Well there defiantly is the wow factor where you meet someone and it is a instant attraction,
Eyes are going; when you talk you touch with your hands. You pick up the 80’s toss of the hair, during conversation you unconsciously lick your lips. All the tacky gestures that are the mating dance!

You either find yourself in a one night stand, OMG! My god what did I do.
Or the one night stand turns into a two week stay to an ongoing relationship-that will probably end in ten years realizing you have nothing in common.

There is the wow factor on the street, see that person. And in a glimpse relizes, you and she could be the one. I have a new wow factor in my life, and it is the man who denies sex, it’s like 50 first dates.50 first dates because he wants to know me; he likes me just as I am and goes home happy, but with blue balls.

This wow factor can turn for the worst; it could be you put yourself in the friend factor. Which is not all that bad, however keep in mind a relationship has developed on some level, so it could mean that one person has more feelings for the other-It could mean that you have found out all the inconsistences and can’t live with them. Or it could be your life partner-who knows, is it worth the risk? Absolutely!

If you find a man who says 50 first dates, or 10 for that matter, run with it! However is you take advantage keep in mind. Karma is a bitch, unless you have true feelings, best to end it.
I had a short relationship with a young gent, who I now call a family member. I just could not, as much as I tried see it going anywhere- he helped me with everything, my yard my house he even ordered pizza and videos, he would be over all the time. I felt like I was taking, due to the fact that I just could not go any further in the relationship-the ending did not go all that well-after a time, thou. It did

I did the right thing! Do the right thing! During the wow factor, do not involve kids. Single mothers do this all the time, and I am an exception-I do not feel that kids should be any part of the dating ritual. They should not meet your date, your date should not be at your house-my children are men, so it’s quite different. My kids tell me that I am going to turn into an angry old hag and that I should get laid.

I still keep it on the down low as much as I can, and they will tell me right away if they feel that the guy is a loser, inadequate or otherwise. Youth of today affiliate everything with money, so it’s harder. If the guy doesn’t prove he’s an honorable man to my boys, he is not going to stay long. They defiantly expect way more than me, and trust me they will test the waters. For example, I was invited to the movies the other day, my young son grabbed my cell while I was getting ready and asked if he could come and would sit away from us. WHO DOES THAT? Surprisingly my date responded "Absolutely", paid for the whole thing with treats in hand and sat right beside my son.
My oldest has said, "like dude where’s the flowers pizza n beer? "That’s got to be humiliating!

So here I am in a wow factor, I am going with the flow. Seeing where it goes! I am on date number 4 I think. I honorably tried to back out. As I have never been this frustrated before! I am not allowed I was told, This person would like to continue the dating, even during all his turmoil and tiredness…

I agreed, am I wrong here? I have had 4 wow factors in my life...Mr. Tree planter, a hippie who believed living off the land, which sweep me off my feet after my divorce for 3 years, we lived in and out of the bush Plant trees, being free, wow 2 was my X finance, Mile Long Smile, geeky tall man who turned out to be what I thought I needed.

Ah... Mr. Big, who flew me all over the country and treated me as a princess, with no expectation what’s so ever, I was never involved romantically with this man, many people thought I was, and at a time I even thought I should-I have the highest respect for my friend however and am so glad I didn’t. .Mr. Mile High Club, gave me a lesson in life and a miracle Christmas one year. And now, Mr. Chivalry…

There have been men in between who I had loved for a time, then lost,. But only these 5 had the wow factor, and now after reviewing actually only 2 men in here really have the WOW factor, two men I fell deeply in love with, two I was infatuated with, and one I am learning from daily.

Dating is dating..
This is the best dating, It goes back to the old saying I am sure your mother told you, If you give up the goods to quickly your cheap, milking the cow for free., all those sayings. It’s a little different when you’re in your sexual peek!, however I would rather someone value me than de value me. I recently had a few conversations with my X finance; the result turned sexual-on his part in text messages. For the first time I was seriously discusted. This is a man I was going to marry. He is living with a gorgeous women for the last year, texting me to lunch and sexual content- I contacted him to clear up a debt, try to see if he’d change and had any respect for women in general-clearly he does not. When I called him on it all, he said his GF’s back was out and hadn’t had sex in a month! OMG I said maybe it’s a test of strength..

I cannot believe I spent almost 7 years with this man and was so incredibly blind.

So is this a husband quest? No..this is dating, and always look for the WOW factor, not just the sake of dating, why waste time in life? Remodel your place, go for a hike enjoy nature,. Most of all like who you are, if you don’t dating won’t work for you and neither will a husband.
Signing off…


  1. So how do the boys feel about Mr. Chivalrous? I look forward to reading more on your dating/family management :)

  2. hahah...I am dating..I roll with the punch's sweetheart..I dont introduce my boys to new men, unless by chance. I am totally smitten with Mr Chivalry! I think he is wonderful! But has a lot of work to do, unfortunnatly a reality, that we are both trying to understand.
    I think he will actually, be a extention of family, at some point, we have shared to much for it not to be so. In the romance department..I could'nt say.
    I miss ya Babbs! Thank you for the heartfelt New, were you drunk? I loved it regardless..xox


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