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Gluten free products are the new replacement for all wheat products in today's world. Diet and exercise don't cut it anymore-but you all know this right?

I find it odd, that back in the day, there were no health concerns with Mama's homemade bread's.
We don't eat rice now, we eat Quinta or 3 bean lentils. Potato's are out, strictly squash, yam's or mashed cauliflower. Soy Sauce is a sin!

I am talking about this today, in hopes I will receive amazing feedback, possibly easy recipes and outlook-

 Today, 85% of women are type 2 diabetes, I am one of them. My diabetes is extreme, therefore, I have been insulin dependant before, why do you think this is?

In the past diabetes was inherited, and I do have some family with diabetes, but the family that is affected, is not blood related.

What the heck is celiac deficiency? This was not around when we were stuffing our faces with our mothers home made breads. Gluten free-God why? $7.00 dollars for a fucking loaf of bread.

Fibermialja was also introduced in the early 90s-I really feel this is brought on by depression- it is chronic pain for life-can you imagine?

Chronic pain that is so bad you cant walk. This pain is in the nerves and is so undetectable and hard to prove, that most patients with it are just called today's latest junkies.

I have noticed that most patients I know with fibermialgia, have always been on heavy depressive drugs to "Kill the pain" with minimal therapy, this is because the average person can't afford therapy. As the disease progress's in life the pain will only get worst or increase- but this is just my own thoughts, I am not a doctor.
I do know it is real, my mom struggles with it every day. I just have seen many patients that have fibermiaglia after years of medication in their systems.

I have had a few issues in the past two years- My diabetes is worse, I have tried everything health wise-I am on a half vitamin, half prescription plan-which is 20 pills a day taken 5 times a day.
I have more yeast infections and bladder infections than normal- I am told to cut sugar. Its impossible!! its like cigarettes. I recently bought stevia-gross, licorice coffee, good news now it comes in normal flavors-Ill have to find that.

Then there is the joy of Candida- I have talked about it before. Candida is an over abundance of yeast-can hit you in many ways, either way the shit is in the blood stream. Combine this with diabetes and you get sore feet, diabetic callous (caused by sugar) Fatigue, bad periods..Most of this I have under control-

 I read on the Internet that if you toast all your bread it killed the yeast, now there's a thought. You see yeast, dairy, sugar all ferment and cause this candida, and pH levels and immune system to just plain be fucked as you get older.

I talked to a friend recently who is celiac-and is on a gluten free life style- because this can help all the other crap that is happening to us in today's age- I feel its the food, shit is in our food! The gluten free is another product we have to buy? seriously? it is 8 dollars for a box of cereal. 6 dollars for a two person portion of pasta-you can forget about gnocchi, muffins or anything else that makes you happy- you are destined to be miserable, and the worse part of it it-who has time to run around to different health stores and prepare all those recipes that are apparently healthier? I don't.

Splenda was once upon a time the cure for sugar replacement, now Splenda is on the shit list-Just google it..

Some of the gluten free items do taste OK, but I do not want to add another 100 dollars on my grocery list.

A gorgeous tall Asian lady in the food isle looking rather frustrated with her purchases was beside me-
My tally of groceries was way too high- I said..just take all the gluten crap off.
The lady beside me said, "your falling for that are you?" I said, "well whats your take on it?" She said. " well I just eat fruit veggies and ancient grain, like Quinta- my proteins are fish and chicken and that's it- no bread, no rice, no sugar- I learned to live with it." I said, " oh. I am still eating rice and sugar, noodles on occasion"
The Teller said , "Are you sure?" I said, " I am sure right now"

You see everything in my life is a budget now, because again, once you hit 40 you realize all the things you should of taken care of financially at 20. We all should of listened to your dad's people.

Having financial stress is one of the root causes of depression, relationship loss, gut rot. I recently found out, that males that are trying to get there "ducks in a row" this meaning, financial bubble for retirement, after the age of 40 can have a mid life crisis. A mid life crisis is supposed to happen at 35, graying of hair, weight forth.

In today's world, men are developing manic depression, ADHD from trying to beat the rat race, settling for less sleep, forgetting what serenity and wellness are.
I realized I may be getting old when...I thought I was pretty cool last week, with the hot substitute physical Ed teacher that filled in for our regular teacher. I was training the boys in class,  volleyball. I was showing off a little as well.  I haven't done a spike in about 20 years. This week my shoulder socket is hurting, I popped it. I am real kewl, not.

The economy has to be creative and strives for new invention and thought- restaurants, product and employment are then created-which is good-but not for the average person who is just looking to live 100.
This is not good for the once middle class, now thrown into the poverty level. What I mean to say is, the media has us all hyped up about gluten free and every thing else, that the average person is spending more and making less and worrying tons.

Kegan Water- What you've all been waiting for! I was sold on this 7 years ago after going to many seminars. This is alkaline water that brings your PH levels back to a baby. pH level 8.5 of the water flushes the toxins from the body. pH level 11 cleans without soap.
I recently went to The Seeds Convention, I saw the machines there, they are about 4000 dollars. The machines were introduced in Japan, it is almost mandatory to have one because the water is so bad.

As I watched the demo of our tap water looking like piss, that's right piss. The high priced bottled water had large amounts of sodium in there and was almost orange. The only safe water,believe it or not, is Canadian Springs. Canadian Springs is the closest to pure water.

The demonstrators had a 21 day challenge of water, you drink a gallon and track your results.
I have tried the water for a week and all I have done is shit. The more I drink the thirstier I get. No weight loss-but I am trying to gain weight so this is good.

I read  a guys blog below on the kegan water, I have to say-I am starting to agree. Picking up the water from a strangers house is also a pain in the ass. I actually thought I would get the machine for 21 days. I am not going to purchase a machine, when I could go on a vacation for 4K-which in my life right now would give me all the vitality and health benefits I need as far as I am concerned. Bali, Delhi, Italy..oh the dreams-Love Eat Pray for sure!

I have started a 8 week challenge, OK well I have not started , its starts tomorrow, it is gym everyday and yoga 3 days a week, twice on Saturdays and Sundays. I am so UN flexible and sore, I need to get this into perspective. I am going to the new YYOGA in kitsilano, most of the rooms are hot rooms. The hot Yoga gets rid of seasonal depression and also they have the red sauna and tea for free. The program is two weeks unlimited yoga for 35 dollars. I have gone before and it is really nice. The nice part is you can start with Hailtha, Yin and Restorative yoga's that are slow and meditative and ease you into the harder yoga. I am excited, but not so much!

I had a wonderful day on Main street the other day. I went into "Mother India" I was looking for incense, a gold pot, prayer beads, tea, a candle and a men's Sari. The man was awesome and said, " Are you getting ready for Diwali?" I said, "no I am shopping for a friend"
A very round joyous man was in the store with his little daughter, and she had the Jeanie shoes-made me think of my little niece Macy, I must get her size because they had them in pink and baby blue! So cute!

The jolly man said,"oh miss, no no no, dis berry nice, but for man , no no no"
I was looking through the bins of prayer beads, these are made from sacred seeds from India. The man then says,"what is your name? you live in neighbourhood?" I laughed and said, " I am Laura, nice to meet you"
he said, "I am Salli, Nice to meet you, tell me about man please"
 I laughed, and said,  "honestly, this is a man who is white, 6'4 and coming to terms with his scattered mind and needs focus, so the man is trying yoga" "I thought it would be fun if the man, who is from the north, got into the culture a bit" The jolly man said,"oh yes, berry good for man, berry good,  come I help you shop."
I had a great 1 hour shop with Salli, and the owner said, "Laura you must go to India I think, please take this array of tea and incense, no charge, this is the best basil incense!"

I just LOve that store!! I had also gotten my friend a yoga Matt and I packaged it all up to meet his tired sweet face. I was more happy to see him stunned at my gifts! The Sari will have to wait till we go to India!
I felt like I had a great day, all because of that short meeting with my friend, who is in the rat race..of Vancouver.

I went home and put on my nice music and new incense and  cleaned the house! I was even able to get this done with my popped shoulder.

I also found another good read, great lady!Mariellen Ward. Read Mariellen's story!
Travel that changes you

I am still mulling around about the food ideas, its all so time consuming and draining. I love food, this is my problem-all of it, although fried foods not so much anymore.

So back to health conscious, do we really have to over obsess about it people? I guess for me, just being aware is more important.

Gvix Signing off
Recipes are more than welcome
Shit, there are even weight loss ads on my blog- trust me I did not get to choose! I should create my own ad! "Cut the Bullshit, Stay healthy, with organic farmer food choices!"


  1. You may want to try 1 tsp twice a day horseradish (not the root but the stuff in the bottle) with food and also 1 tsp baking soda in some water for your UTI and PH issues. This combo works better than anything even cranberry juice.

    I am not a believer in gluten free I think its BS and a fad unless you really have an allergy.
    The people that live to 90 cut the stress and didn't have cell phones and ate regular food in moderation. Yoga will help but you are on the same path you have been on before and failed. Exercise 6 days a week and 8 times on Sunday and cleanse and all the other crap will not work and you will rebound and be worse off. Make small changes incrementally in diet and exercise and they will become part of your life instead of something you try and become overwhelmed with.
    So baby steps hun not life altering hardcore over-reactive steps :)

  2. I like that comment, and it's true! I say all this as my ass is planted on my couch.
    Thanks for the advice :)
    whoever you IS !

  3. Gluten free is not a fad !!!
    Our bodies have become intolerant of wheat gluten caused by over use. It causes pain and discomfort in most cases but can be extremely painful in others. And that's aside from those with celiac disease.
    It could be closely related to lactose interance.
    The cost and taste of the new products that come out gluten free are indicative of the relatively new need for the products. You'll see the price and tastes get better as the general public continues to use and support these items.


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