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Swinging From A Trapeze

Well the saga continues..from flowered shirts..Nice dinners and warm pubs, stuck in the cesspool of dating again.

Again, against my word and went back on POF. This time, I wrote almost nothing in my profile, stating I was unsure if I would stay on the site.I put up a plain simple picture of me at work, with shades on. I was impressed there were over 100 messages, mostly city workers, one even decided to write his entire life in a page, about his role to the city and  being a good father. Ugh Not interested. I don't even have time to date, and when I make the time..Its seems disappointing.

Lesson's learned you have to get out there and test the waters, not sure if I'm ready to actually go on a date after the last few, but nothing wrong with conversing. It is called experiencing life, and even thou I really want to share my life with someone..It clearly is just not in the cards right now. The good thing is I have booked myself for several events for Christmas, hired a physi…

Playin With The Punk Kids

...Playing with Toddlers..That would be a good title for last night, how ever its my sons friends old band name. I booked The Railway Club, thinking it was low key and ok for a Monday, We got a beautiful 20yr something, singing soft indie music, that was down right depressing like she was out of some horrid breakup..beautiful voice..just not what these old school Cobalt, Funkyweinerbeans kids are used to.
My son and his 2 hipster roommates appeared last night while I was getting ready, case of Milwaukee in hand.
Felix Climaxx made her appearance of coarse..

In our family we have tattoos, and our own personal burlesque dancers for random occasion, comedians, artists, girls who shoot guns and play with boy toys..its all shits n giggles in our family. Felix is my young sons best friend, she is lovely, and came out to the little shit hole apartment for dress up with her beautiful green/blue hair to celebrate the festivities and give me my next dance class dates and pin up photo shoot idea…