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It is official ladies; all the good ones in Vancouver are gone! What do I mean by good?

As I have said countless times, if you are waiting for the knight in shining amour, he died in the 1800’s and raped and pillaged probably before he got to the princess. If you are going to keep at it I suggest you leave your helmet on, because I can guarantee you will bang your head many times! It’s all good; it’s for the learning part of things.

I recently had a few spectacular dates with a man-We had dinner, talked to homeless people, and non-homeless people, walked in the misty rain. Held hands. Twinkle eyes and pearly whites. The type of arms that kids adore. Bear hugs.. Furry chest hair, and everything manly, who..Is fresh out of a very long relationship. Damn

That is hard, when you see a reflection of everything you want and need- that has the drive and Motivation that you do, but its timing. This man is from chivalrous times, I am from modern times
It’s a perfect comfort –almosT

The knight of 200…