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My New Journey

I received my last paycheck from working in mental health on Friday. I decided to not go back, I received a letter on Wednesday stating they felt my decision was made under emotional pretense. It was not. Every day at work I hear about shit this company does..and as the picture above stats, I will not follow the chicken heads any longer.  Even though my own union wants me to make the mark, and take these guys to arbitration..I don't think it will be conducive to my health or to my new employment(bringing the stress in there). The union did call and ask that I recant my decision for the arbitration, I said "well do you think this will be their way to fire me?" They actually said yes, but we will fight it and you will only be labeled as fired for a short time. To hell with that. I was employed by 4 unions at the same time, and I have never had any grief at any of the fact they were sad to see me go and wrote me letters of good luck. I decided to leave it all.