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The World of Dating...Again

Ugh...I hate dating..

Fortunately I am involved in enough activity to meet people where I don't have to go to the web, however I did and remembered why I hate online dating. So its been about 3 years since I visited..and the same dam guys are on there..That says something in a nutshell.

Am I ready for this.. have no idea. I do know I want to be crazy in love again! I decided to do a simple profile and leave it for a few days, try my luck. I was quite overwhelmed at the response I received. I cannot say it was like picking candy unfortunately...more like deletion of 200 and finding 5 persons that may be eligible to meet. I chose 1.

Then you add that to the 5 set-ups from friends and events..and well you got overload. You even up meeting none!! HAHAH Then there is the rumor through the agency you work for that you are one looks at you the same.

"You look nice today" What crack did you take JB, I am in my sweatpants like every other day.
"Cant a person tell you y…