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Mr James

Just wanted to post a little diddy bout' a amazing artist I met in SoHO NY..
Forgot to kiss me outside his lil blues club, but promised he would here in Canada!
His wiget is off to the right there, take a listen-Hoping to book the bad boy in some
clubs here. Great New stuff James! You ROCk!!!
Troubadours is killer!

Hope yer well



Well there defiantly is the wow factor where you meet someone and it is a instant attraction,
Eyes are going; when you talk you touch with your hands. You pick up the 80’s toss of the hair, during conversation you unconsciously lick your lips. All the tacky gestures that are the mating dance!

You either find yourself in a one night stand, OMG! My god what did I do.
Or the one night stand turns into a two week stay to an ongoing relationship-that will probably end in ten years realizing you have nothing in common.

There is the wow factor on the street, see that person. And in a glimpse relizes, you and she could be the one. I have a new wow factor in my life, and it is the man who denies sex, it’s like 50 first dates.50 first dates because he wants to know me; he likes me just as I am and goes home happy, but with blue balls.

This wow factor can turn for the worst; it could be you put yourself in the friend factor. Which is not all that bad, however keep in mind a relation…