guy the yellow slip and he leaned into her car and told her it …

Week Two of being a suitcase boarder, 365 days rent free

I absoluTly love this article I am posting, and this was very much tested with family members this week. The article is at the end of my blog post.

So it is week two of living as a suitcase boarder, and I was just starting to get used to the commute and my mum had a serious fall. The fall cause her entire face to be bruised and bloody, her mind confused. The fall caused a mini heart attack and her entire body to be bruised.

Everyone my age seems to be dealing with aging parents. For me this is the scariest thing that could possibly happen. I am not set up for it for one. I feel helpless most of the time. I also feel like I am finally free of responsibility except for myself, quite frankly I cannot care for anyone else. The week consisted of commuting way to much, trying to deal with the parking in downtown Vancouver, which was well over 100 bucks. How can they not have parking at the hospital? The congestion and fees all make me sick. My moms dog had to be walked twice a day, hospita…

Day 1, Suitcase Boarder & 365 Days Rent Free


My Gurlz & Stories...

I am not sure if it was the full moon, or its just Vancouver in Spring, but this spring I have to rely on the stories of my girlfriends for the wacky world of dating. I am off Pof,  and Facebook. I had some dating sites up that I don't remember pass codes for to delete, and OKcupid, I think these were vacant profiles, no info no picture. For research purpose only. I love how I still get the odd message that says, I really love your style and there is no picture or write up.

Tonight I picked some women and their dating stories to share. More of a awareness blog post. I have also recently been back to dating.  In my upheaval of a life right was random and odd how it happened. Just a handful of dates that have all been great dates! I don't have one thing to write about! lol, I do know I have much change going on, it is alot of work and excitement and a date here and there just makes it all more exciting, can you define what is a good date from a bad one?

If yo…

19 Days Till Im a Suitcase Boarder, Rent Free 365 Days...

Donations, storage and the division of items continues on.

Meanwhile...In Nepal...Please take a moment to read the donation section at the end of this blog.

I did two car loads to Developmental Disabilities. I took 6 large recycle bins of clothing to the consignment store in the US, My friend thinks Ill make a mint!:)
I set aside a box of items for my school I work at. Gave a box to a single dad awhile ago.
My son will be taking many large items and a small section of my kitchen items- this is a relief.
I think the best part of downsizing, is giving ..Just saying.

It has been a whirl of a weekend! moving, social gatherings and outings, emails conversations and group involvements. I finally feel like I am going on a adventure.

I worked out a arrangement with my storage facility to still sell any big ticket items from the storage bin, so I can downsize my unit when the time is right-YAY!

I had some people on Craig's list respond to some of my items for sale, one women, I just notic…