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The process of Elimination can be building blocks for problem solving, One can do the leg work on there own, or the universe will work in there favor when asked, and next thing you know shit is happening, and your freaking out, but if you think hard on why and are aware...You may just learn something.

 My life for the last year has been a process of Elimination.  Some of my own doing and some events were the universe saying things need to change.

Family: Sometimes family can be stressful, hurtful and toxic- Sometimes you need to take a break. I did in October, this was my choice- I felt ongoing stress and also if people do not enrich your life and support you and enhance who you are- then why have them there to bring you down all the time.

Toxic Friendships- Everyone has them, the complainers that complain but never do anything about it, the constant boozers and pub goer's- I find it more interesting to go to events, walks other cities, book stores and secret finds of the city so you…