This is 40..or something like it.

They said it would work.....

I mentioned a few weeks ago, how my weeks were filled with nothing, and one morning I got up and looked in the mirror and saw myself age.

This week has been much reflection, and for me its been shared with one of my dear friends who has just started over, however she is  only 32-

We started off the week pretty good, going hiking on the mountain and just talking about goals and things that we want. It was end of week on our way to the mountain, we decided to have a beauty day. The mountain, Cypress, was full with no parking available, no side streets available either. We chose a beauty day. Not just a beauty at the drugstore, a medical beauty day.

My friend used to work for high end laser and a plastic surgeon. I bought my first anti aging face kit. This is a face lift in a bag. Very expensive with medical elements that will work, and lasts 6 months-more like a investment, it's good to know people. Then we got out nails done, but not fake trim off the cuticle fully refurbished nails.

We signed up for a "filler/Botox" party in February, this is for fine lines, yuck-injections..never thought it would come to this! Signed up for a teeth whitening party. You just have to look online and all this stuff is available for discounted rates! I passed on the pole dancing party.I will be having a sex party in February
Every women needs a good dildo, especially when you cant make it to the gym.

I still have not started my gym and yoga, that is this weekend, "Fer Realz!"
This is what women do after they realize the kids are gone, they are all of a sudden single and 40.

After investing in my facial beauty regiment, I also invested in AG hair products with oil treatments.
I also got a new bath line from body shop
and I bought a cleanse.

I went with Total Choice cleanse from Alive, this is a 7 day, 3 pill and powder Cleanse. My girlfriend said "Oh no take that back and get 30 day, as the 7 day is too harsh."

This is the first time ever, I realized indeed I must be 40.

I shit my pants today. I am on day three. I was feeling quite bloated, like I gained 10lbs, and the gas..dead animal, my god.
I asked my friend, ghezz are you supposed to feel this bloated? as I toot away for 3 days.

I am on my way to work and I am rubbing my over bloated tummy, letting out a toot here and then there, the last one, I was thinking, "gee that feels kind of wet"lol

As soon as I stood out of the car I knew, I had shit my pants.I briskly walk to the far bathroom, whip down my jeans and oh fuck.

I knew I had clean laundry in my trunk, so I figure I just have to clean this and change and I will be fine.
I grab new undies , run back to the bathroom, full PTA...(Pits, Tit, N Ass) A term used when washing from a bowl. I wrap my soiled undies in many many paper towls. I go to class, still quite uncomfortable.

So I lend over to my teacher, and say.."I shit my pants" I think I may have to get a sub"
She says your kidding right? " I said no, but what do I tell them? That I shit my pants?
She says, "umm...Your sweating, are you ok?"...gurgle gurgle in my tummy..

I go to the can and I swear it was a ass explosion. Yup I left for the day. I don't know if I should stop the cleanse thou, because my girlfriend says, "yeah that's the toxins- you will feel like utter shit for a week."

She then says, "After you will have energy and better sleep, I don't think you should quit, I do think you should bring large pads and wet whips thou."

This is 40.

This all started with a simple visit to Chapters....

I asked the gentlemen where the agendas were. The man said, "are you looking for a daily planner, life planner, wellness planner? I said, "something to organize my life, schedule and fitness". The man said " ohhhh, in the typical gay whine of Vancouver, "That would be a life agenda, those are right behind that display of books over there, off to the left".

The other thing about being 40 is you get to a point where you can say: " Hi, I don't feel like working today, I am taking a personal day" This is only if you have put in your dues mind you.

At the age of 40 you can stat the reasons you do not wish to date someone, and not feel embarrassed.
You can pretty much say what ever the fuck is on your mind, because you know one day you will wake up very soon and be 50, we live life for today...there is no more fucking around in life at 40.
Just remember thou at 40, you typically pick up the tab for your younger girlfriends-that sucks.

At 40 you can drink alone, and say your "unwinding"

In the last year I changed a very long career, to a career of wellness, which has proven to show respect and value towards me, has given me vast opportunity to grow and learn and stimulate education. I have never been so happy. I have several other casual positions. I recently had the pleasure of sitting in a boardroom and have persons tell me what a poor example I was to their organization. This is after I dedicated 8 years of my life. This is one, out of five unions I work for.

After 10 years with endorsements of work, a community of professionals that call me on a regular basis,
knowing in my heart I change lives,  being head hunted by other companies to pick up contract work. I can only come to one conclusion. These are persons who will ALWAYS work for someone else, never leading their own path. If they do, well Kudos's to them. They will always be constricted to a schedule, always have deadlines, and always have to make room for pleasantries that they just don't have time for. Bad Taste, Bad Choice.

Are we living in a fucking bubble here? I refuse to be part of the majority, if I shit my pants, I'm going to say,
I shit my pants today, I'm leaving. If I feel I screwed up, I'm going to take accountability and problem solve.
There is Karma in life, that's all I can say.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect"-Mark Twain
"Anyone who lives within their means, suffers from lack of imagination"-Oscar Wilde.

If you don't have your ducks in a row by 40, you better think fast and quick. I was raising kids all my life and did not. Last month I started..I am far from being out of the hole, but I did start to close the hole, by taking small steps. In today's world due to unstability it can put you on the street, or you can just wake up and realize you are 50 and have never left Canada.

At 40, you start to enjoy the quiet. You enjoy your sleep more. You have comes to terms with the muffin top, waffle arms, and second chin. You will settle for less of your dream man at 40. You can safely stat what you do prefer in the bedroom and what you do not. You can call out your girlfriend, and hope to god, she is now grown up enough to work it out.


You do every fucking thing in your power to look better, feel better and your next partner in life is better than anyone you ever dated. Life is grand if you can achieve this, but its not very realistic.
Yes you can do all the wellness and fitness, this is good-but some people go to extremes, those persons do wake up and realize they are 50 and alone, this would be half of the pof population.

"Where are all the good men?" Asked JR in a recent status quote
I wrote not in BC, However there are plenty, are they right for you is the question.
Its looking at some real internal shit within yourself to determine this.

We should have all done conversations with ourselves as children. In 1992, 12-year-old named Jeremiah McDonald made a video recording of himself because he wanted to talk to his future self. 20 years later, 32-year-old Jeremiah edited together an epic conversation with his 12-year-old self.

If we did this we would all know what brought joy to our life and what we should be doing.
Gvixen Signing Off
Don't drink n drive


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