GVixen...Still Single, Living in Vancouver

GVixen, Still Single Living in Vancouver...

So what happens when,  just a girl in Vancouver falls in Love? Is this possible?
Vancouver, bright lights , big city ..and about as lonely as Seattle.
However Love does happen, and when it does its big.

The girl, me..will simply write about a new kind of love in Vancouver. The one that has open communication and humour..the love that should really be-for all couples.

For good reading purposes you can always check out "The Milf Project" A amazing women who writes about parenting, marriages and anything else she fancies- Its funny and hilarious, and she is one of my dearest friends. Although I have not seen her in over 10 years-I hope to soon.

There was a comedy TV series, I cannot remember the name for the life of me, I will call it "The fighting among the married" it was a couple, In bed. It was about their sex life mostly.

The best part on one episode, was when the couple is in bed reading. The husband continually farts.
The wife says" I'd like some sex please" The husband says, "How'd you like it?"
She ask's, "hmmm, I'd fancy some role play?"
and the husband says" good god women, your dalf, too tired"
Its funny cause its real!

The best way to have a amazing relationship is with clear precise expectations and communication.
Surprises are good too. I think I have had only one experience where I was completely surprised in a sexual experience. Its rather sad, now come to think about it.

More recently( within the last two year's) I was with a partner who stated after a randy romp in the hay. "Sleep Now"
I said, hmm...really..as I grabbed him down under- I was ready for round two!
He says "I'm sick you gave me a cold" whine whine"
I said, seductively.."Come on"
All of a sudden out of no where, his hand span was across my face-
and he said"holding face now" night.
I almost peed my pants it was so funny, and I still laugh about it and it is the only thing that makes me miss him.

Women including myself associate sex most times, with emotions-I do. I think women do this because they want the real deal. How nice would it be to come home to dinner, with candles and be ravished up against a wall, kissed fully like you were desperately missed all day?

This never happens, except in the movies.
I made a painting..

Love affairs should last forever..
They should, every fucking experience after 40 should be amazing as far as I am concerned.
Creative Innovative..romantic...
I know a couple who did ecstasy for a year to get their love life in check-not my choice, 25 yrs later they are still very much in love.

A sex specialist on a talk show, recently said 85% of men these days are addicted to porn, and that their idea of foreplay is- dinner, make out, then bed. After the experience is all said and done, the women never lives up to the porn star. Then the man is left searching again for the image of the sex act.

The men of today have no idea what foreplay is. Today you get a series of texts nudes- or request for some. You cant even imagine how the dessert menu will taste because its served up without asking.

What happened to fantasying, and enjoying someone and intrigue and all those things that make it fun?
well too much selection is definitely a problem, being a idealist is another. Wanting only a image rather than a person.

What if you could not touch someone? utterly, and their presence made you extremely horny?
You knew they liked you, and made time to spend with you-but there was a invisible barrier-and no physical contact was allowed for say 20-50 dates. If you were bored, we then that would be your answer-you would till have you dignity in tack- and the guy would not be able to base you on sex. He would have to find out who you were as a person- and sometimes, they may realize-they don't really like you at all.

The idea of you acting out his fantasy as a porn star in the bedroom would be killed. Well for the time being anyway. I love the idea. So I am going to try it and see what happens.

Apparently my waiting till the 3rd or 5th date is brazen! Even with a medical clearance. This is what my mother says anyway. I do not have one female friend who has waited even that long- If you are one of my female friends, speak up! let it be known.

So the guy sleeps with the female the 3rd date in, its great. Its two weeks of hard fucking and dining out so forth.  Then it goes to 3 times a week. Maybe two. Then she does the change thing...wear this, do this.
Then she tells you you need 20 percent of your income to buy the ring, moving in is like 6 months away and she wants to start viewing. Next thing you know- you are completely alone.

Fortunately, this is not me. The last guy I dated was beyond eccentric, strange even-I certainly did not want to change him, I did want him to get help for some of his issues and baggage. I loved that he was different.

I don't expect what I cant give in return. So the whole income thing, which I am hearing about more and more-is utter bullshit if you ask me. Who raised these young women in Vancouver??? Id really like to know.

So I decided to go back on POF, to entice my fancy-last time I was on it I met one guy 3 months in.
I have two messages from one man, they are a fucking novel. I put in my profile 50 characters , not 2000.
That was just to weed out the, "Hey, how you doing?"

He looks like much fun in his pictures. I wasn't to say, 5'6 will never turn me on in this century, I am sure you are a nice fellow-but that's not going to cut it. But I cant be mean. If I put pre-requisites on their, I'm superficial they say.

The best thing about POF, is seeing your X viewed you..lol...And you don't RESPOND.

It is funny for sure. I know a friend that paid a match maker-1500 dollars, ya..1500 DOLLARS!
unless its that lady from LA-not buying it.

Well that's all GVix has tonight
Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I have made men wait at least a month before I have sex. I've been left many times because of it - good riddance. At least I know what their intentions were. I have also met some wonderful guys this way - they waited, we got to know each other - and had long term relationships. I made my husband wait forever....he later tells me he loved me more for it and it only made it that more special. Missing you up there xoxo

  2. Found your profile on POF, and thank you have killed an enjoyable hour! Oh, best POF profile yet.

    Trust me there are some men, whom not only can find you even from a 3rd world country and all but the living far away in BC match your profile, BUT want nothing more than to prepare the dinner, candles, flowers, and eagerly anticipate the ravishing. And not only that follow it with a 2 hour Thai massage afterwards as just one example. Guys that like to wait more than 3 dates before sex because with the right chemistry the anticipassion builds to a boiling point. Well that is the belief at this point I am sticking too. But there is a heck of a lot of ladies over forty that say one thing than let you know they only want a f**k buddy. How do you reach this age with out realizing that sex with closeness and intimacy just isn't the same.

    From the previous comment, a month is fine if the match is right - or so I gotta believe.

    And that fellows POF pic on the kitchen counter is freaking fantastic; say more about him than a bathroom iPhone picture (yes, hello captain obvious with that sentence, but that guy rocks!)

    Thanks for the vent. Enjoyed your blog.

  3. Well thanks for the comment Kev, do I know you? I agree with you fully. xoxox


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