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Change Of Hats...

"Cha Cha Cha" Let me roll withcha..

That's me ! Last year getting all sexy to go out. As I sit here in the storm, look at incredible one from Ms SJ, my favorite Superhero...I will accept this one goal for 2014, Run4acause. Feeling inspired! I put up my best firecracker profile pic..and a change of hats..A change of hats is good for any girl..I have purple, yellow, plaid and even Mexican. This year I decided not to set any goals..they were set awhile back, and for me  the holidays just confirmed this even more!

Some of my goals mid year were:

1) To Move...Well,  Day before Christmas Eve, I called the cops on a noise issue and my ceiling fell out.

2A) To only be with people or things that bring joy into your life..New Years I almost lost my little Pug Sushi Bear- She brings joy to me everyday.
My amazing friends, like about my own little family to gather around in hardship...amazing love from all sides. My goal in mid year was to spend more time w…