Dec 14, 2013

Swinging From A Trapeze

Well the saga continues..from flowered shirts..Nice dinners and warm pubs, stuck in the cesspool of dating again.

Again, against my word and went back on POF. This time, I wrote almost nothing in my profile, stating I was unsure if I would stay on the site.I put up a plain simple picture of me at work, with shades on. I was impressed there were over 100 messages, mostly city workers, one even decided to write his entire life in a page, about his role to the city and  being a good father. Ugh Not interested. I don't even have time to date, and when I make the time..Its seems disappointing.

Lesson's learned you have to get out there and test the waters, not sure if I'm ready to actually go on a date after the last few, but nothing wrong with conversing. It is called experiencing life, and even thou I really want to share my life with someone..It clearly is just not in the cards right now. The good thing is I have booked myself for several events for Christmas, hired a physical trainer, booked several things over the next few months, school is one , mini coarse's threw my work, physio and massage for my sore body.

You cannot control the behaviors of others or the environment outside of your bubble, so you might as well , suck it up buttercup. Life is short..I'm only getting cuter:) famous words from someone I know.

So, you get your toes and nails painted, a new casual outfit and meet some outstanding friends! Mine were old staff that work in possibly one of the hardest group homes in Vancouver, 3 men wined and dined me tonight and I have to say I was more then entertained. I was their manager about 3 years ago, working school board and group homes, completely run down-however there were no behaviors for 5 years in the house , we were a team, I understood all there personality's and grew to love my little boys club. I am happy to say my 40 year old virgin burst his bubble and we were quite shocked to see the nude model he was with in kinky fishnet attire- bravo brother. My brother from another, is still single, and my True David, cause I know about 10 now, is still happily married to his polish mail order bride, who is less of a princess everyday.

They were shocked at how well I looked and asked for a ass
The gym has called me a minimum of twice a week, but more like 3. Today I did a 30min run at 8.0, 3 hours of weights and a good 30 mins of that was core, I punched the shit on the pads of the trainer-
He said my punch sucked and should look into Sugar Rays, because I had good punch, just poor technique.

At the gathering with my great boys club at the bar, I was approached by a Scotsman in his early 30's with cross bones resting above his pelvis-that was mildly exciting. There is nothing exciting about mooping around thinking of what could have been. Funny, being weird like me, I never see the cues of men trying to pick me up, clearly I have no issues with men..however I do have some standards in my middle age.

You ever hear that saying "He's Just Not That Into You" well that was my recent case, or so it appeared... There is nothing that feels good about that, especially when you set your standards above the bar. The fortunate thing is intuition, thinking positively about a situation, and sticking to ones point of how one should be treated..being me and having me in your life means most times you are treated exceptional..I expect the same. At this point in life...even if you have to make a conscious hard effort, shouldn't it be perfect? Romance? Kisses..waiting, anticipation..the the little stuff? Well frankly at this point in my life there is just no exception.

Continuing with my evening..., because quite honestly I had amazing dates with a man, then the texting started and it went to shit..I really was off kilter for a day and did not think I would be able to have a good time, actually thats a lie-I always have a piss giggling grand time with my boys club. So, I stopped off in New West to get some gas and was approached by a women in spandex, first she asked me for a cigarette, which I don't have- then she asked if I wanted to have some fun- That was extremely uncomfortable. Especially seeing as she was at least a 50 looking about 80 and grotesque. I was so shocked I had a delayed, ummm yeah, nooooo..

I can say getting out there really gives me shit to write about, made it home by 9pm to watch another sad romantic movie on the telly , make some cookies and eat them all. I could hear a drip drip..a nice new crack in my hallway with a leak, looks like the plumber needs to come and I personally think they have to rip it all apart, right up to upstairs, its eaten into the drywall, I may have to move:( sooner rather then later.

I think it was around 3am I heard noise, the ceiling cracked right threw... dealing with late plumbers, stupid landlord..the leak did stop, however I had drywall everywhere, they just threw everything everywhere with out so much as laying something down on the carpet, I had dinner plans at 6pm, and I could hear the man upstairs taking a romantic.

I was determined to just deal with it. taped 3 garbage bags over the gaping hole, and to my surprise, plans had been taken to take me out for the evening, :)

Dec 10, 2013

Playin With The Punk Kids

...Playing with Toddlers..That would be a good title for last night, how ever its my sons friends old band name. I booked The Railway Club, thinking it was low key and ok for a Monday, We got a beautiful 20yr something, singing soft indie music, that was down right depressing like she was out of some horrid breakup..beautiful voice..just not what these old school Cobalt, Funkyweinerbeans kids are used to.
My son and his 2 hipster roommates appeared last night while I was getting ready, case of Milwaukee in hand.
Felix Climaxx made her appearance of coarse..

In our family we have tattoos, and our own personal burlesque dancers for random occasion, comedians, artists, girls who shoot guns and play with boy toys..its all shits n giggles in our family. Felix is my young sons best friend, she is lovely, and came out to the little shit hole apartment for dress up with her beautiful green/blue hair to celebrate the festivities and give me my next dance class dates and pin up photo shoot idea. You can see Felixx at the Kitty Lounge, The screaming chicken theatrical group and she also does many other venues..although her page is very lacking, I will have to fix that.
That's right, its on my bucket list- I will be doing a show and a pin up calendar, teaching by Felix!
I was in dance for years, I was in ballet , then jazz..hip hop I was even in cheer leading for a short time and a go go dancer. Doing your passion is healthy. I have never tried burlesque, however I know it is a healthy fun and well respected at the Vancouver Dance School. I was always called to do all the makeup on the dancers for fashion shows, what a blast!

Last night I wore my Irish plaid blazer, my hard core vintage T-shirt that Felix nicely ripped the neckline out for me, my massive gold buckle n jeans- I still rock that shit at 40 something!This year surprisingly my son wanted  "Nice Clothing" so my gifts were the typical Hipster Classy Stuff you see youth in today, and guess what? He wore none of it!!! He wore his typical Punk ass stuff...grrrrrr

It is important to embrace your kids creative sides when they are young, I have two, one was always artsy and the other a athletic wanted sewing classes the other wanted hockey, one wanted blue hair Mohawk the other wanted professional MMA thought he was gay from bullying and the other thought joining a gang would be kewl. In the end from good morals and lots of patience I got a Chef who is straight (not that that would make a dam difference in the world) and a tradesman who is a athlete. When I see them I receive, I love you mom, a kiss a hug, taken for dinner. My oldest son calls me at random and asks if I'm ok and if I need anything asks about my day and if I'm working to hard. My young son says mom lets go for a beer..and have a talk.
They always want me at their friends get togethers, why?, cause I'm awesome!

Typically when my youngest comes to van I have to prepare myself for his choice of  company and music tastes, and here are some, hope the links work..most times I try to just be the driver..its exhausting..

Guts N Glory
with Tony Toddler
At The Wise Hall

I knew Tony when he was first starting in bands, I said Tony sing me a song, this was in my kitchen in my big house in surrey, his voice is actually amazing..he sang about a girl that fucked him over in solo..I recorded it I loved it so much..but now its idea where it went. Love this kid !



I\ve know shock load for about 4 years, I was dating someone and he was living in their house, this was very funny because I remember I told my son I had spent the night at this vintage house and their were allot of punker in the house cooking good food stuff, My son was like well maybe I know them do they have a band? The name was different back them, and my son flipped a lid, oh my god you have to invite me over I'm a huge fan..and thus a relationship was blossomed.

Reset Conformity
Adrian, been my friend since 2007 when he was preforming in Alberta,  The 40 something kid stays forever youthful and perfect in my eyes, he graced us last night to give Zak a TShirt of another great local Punk Band. The thing I love about Adrian is he looks like just another rat race kid, but in reality he is a wise old soul, totally vegan, health-nut, hardcore trades job..practices the paths of Buddha..and stays rue to his creative size, about to release a album, he is on the path to quitting his day job!

Reset is doing a show at The Electric Owl for the food bank on Tuesday Dec 17th, I will be going to show my support and donate. Won't be staying long, but I feel this is important and great that local bands are supporting Vancouver Food Bank.

I have to say my taste in music for punk is a little more subdued, like The white T\s or Transplants, Pixies N Pouges. All in all I am sad I was a ultimate FAIL in producing a grand party for my son\s 22 birthday, we did have drinks, good people and fun..but no punk show:( sorry son.

I guess I am the reflection of both my kid,s its creepy..I am super into fitness, authoritarian professions, extremely hard work..I love anything that involves outdoors and doing things like fishing, camping ...and then I have this creative side that lead me into make-up artsy , dance and sewing..I feel its awesome!

It was a great Night! I left at 11 pm and let them carry on knowing they had fare and save ways home.
I have 3 passed out boys in my
What more could a mom ask for :D