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FaT Men

Fat MEN I have always gone for men that are tall, with a little around the waist. Men with Just a small soft area enough to make him slightly in secure- the reason is I am insecure of my baby marks and tiny muffin top. However I have dated fat men. Not all over fat, but fat in areas. I tend to fall in love with personalities rather than looks, and can go away-seriously. One occasion, getting ready for my third time in bed with my partner many years ago. There was a mirror, and as he was taking off his socks I could see his belly cascading over his nut sack that looked like a beet ready to pop. This image still haunts me to this day, and that night, I totally focused on his beautiful face and smile and everything else I enjoyed about him. You can put women in the same choice of action- like the one time, my friend said, “oh god move your arm- I don’t like the way it’s looking”. What had happened is my underarm was resting on a chair, and the “flap” had moved forward. This is …