My New Journey

I received my last paycheck from working in mental health on Friday. I decided to not go back, I received a letter on Wednesday stating they felt my decision was made under emotional pretense. It was not. Every day at work I hear about shit this company does..and as the picture above stats, I will not follow the chicken heads any longer.  Even though my own union wants me to make the mark, and take these guys to arbitration..I don't think it will be conducive to my health or to my new employment(bringing the stress in there). The union did call and ask that I recant my decision for the arbitration, I said "well do you think this will be their way to fire me?" They actually said yes, but we will fight it and you will only be labeled as fired for a short time. To hell with that. I was employed by 4 unions at the same time, and I have never had any grief at any of the fact they were sad to see me go and wrote me letters of good luck. I decided to leave it all.
Time to be a leader, and I don't fail in life ever..I don't want to start now.

 I silently left the money in  my bank account to decide what I would do with it, I am still in the red with current bills, however I wanted this to be my ultimate choice of what I would do with it, not enough for a trip however, but i did come to some good conclusions. I joined the corporate program in yoga, twice a day, 3 times a week. I am hoping the practice will wipe away 10 yrs of a sore back, legs, sleepless night and stomach problems. Stress the ultimate killer, and these are the signs. While I was with this company I keep referring to, I did do one intelligent thing. I visited my doctor once a month to review the stress. My doctor said, you need a full year off. This was two years ago. Instead I went to a casual employee..well I got more work then being a manager and still bullied, if not worst.

 I received the tour of the yoga studio, and made funny commentary with the lady who helped me.

I bought a book about channeling your energy into making all your wishes come true with mediation.; some aroma body mist. A 3 month pass at the gym. I walked down the street in kits, feeling really great, up to Saje to buy aroma therapy. Then the worst thing ever happened , I did a immediate pivot and exited. There in the door way was the women my X left me for, my last long term relationship.

I felt sick, I mean it has been 3 yrs..why would this bother me, irritated I would not be getting the balance aromatherapy..I kept walking, and came to a Vancouver based cute aromatherapy store. I explained what I wanted it for.  The girl said, we do have similar themes with better names( I liked she said that!) indeed they were...Dali..Oasis...
I brought a few to the counter and realized quite pricey, so I bought one to start, not ten. She said "Is everything alright?"
I told her what just happened, she said.."Omg that is horrible, nothing like a kick in the stomach and by the way it can be 10 yrs..and you'd feel the are not centered..but you will be, don't worry", to my surprise the girl added 20 samples or all sorts of goodies, I felt of coarse I called my friend.

My yoga studio offered me with the corporate plan: Sunday nights free on the beach, all my friends are welcome, 10% off everything in the studio in retail. one free complimentary session. 1 month first at 40 dollars with unlimited classes, my corporate plan will start on my birthday,Sept 23rd!! and it is 90 a month, instead of 170 a month, I have a dozen studios I can go to, and I get a discount on teaching and retreats.

I then went and got all my laundry done, smoked my last American cigarette and then spent two hours at the gym, with swimming, hot tub, sauna. I then made a kale and assortment of items in a smoothie.

I joined Color Me Rad Marathon, to support my sister who did it, It is just a 5K, I ordered the same pink hoodie and trained tonight..I let my running lag since the last running clinic. The race is on October 7th at 11am. I am excited.

I went to look at bikes, might as well "Get Totally Rad" like my slogan stats in my business. I did not buy a bike, not yet, because I just purchased a complete home office, laptop..the whole samba! I have to pay this off first, that's right I finally have a working computer and printer. It's not a Mac..:(
.....One day.

I made won ton soup from scratch. I started my finance ledger. I read up on my independent business and what is next. I spent a day with my best friends in the US, a day with JR..and I am making my way to the rest soon.

I had a fun visit with my son and met his extremely way too sexy girlfriend who was a breath of sunshine in personality, even if for a full day she was in white duct tape, as lelui from the fifth element.

I bit the bullet and got the brakes on my car done, however I got a very good deal.
I feel like my 3 days off was the start of my life. A real life of living.

I did have a few irritants and I will bring it up in hopes it comes across. I have a few people in my life who feel that life is one big text message.

I decided for the most part to just keep my reply to a minimal or respond with how I felt.
I met a few men online, not in person, but chatting online, thinking that they were worthy to have my cell number, one is quite extraordinary, he has called once, and in that call he did not ask me out.
He made all his plans via text..and I quite frankly forgot about meeting them whatsoever.

A friend I recently had a amazing day with on a sailboat, again asked me in a text the day of his arrival. I was in the states." Like call already and say, Hey I'm coming to Vancouver.

A long long X boyfriend has decided to text me for half a day every day..and although I am grateful we have reunited as friends, you would think a real voice would be appropriate, this is someone I shared a bed with, but you know what he has a girlfriend, so to him it's not real, cause it's only texting..its a bullshit barrier.

oh the fucking list goes on...and honestly if you want to meet or do a event, texting on my work cell wont grant you that, it is super stupid.

I even received a message via voice from India from my good friend Rameste today, instead of Facebook messenger, in the messenger was a recording of voice " hello, Jello..can you hear me?" I was touched.\
how is it a friend who I have only met once, chatted with a few times, has the common courtesy to give me a call from India, and these other people who apparently are interested don't.

There are large raccoon s in my carport with a skunk.

Gvixen saying"Nameste"
Signing off<3


  1. Someone is gonna have a hot yoga body and a new awesome outlook on life and dating. Nice work hun!


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