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Love Affairs Should Be Forever...

"Love Affairs Should Be Forever", That being said, " Love affairs should be forever" we learn from our mistakes in relationships from new ones.
A man once said, "You want to talk about my 12 year failed marriage?"
If indeed you have been married any time over 10 years, kudos to you bud for keeping it alive that long.

I look back and find myself in past relationships bored, needed and codependent in the past- and once I lost everything, and threw most of it out and became self sufficient and realized I could do with less, and learned to like myself and love to be alone and enjoy friends and view my friendships loves from the outside and understand it!!!!   Well holy poop..It all makes sense.

In the last 3 months I have learned from several different partnerships. " A New Marriage" This one is quite cute, where the man has his guy nights and she has her girl nights, their agenda is a series of cute dates and they even have separate rooms, for even…