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Health Conscious

Gluten free products are the new replacement for all wheat products in today's world. Diet and exercise don't cut it anymore-but you all know this right?

I find it odd, that back in the day, there were no health concerns with Mama's homemade bread's.
We don't eat rice now, we eat Quinta or 3 bean lentils. Potato's are out, strictly squash, yam's or mashed cauliflower. Soy Sauce is a sin!

I am talking about this today, in hopes I will receive amazing feedback, possibly easy recipes and outlook-

 Today, 85% of women are type 2 diabetes, I am one of them. My diabetes is extreme, therefore, I have been insulin dependant before, why do you think this is?

In the past diabetes was inherited, and I do have some family with diabetes, but the family that is affected, is not blood related.

What the heck is celiac deficiency? This was not around when we were stuffing our faces with our mothers home made breads. Gluten free-God why? $7.00 dollars for a fucking loaf …