19 Days Till Im a Suitcase Boarder, Rent Free 365 Days...

Donations, storage and the division of items continues on.

Meanwhile...In Nepal...Please take a moment to read the donation section at the end of this blog.

I did two car loads to Developmental Disabilities. I took 6 large recycle bins of clothing to the consignment store in the US, My friend thinks Ill make a mint!:)
I set aside a box of items for my school I work at. Gave a box to a single dad awhile ago.
My son will be taking many large items and a small section of my kitchen items- this is a relief.
I think the best part of downsizing, is giving ..Just saying.

It has been a whirl of a weekend! moving, social gatherings and outings, emails conversations and group involvements. I finally feel like I am going on a adventure.

I worked out a arrangement with my storage facility to still sell any big ticket items from the storage bin, so I can downsize my unit when the time is right-YAY!

I had some people on Craig's list respond to some of my items for sale, one women, I just noticed today her email read: SHTOUTOFLUK, she kept making arrangements but not following threw..then said she didn't drive, hence the name of her email.

I don't recall if I shared about the one guy that called late, like 11pm, in the funny Adam Sandler voice about my car, at the end of answering all his stupid questions, he asked if the chick in the picture came with the car. He then said, he was so happy I  provided a map where I live. I went back and checked my adds and realized I had put my telephone number and a map was included. I promptly deleted all that and used the internal email- god I'm a duffis. Careful what you post peeps!

I really think that,  where I am in my mind now, was a awakening I had in in 2012, I had randomly met a small group of people, and I'd have to say looking back now, it was all a reason in my life. In 2012,  I dated Special K, I refer to him by this name, because there was a time when dysfunctional was his middle name, and this too has passed. We went on random dates, but never really declared ourselves as a couple.

During our time of split, he had mentioned a small artistic community in my neighborhood, East Van..musicians artists..so forth. Somehow I met a few. Three in particular really left some deep things to ponder in my mind, and I really just, awoke to those thoughts and discussions now. The energy levels when I met these people, were like a calling that everything I was doing in my life was the wrong direction completely.

Whenever I had conversations, I felt like I was entering a church of sacredness and I just wanted to weep. It is pretty horrible if you live your life not following your true intention and destiny. Society can have a huge factor on where we "think" we are supposed to be in life.

I have very little in common with these people, a photographer, A musician and artist, A life coach, and a musician with a purpose. What I mean is, I am not a musician, I am hardly a artist. Life coach..well that is part of who I am. They all gave up to gain. They all followed there own path.
They all created and made a blueprint. This is what I have in common. The lifestyle each of these people had was one I had hoped to have.

My community blog I actually have not written in since then..shortly after all this my father passed away, and I think that my focus just went into work and I left any creative process I had at the door.

These people have always stayed in the back of my sub conscious, discussions and words waiting there for me to follow through. Almost, like failed promises to myself. To me the quests that all of them were going on seemed so difficult..Michael selling off his life and basking to raise money for a musical trek, but he did it and came back quite different. I follow his posts and hope to meet up with him again soon. Our last meet up was breakfast and a market outing..then I randomly saw him in a court yard of a school I was working at for the day. For only a handful of times..can change the coarse of a lifetime. Below is my story on Michael.


I had first met a couple, who introduced me to Michael at his Birthday /Auction, Album Release Party, The couple was Erin and Solah.  I had wanted to interview them both, due to the artist talents of each and the love they had for each other shown in a art gallery was just awesome, In person it was even better and I only wrote a small fraction of what they were accomplishing in their daily lives.

 When I had met them for coffee however, thy expressed my energy..and for some unknown reason I started spilling  the things I was unhappy with, in life, it was like some weird confession. They have this effect on many. This is why Solah is a life coach after all.


Well I needed a whole lot of finding ones self at that time, I gotta tell ya. But then, somebody dies, you lose a pet, you have a breakup, move, throw yourself into work..and before you know it, you stop and go, "WHere ThE Fack AM I?"
or, Who the hell am I? What am I actually doing?...Sigh...nothing I thought I would be doing,

I could refer to "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" A novel which tells the tale of a lawyer who sold everything to find enlightenment, well it would be a whole lot easier if I was a lawyer and had the income to back myself. This small group of people found enlightenment and then found their richness starting from nothing. I can do that.

As I am ranting on about my path in life and how I see this all UN folding for a better me, I can't help but think of the devastation, a earthquake of 7.8 on the scale in Nepal. I cried as I watched the videos today,one of my top destination places to visit culture and family traditions in a foreign country. The families to scared to go into their homes due to the after shocks, the ruin of ancient structures..

Sometimes I feel so helpless in the world, when there is so much more I would like to do.

I donated a small amount today, I may start a fundraiser, see what I can do in my community to try and help.  All I know is that any amount helps. You can donate to the links below in blue, or straight to the UNICEF website below, you may have to copy and paste due to the secure site.


Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross says it has people on the ground in Nepal to treat those injured in the earthquake. The organization is accepting donations from individuals or businesses who wish to make one-time or monthly contributions to the effort.

CARE Canada

CARE Canada has more than 150 staff in Nepal to help survivors find access to food, water and shelter, the relief agency said in a statement. CARE workers are building temporary shelters, providing ready-to-eat meals, setting up toilets and purifying water for those displaced by the quake.
"All of the particularly vulnerable – children, breastfeeding mothers, people with chronic diseases – they have been suffering a lot," CARE emergency response coordinator Santosh Sharma said. "It's essential to get help to these people as quickly as we can."
Sharma adds that medical supplies "are an urgent need" and more than 40,000 people are being treated in hospital.

Many people are afraid to enter their homes for fear of triggering a collapse, he said.
"Almost everyone has slept outside and they are creating temporary shelters with what they have," he said.

CARE Canada is accepting tax-deductible donations to help with its relief efforts in Nepal.
Save the Children

Save the Children has an ongoing Emergency Relief for Children fund set aside to give the organization "flexibility" to respond to disasters that affect children.

The organization's Australian branch is calling for Nepal-specific donations to help pay for hygiene kits, buckets, jerry cans, kitchen kits and tarpaulins for shelter.

World Vision Canada

World Vision is helping children and families gain access to food, shelter, clean water and other basic necessities. World Vision Canada is calling for donations to help provide "lifesaving essentials" to the disaster-stricken people of Nepal.

Plan Canada

Plan Canada is calling for donations  to support earthquake survivors through Plan International Nepal. Mattias Bryneson of Plan International Nepal says his staff are worknig to address "core needs" for the survivors.

"It's dark now in Kathmandu, and power is out in most areas," Bryneson said in a statement. "It seems as though the entire city is outside, sleeping on the streets."

Doctors Without Borders

Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) says it is sending four teams of medical and logistical staff to Nepal to help those affected by the quake. MSF is also shipping 3,000 emergency and medical kits to the country.

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages says it's dedicating its resources to helping children who have been forced from their homes, separated from their families or who are not getting sufficient care as a result of the disaster.

"We don't want to see any child alone in Nepal as a result of this tragedy," president and CEO Boyd McBride said in a statement.

SOS Children's Villages says it will offer "child-friendly spaces" where children and their parents can receive food, clothing, shelter and healthcare.
The group put out a call for donations in the wake of the quake.

Canadian Government

The Canadian government has pledged $5 million to help with Nepal's disaster relief efforts.
Foreign Affairs Assistance

“Canadian citizens in Nepal requiring emergency consular assistance should use the Registration of Canadians Abroad (http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/registration) service, and contact the Consulate of Canada in Kathmandu, Nepal, by calling + 977 (1) 444-1976, or Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre by calling +1 613-996-8885 (collect calls are accepted where available). An email can also be sent to sos@international.gc.ca.
“Friends and relatives in Canada who are concerned about Canadian citizens known to be in the affected area should contact Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre by calling 1-800-387-3124 (toll-free) or 613-996-8885 (collect calls are accepted) or sending an email to sos@international.gc.ca.”

This is it for me, long weekend..fading fast..Please Donate Today
Gvix Signing out..
(heart chakra<3)


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