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Enjoy Rugby?

Funny, I was reflecting my day after a friend told me they were off to go coach his group of kids,coach what I am not sure, If I was not working I would have loved to watch him handle his kids, because I could use some tips!

Today, which I thought was football, was actually Rugby. The coach changes his mind like his running shoes.

The physical education teacher of the school I support during PE, does not participate anymore in the class. The teacher is in his early 60's and feels that he can put the delegation of kicking butt, to a support staff-however this is by chance if and I say if, he gets a support staff that is capable able and ready.

We had a small discussion on the first day of class.. It went something like this...

If you haven't noticed my class this year is over populated with techies, and most students,English is the second language, with the small group from the UK- You seem fit and have a streak about you, therefore I want you to participate and keep the boys …