Mr James

Just wanted to post a little diddy bout' a amazing artist I met in SoHO NY..

Forgot to kiss me outside his lil blues club, but promised he would here in Canada!

His wiget is off to the right there, take a listen-Hoping to book the bad boy in some

clubs here. Great New stuff James! You ROCk!!!

Troubadours is killer!

Hope yer well



  1. hey this is mom,that guys music sounds weird its like two tracks playing over each other,I will have to clue you in just how difficult it is to get someone from the US booked into canada,trust me I went thru it I have a friend whose a well known blues man in the south,you cant even get their cds into canada without paying a whole shitload of tax on them.

  2. well, we'll just have to see what happens, won't we...


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