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This is 40..or something like it.

They said it would work.....

I mentioned a few weeks ago, how my weeks were filled with nothing, and one morning I got up and looked in the mirror and saw myself age.

This week has been much reflection, and for me its been shared with one of my dear friends who has just started over, however she is  only 32-

We started off the week pretty good, going hiking on the mountain and just talking about goals and things that we want. It was end of week on our way to the mountain, we decided to have a beauty day. The mountain, Cypress, was full with no parking available, no side streets available either. We chose a beauty day. Not just a beauty at the drugstore, a medical beauty day.

My friend used to work for high end laser and a plastic surgeon. I bought my first anti aging face kit. This is a face lift in a bag. Very expensive with medical elements that will work, and lasts 6 months-more like a investment, it's good to know people. Then we got out nails done, but not fake n…