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19 Days Till Im a Suitcase Boarder, Rent Free 365 Days...

Donations, storage and the division of items continues on.

Meanwhile...In Nepal...Please take a moment to read the donation section at the end of this blog.

I did two car loads to Developmental Disabilities. I took 6 large recycle bins of clothing to the consignment store in the US, My friend thinks Ill make a mint!:)
I set aside a box of items for my school I work at. Gave a box to a single dad awhile ago.
My son will be taking many large items and a small section of my kitchen items- this is a relief.
I think the best part of downsizing, is giving ..Just saying.

It has been a whirl of a weekend! moving, social gatherings and outings, emails conversations and group involvements. I finally feel like I am going on a adventure.

I worked out a arrangement with my storage facility to still sell any big ticket items from the storage bin, so I can downsize my unit when the time is right-YAY!

I had some people on Craig's list respond to some of my items for sale, one women, I just notic…