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The Benefits Of Being Alone..

I am just reviewing the benefits of being alone;

You can lie to people about where you are, and do absolutely nothing.
"Yeah sorry, can\t chat, I'm just over in the states"
The person may say, "oh where about" hmm not sure on a road trip..don't know when Ill be back "
Or, hey yeah working a double, not available.
Do you have those days? where it doesn't matter who it is you just want to hear nothing?
I have set my Voice Mail to this lengthy professional message, that you would not dare leave a message because its actually a emergency line, and if you do, it states that your message is recorded for quality purposes..and if you can get to the end of the message, you may actually hear I have another cell number and a home phone. Which unfortunately may be disconnected for sleeping purposes, or mindful reading or yoga in the living room..depends how I'm feeling that day- it just might be a dog day, this is where my full attention is on my dog-

The …

I Should Buy A Boat

"I should buy a boat, If you dream it , it will come"

I met some pretty amazing people on Van Isle 360, some I will never forget, some that went as far as the states...Some friends I will have forever. That year was an exciting year.

Looking at old picture's of the team. I have to say, I am grateful I was part of it. It has been two years, I looked into taking those sailing classes just to get out on a boat, but the truth is I know 3 exceptional Captains who have done more experience than any of those classes. So I called my favorite.  I would have to continue training physically, dedicate full weekends and one evening training. I would have to "fit In with the new group" Learn other positions, lingo...Vancouver Royal Yacht..Id also have to get better gear. This all starts in May, however much prep is required as well as gear and fees.

First things first..upper strength, Outrigger starts in March, why not try something other than Dragon? I say Hell Ya.  So I fee…