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My Gurlz & Stories...

I am not sure if it was the full moon, or its just Vancouver in Spring, but this spring I have to rely on the stories of my girlfriends for the wacky world of dating. I am off Pof,  and Facebook. I had some dating sites up that I don't remember pass codes for to delete, and OKcupid, I think these were vacant profiles, no info no picture. For research purpose only. I love how I still get the odd message that says, I really love your style and there is no picture or write up.

Tonight I picked some women and their dating stories to share. More of a awareness blog post. I have also recently been back to dating.  In my upheaval of a life right was random and odd how it happened. Just a handful of dates that have all been great dates! I don't have one thing to write about! lol, I do know I have much change going on, it is alot of work and excitement and a date here and there just makes it all more exciting, can you define what is a good date from a bad one?

If yo…