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Old Topic..Review

A reader asked what recently happened to my posts of the letters, the 365 letters I had posted.

Where was I on the grief?  I have refrained from my 365 letters because in fact, the letters have been turned into a book. I am sure no one wants to hear about someone dealing with grief on a daily basis for 365 days, what is the point of that? It's depressing. I decided this would make better, a book, on grief counsel. The book  is based on a women going through loss and grief, with humor and a little crazy.  I am thankful I have had some amazing support on the book from a friend who is a psychologist and am excited about the release sometime in the future.

We have a choice to be sad or happy, to move forward or not too. I am still dealing with the sadness and am in a assortment of small therapy. I have chosen to move forward, find something in each day that brings me happiness. I am thankful for the support I have from my friends who force themselves into my life and my mother and mo…