Enjoy Rugby?

Funny, I was reflecting my day after a friend told me they were off to go coach his group of kids,coach what I am not sure, If I was not working I would have loved to watch him handle his kids, because I could use some tips!

Today, which I thought was football, was actually Rugby. The coach changes his mind like his running shoes.

The physical education teacher of the school I support during PE, does not participate anymore in the class. The teacher is in his early 60's and feels that he can put the delegation of kicking butt, to a support staff-however this is by chance if and I say if, he gets a support staff that is capable able and ready.

We had a small discussion on the first day of class.. It went something like this...

If you haven't noticed my class this year is over populated with techies, and most students,English is the second language, with the small group from the UK- You seem fit and have a streak about you, therefore I want you to participate and keep the boys in check This is a all boys class.

Speaking of English as the second language, during the Assembly- students were encouraged to use English in hopes of getting out of ESL..pointing out to the students, speaking in constant manderian was not going to give them any brownie points on leaving the ESL class and to utilize learning from the small 15% of  Vancouver born children. So ESL is specifically applied for most of the students at this elite school.
Imagine explaining Rugby if they have never done it?

Back to the discussion from my PE Teacher: "I want them running in a group, no staggering-proper uniform or they leave, no cell phones and if they are not following what I am asking them to do, you will notice this and delegate a exercise. I discussed proper shoes, they must wear them ! ( the shoes, $250 New Balance-Seriously?) "You think you can handle it Ms Gold?"

I said sure, I raised two boys, how hard can it be-I was a hockey mom..yeah..no problem.
Today I have no voice and my ass hurts. My shoulders are locked in the fight position..I want a cigarette.
There is no way in hell I will ever smoke again.

I also know nothing about Rugby- so I said, in his office-you don't throw the ball like a football do you?
He said , no, Ms Gold , that would be a penalty, its a side pass with these two points facing up,then pivot the ball, to pass the ball, the catchers should be off , slightly behind you. I have a little book- read it on the way to the field. Good day, I will take my time to drive over-your time should be 15 minutes with a class of 30.

This is just about as simple as the grade math algebra, which by the way-I have purchased the textbook and am actually taking the class-the reason is, I have to teach it in detail-I think I took life skills math...lol
Well I did have ADHD, I have no idea, but the teacher is allowing me to actually take the class and stay for extra help to teach it to the student I need to. it's very HARD. The teacher is a X engineer, so he tends to speed with the lessons-

The Gym Teacher: " Now I will be driving the equipment over, it is a brisk walk-I want all the boys in unison all the way there, if they get there after me-they will do laps-"

There was no way in hell I was going to look at a play book while getting these boys to the field.
and sure as shit, there I was running along side the 30 kids..yelling...

"In Unison boys, this is phys ed not social time! " "you two! your lagging, run to the front of the line and lead", "you two in the back that's 5 laps upon field", "that cell phone is now mine!"..move..no cutting corners! "Next person to go htrough landscape will be called princess for a day..lets go!!" Screaming from the top of my lungs.

The only group that knew anything about Rugby was the UK group- I was put with the group with the most challenges-and I did really good surprisingly that I cant even throw a football let alone a rugby ball-I have always been challenged at sports, I was into dance and volleyball-is that even a sport? no it is not. I do love football and saw Notradam in Boston- cause that's how I roll, but ask me all the rules and my mind goes blank.

Most of the lessons were in a 10x10 square sections of a massive field off to the right of Thunderbird Stadium at UBC- I do not know how many Kilometers it is, but I am guessing 10-20 K

I am in a squat position moving back and forth and throwing sideways..or running the full length and practicing side throws- I did have a group that was challenged so I did a 10 min warm up with the coach so that I could show the boys exactly how to throw- (because I am challenged as well!!) most of it I did myself. back n forth, power squat pose, side to side, run, spike turn and tag sideways with the ball..OMG..
But I did great, and the coach-said he really appreciated my help today!:)

I could not eat my lunch fast enough-and actually sat in the lunch room in a blank stare.

I can admit this is better that the politics class, I am scared to nod off in that class in fear I may miss something- I don't get it? Last class he was explaining a political cartoon-I did not even find it funny.
there was a donkey on a Jeep that said, my way or the highway- a elephant on a jeep that said get out of the way, then 3 men in the middle, uncle Sam, Iran,and some other dude I can't remember right now, this is supposed to be a crash coarse in Democracy?

It was a feel good day, and so was yesterday..I fell into bed at exactly 1030pm in a deep sleep-
First in a very long time...

GVix Signing off..


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