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Daily GVixen Colum-Valentines Day

Vancouver’s Voice Valentines Special-February 2013 Pantie Revenge GVixen In 2007 I was dumped by a post it note..A year of physical education really helped the good old self esteem. I eventually did get out of the basement and on one rainy day, going threw past n old I came across a pair of pink boy cut panties, designer by American Apparel- they werea pair of underwear I had given my X on one of the past valentine’s days. He never wore them for me and in fact didn’t quite fill them out anyway. I had already made my mark in the Internetblog biz, and decided there would be nothing better to have a glamorous photo shoot of the new improved GVixen,,the catch? The picture would be every wear, with the briefs pinking out of the dress as a clear FUCK YOU.I then had a order put threw for those panties, now 12 pairs are mine, in my size. I am happy to say I now own a signature pantie. I wear them with pride every valentines day.

Ladies, always have class..and when you can't declare temporary…