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Brain in Overtime

25 pages done to the new novel:

Just A Girl Meets Amoroso...Bright Lights, Little City

Stay tuned for Just A Girl....Memoirs.

Publishing here I come!


Just A Girl...Mr Big in Vancouver...

"Oddly enough, I booked Dubrovnik and Prague" "BTW it was supposed to be with you"
Mr Big texts... Just A Girl responds, "Why isn't it?" 

This is how the conversation started, we had recently talked about running away together to Europe or some other far off land, to escape the troubles and mundane pace of Vancouver..the problem was, discussions with Mr Big..always became real..and then what? 

It had been years....
"Where would sushi go, who would look after would the bills get paid? It was always nice to dream of running off and having everything covered..but this would not cover the real life at home...however in this conversation..Just A girl, or rather myself was facing the fear or was it the horror of possibly hearing that Mr Big may actually consider marriage, not with Just A Girl...but with someone else. 

Me, I, ..Just A Girl, hastily writes her explanation of long over due nothingness in hopes..or at least mending
past mistakes, an…