The process of Elimination can be building blocks for problem solving, One can do the leg work on there own, or the universe will work in there favor when asked, and next thing you know shit is happening, and your freaking out, but if you think hard on why and are aware...You may just learn something.

 My life for the last year has been a process of Elimination.  Some of my own doing and some events were the universe saying things need to change.

Family: Sometimes family can be stressful, hurtful and toxic- Sometimes you need to take a break. I did in October, this was my choice- I felt ongoing stress and also if people do not enrich your life and support you and enhance who you are- then why have them there to bring you down all the time.

Toxic Friendships- Everyone has them, the complainers that complain but never do anything about it, the constant boozers and pub goer's- I find it more interesting to go to events, walks other cities, book stores and secret finds of the city so you can have good conversation, good food, or simple doing things at home with your friends..this is where I'm at. I eliminated people who judged me. I eliminated people I could not counsel them anymore. The gross slander was a joke because I know who I am and I am pretty happy with that person- So Elimination. My Lifestyle has changed.

Work- Well I never thought work would get slow for me and I would be looking at other options..
I did open a company however and that was me being a go-getter - maybe work got slow for a reason?

For the last year I have slept with earplugs, I have called the police for noise issues, I have had loss of hot water and heat- I had planned to move, but did not have the money.
On Christmas Eve the ceiling fell out- if I waited 2 months, I'd be freezing, showering at a rec center and not be anywhere ahead in saving to move. I moved in 15 days, I had a months free rent and my deposit- it also meant I would have to finally go threw my massive storage of my house when the kids were small- well I have 22 empty bins:) Process of elimination.

My Pug got sick, we cut off the cancer, her tail and glands under her arms- we are ready now-
We are ready for a wonderful year, and then sushi will go to heaven with Tifa, that will be her saying-
Go See The World..

This year I eliminated cigarettes, booze and pork, red meat- I would say my booze level is down to two glasses a month sociably. Cigarettes have been over 6 months, I am happy to say- no patches either now.
red meat, I will have extra lean beef strips once a month- I just wanted to clear the colon if you know what I mean. I had a good routine at the gym from Nov to Jan- have to get back, have not had time.

I was also holding on to the past- I am only looking toward the future now, and I have been able to recognize old patterns I didn't see before. If I ofter my time with someone and it is not reciprocated, I am done.

I have several friendships where I rarely see them, but I know they are in my heart and if I offer time or they offer time, that time spend could be memorable the entire year.

I recently had someone say to me, I don't think about you at all. This was after I had cooked a nice meal, I was trying to rekindle them into my life.
I had thought about them every other day-  I realized its wasted time and energy. 

Tonight I went threw 22 bins of baggage, 22 bins of stuff I thought I needed.
I cried at some of the items, some of it was like Christmas, and some of it was the realization- it is only me.
right now it is only me..and just me is good.

Sometimes walking away, is a form of elimination...sometimes listening to someone, and not saying a thing allows a person to solve or process a situation, this will eliminate you from the process that they need to figure out themselves, the answers. Quite often, I will try to not speak on purpose, to allow that person to think about what they just said, or I will para phrase...this is a form of elimination, and problem solving at the same time.

I discussed some goal setting options about my business tonight, with my life coach and mentor, He said, " your very best thinking that is reflected in your bank account...want better results, might want to re-educate your thinking. This applies with anything, Don't think the worst of things, think what will come out positively.
I made it threw the move, who moves in 15 days..lol I did!..I started to think about what needed to change with this move- Much. 

My shit has sparkles now:0

Gvix signing off


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