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I am not sure if it was the full moon, or its just Vancouver in Spring, but this spring I have to rely on the stories of my girlfriends for the wacky world of dating. I am off Pof,  and Facebook. I had some dating sites up that I don't remember pass codes for to delete, and OKcupid, I think these were vacant profiles, no info no picture. For research purpose only. I love how I still get the odd message that says, I really love your style and there is no picture or write up.

Tonight I picked some women and their dating stories to share. More of a awareness blog post. I have also recently been back to dating.  In my upheaval of a life right was random and odd how it happened. Just a handful of dates that have all been great dates! I don't have one thing to write about! lol, I do know I have much change going on, it is alot of work and excitement and a date here and there just makes it all more exciting, can you define what is a good date from a bad one?

If you are gut laughing, that is a good sign. If you can have a conversation longer than 5 mins, this is good. My last date, I went to a comedian show, the last guy to go on, said he had a thing with women that have male names, like Sam, but not Doug. Cause then when you are telling them what you are doing its just wrong. "Shout out my name" I'd rather not. I laughed and laughed- it was really alot of fun.

I will give famous actresses as the names, to the 3 women I have chosen to share their stories with you tonight, and their age group.

A young Betty White, Age 38
Proper with Bad Ass

Avril Lavigne, age 42
Bitch with Romanticism

Renée Zellweger, placed Bridgette Jones, age 32,
Sexy and not innocent

All these women are gorgeous amazing women. High roller women. This means all make more money than the average tradesmen, All are smart, all have kick-ass bodies. In fact all 3 of my ladies girlfriends could be movie stars as the pictures above. All are OK with being single, meaning they enjoy their life as is and do not complain of "I wish I had a man"

One is Single, One is married. One had to change her life drastically. I only picked three specific women out of 10 single girlfriends that I hang out with. I say single, as in they are involved in extra curricular activities, weather they are dating, actually single, exclusive or married or separated. You will never find their identity because this is my UNLISTED group, meaning you cannot find these women on social media-  So gents, if you are getting excited that their are these women floating around in my circles of media, you will not find them.

So lets talk about men first. Ever hear of Ashley Madison? Find out something new every day.
I now trust absolutely no one. I am disgusted and repulsed. I truly now have seen it all. We will talk about this site later on.

OK so after studying dating in Vancouver for 7 years, being highly disappointed with some of our more popular sites, like POF, Realizing that the site should be called "Plenty Of Fuck"
Also realizing their are plenty of lifers on there and many have issues including the women. I can say their are some good people on their, however they never change and keep running the same pattern over and over and hence never really find someone based on good merit. I really could not do the site anyway as a serial monogamist.

I would go on their for writing purposes and sometimes I was just too busy to get out there. I realized over two years that sporting events, work events and meet up groups were a much better option. My own sporting activities also rotate every year with new people.  I actually met some men this way that were quality men. There is still hope for YOU! In April, I took the 3 best candidates on POF and closed the account down. One was a VPD, who never got around to asking me out, just texted me on his night shift-Lame. Second was the worst two dates I have ever had. The 3rd was a pop up new member who joined as I was closing my account. I think he was on it a week and got off of it.  Now, I live off the skirts of my high powered Gurlz and their tales. Betty...
Well she lives in my life style I had, about 4 years ago, 3 jobs, two are casual. She was raised very religious and still has god in her heart. Betty has a little bit of a freak side to her, a rebel. This is a women, that no matter what is going on in her life she is smiling and positive on the outside. She is a natural caregiver, a neutered. Most men would think, A Nice Girl. WRONG.
She is very nice, until you give her a reason to not be nice. She will never explain why, you simply will never hear from her again. She will never tell a man off. You simple will not be able to get a hold of her.

Betty is on OK Cupid. The latest conversation was the man saying what do you like in your man smoothie?? The way I read it,  was maybe he makes smoothies? I make a killer man smoothie, that shit will give you energy all day. I said maybe its a turn on?  you can make a killer smoothies and then offer up a hike or something. I mean the guy was HOT. Oh no, that is not how it went

Moonlight Caress
Bon Soir Miss
OkCupid Betty
Bonjour to you J
Moonlight Caress
Bonjournier Miss How are you doing today?
My name is _______.
OK cupid Betty
I am well J
Thanks for asking and you?
Moon Light butt hole
Awesome its sunny, What brings you
Into the romance arena?
Checking things out and seeing what the
Romance arena has to offerJ What brings you?
Moonlight Butt hole
(not asking for specifics here)
Searching for that unique passionate compassionate sexy adventurer smiling dress heels
Jeans enjoys cuddling , wine dancing laughing romantic career orientated, watching a movie on a couch type of young at heart lady.
“Gvixen: sounds a little over the top, no?”
Moonlight butt hole
Is it? How so?which part intrigued you?or is interesting bad?
It is just interesting in a good way,what you brought to the romantic arena
You sound like a pretty chill guy…?
Moonlight butt hole
I would consider myself a pretty relaxed guy
But motivated to succeed.
“Gvixen, so he has not succeeded in life” winner
Relaxed and motivated is good
Moonlight butt hole
Tell me more about what key ingredients
Should you guy smoothie have or perhaps not have?
Gvixen: “insecure, weird commentary and he feels he has not succeeded in life yet
the third Bonjour would have been good bye for me.

 Betty and I at least, once a month sit over a drink in which Betty discusses ways to piss off her parents. Betty is 38 yrs old.
Her father is a pastor, in their home, every time she goes home, it is like she is the mule that was put out to paster. It is never a good feeling, so she has been taking a break. The latest get together she discussed how she has never brought home a man. Betty blurted out, I like black men. I said " There you go bring home a large 6'5 linebacker see what they have to say about that", Personally it would be interesting for her to just say shes gay. I am getting the feeling her famm may be a tad racist. I make a good gay women, I could go over there with her and put on a real show. :D

My advice for Betty is a life style change, get out there. change your scenery. If you really want it you will give up something to have it.

Next Up Avril...

I had no idea there was issues in the marriage or in the bedroom for that matter. This is a women who is all class. She is the type of women that most men think they cant have, partly because of her career and her looks. She is in a career that requires her to investigate and deal with high powered men.
On the flip side she is highly feminine and romantic with a bit of freak. We have the same astrological sign :) Actually many of my friends are the same sign as me, its weird. Instead of a dirty little secret, Avril grabbed the horns and said, our marriage is over romantically, I am seeking a partner for intimacy. I am not leaving. I am leaving the bedroom. Not exactly something you hear everyday. She had quite the dirty little secret with her friends for quite sometime. Until a large bottle of wine came out one night and I was the first to hear of the story.

So there is a dating site called Ashley Madison. The site is for unhappily married people. Cheaters.
I had to go on and see this for real. So I put up a fake profile, no picture. I was indeed shocked to hell.
there are different sections, attached, living codependency, open marriage, single..friendships, forums to discuss your shitty marriage, travel escorts. First off, there were some POF single men on there looking to fuck married women so there would be no attachments. Second there were married professional men I knew on there. Thirdly, a lot had weird masks on and when you request their private profile- it is all PENIS.

It is basically a porn site. So when Avril told me she met her man on there i was a little worried. They basically did the friendship of discussing their shitty marriage. Then the guy separated, then they dated. I read some of the "50 shades of married people" emails and was really shocked. I was a little turned on by the descriptive content, however I was a little put off by it as well.

I was impressed how Avril put the guy up for a challenge however- all based on "Why Men Love Bitches" A well know book that all women should own. Bitches, means: Beautiful, Intelligent, talented creative and honest. Basically it means be true to yourself, your worth and value. It follows the tell tale truths about "The Rules"
I agree there are allot of marriages that just die and fizzle out and sometimes you need to walk away. I do not agreed with this method. It did turn out for my one friend, however it is a very very risky game to play...
the one exciting thing I love about this friend is she is always thinking of new ways to keep him on his toes and quite frankly its exciting. It is sexual, passionate and fun. Because things started out with friendship and intellectual banter..he never really knows when hes going to have sex again, so when it happens it is pretty hot. I mean they are in a is it going to happen at bedtime? at the end of the night? not always:D...It may just happen on a lunch hour in a private is pretty hot.
If you like sex and are comfortable with yourself and are willing to throw some spice in the mix, well this is what truly keeps things going.. most times its the chase first, then keep it going.

Don't give up your life for a dude. If the guy met you as a 4 times a week gym girl who had a social life and liked to go to dance class- that's the girl he liked, not the one who is now eating chips on the couch watching Netflix waiting for him to come over. just saying.

That's how she keeps it alive, I have yet to hear whats up with her lately...I think she should write a Xrated novel for us all to read. I would read it.

Renee...Sigh...see how her mouth is slightly open there in the picture? Highly sexual being, to men and women. This is my friend who has a new tale every time we have wine night. Now it takes a bit of prodding for her to kiss and tell, but when she does, I am either sitting there come I haven't done that..or when? where? Whaaaaa?
The single promiscuous girl who prefers no strings attached unless its on her terms and you fit a certain quota. She gets what she wants when she wants it. For example, guy comes in to the gym and they have a few eye contact sessions, by the 2nd week hes pushing her up a steamy wall in the change room and kissing her fully on the mouth with a finger up her pussy. In the movies right? I just want that after work in my own shower.

Well she fell for a guy a few years back now. Single dad, met at a local location. real earthy guy, a dirty hippy so to speak, as my redneck son always told me "Never trust the Hippy, Mom" little did he know our family had a long line of hippies in

 This guy could give her babies. For awhile she stopped and realized she was falling into the "Nice Girl" category. doing his laundry, cooking, buying shit..If you are not a challenge in the beginning he will loose interest, he may even feel like hes dating his mother. She found she was nagging- when you nag, its over.  My parents nagged and fought- I will never Nag. If you don't have common respect for your partner, then get the fuck out.

This guy was nothing compared to some of the hot steaming stories of men I heard she was with in the past. I did not get it. I really did not see the attraction. We are going to step aside from the story here, for one second.

Now we are back to a trust issue. There is ZERO men in Vancouver to trust. Look in the mirror and repeat after me: There are zero men in Vancouver to trust, or just there are zero men you can trust" Hence the dating site for married men and seeing men I know on there"
 The only real person you can trust is yourself. There are quite a few check marks to get in line for real trust. I have fucked up myself in a few. However I don't bend for anyone now. Until trust is established, there are no men you can or should trust.

1) Have a medical report that the guy is 100%STD free, if he likes you, he will get it.
2) Investigate: google him, Do some history.
3) If he changes his story, there is something up.
4) If you met him on a dating site, take extra caution.

I am not saying stalk him, live your life and see what unfolds, follow your gut and don't put all your cards into that person until hes proven he is completely transparent.

Well Renee, fully trusted this person, she met him locally (no dating sites) He had kids (had family values) He did not involve himself in media (she could not find anything) His story did not change (she met his entire family)He had almost no male friends. (loner)

Renee realized the sex was diminishing. In fact she was getting ready to dumb his ass. Then she got sick. Very sick. He neglected to tell her he had HSPV, when she confronted him, he said oh, the cold sores on my dick- no big deal.

So now we have a 32 year old who still wants marriage and to have babies and has to change her entire life. The free spirit is no longer. On the positive side, its like reverting back to old school..
20 dates till you love me. I had that on my original profile, 20 first dates, most men didn't even give a rats ass. Well- I think its a good motto for anyone. I guess it depends what you are looking for right?

HSPV is up to 80% in Vancouver, one of the fastest and incurable STDs out there.
you can contain it and never have a outbreak. However if you sleep with someone, they are likely to get it, even if you don't have a flare up. Protection will not help you.  5 great friends of mine are infected HSPV. It is because it is so rapid and people get caught up in the moment and fuck up.
Fortunately you can finally be tested for it.

So yeah..Renee's life changed. But....Renee got her groove back. It was about a year of really taking accountability for ones life and choices. She did find new methods of dating, and had some pretty exciting stories recently.

Her life is very full. She recently told me she hasn't even noticed about being single, this made me very happy.

She is on a exclusive site, but you know what? IT's no different!!!why would it be? you still get the type of jerks on any other site for anyone else.

There is the odd chance you meet a great person on a dating site, most of these types get frustrated in a week or two and get outside and involve themselves in activities, like I did. I still blogged about it because I wanted women to know that there is so much more than sitting on a site hoping your dream guy is gonna show up there. I wanted to point out what it is and what you will find.
It is like 1 out of 100, that you meet that one guy that is hoping to find something, and gives it a shot and then decides he doesn't have time to waste away his life at a computer. Active, fit healthy people are not sitting around waiting for someone. They are taking life by the horns.

Do it now.

That wraps it up for this post, I am sure there will be more- Please feel free to send in any stories you may have that relates to this post, you can email me directly at or use the google format.

In other news...

This summer will be the start of a very promising Blog in Wordpress.

Just A Gurl....And A Guy

I think you can all see where this is going, I am hoping to have a literary talent, male gender do several commentaries with me, including short clips...she said , he said. Has anyone ever seen The Idiot Abroad? It will be as real as it can get.

I have not found my partner in crime yet, however you can email me if you are interested or post a small video of your ideas.

Gvix Signing Off..
Dam Insomia


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