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GVixen...Still Single, Living in Vancouver

GVixen, Still Single Living in Vancouver...

So what happens when,  just a girl in Vancouver falls in Love? Is this possible? Vancouver, bright lights , big city ..and about as lonely as Seattle.
However Love does happen, and when it does its big.

The girl, me..will simply write about a new kind of love in Vancouver. The one that has open communication and humour..the love that should really be-for all couples.
For good reading purposes you can always check out "The Milf Project" A amazing women who writes about parenting, marriages and anything else she fancies- Its funny and hilarious, and she is one of my dearest friends. Although I have not seen her in over 10 years-I hope to soon.
There was a comedy TV series, I cannot remember the name for the life of me, I will call it "The fighting among the married" it was a couple, In bed. It was about their sex life mostly.
The best part on one episode, was when the couple is in bed reading. The husband continually farts. The …

The White Dress

The White Dress
I did not get married in a wedding dress, a suit rather, and a simple wedding band. I got married at the local libery, with a band shell. We had a photographer. I was excited to see the pictures.  The pictures were developed and there was graffitie of large spray painted penis in all the shots. I was proposed to in a carpet store. I think I was 20 yrs old. My husband was much older than me, and he had met my baby out of wedlock. After the visit, he said, "Well there it is then, we have to get married and take care of that little guy. During the wedding I had that nervous laugh, when you know you are doing something completely wrong.After the divorce, I vowed I would never put a wedding dress on, it may give me a rash..I felt I had been cursed forever. I could go on to talk about how the marriage failed very quickly or I could move on to the topic I am going to write about. Several years later, I suited and synched many a bride into  magnificent gowns.  I managed the Br…