The Benefits Of Being Alone..

I am just reviewing the benefits of being alone;

You can lie to people about where you are, and do absolutely nothing.
"Yeah sorry, can\t chat, I'm just over in the states"
The person may say, "oh where about" hmm not sure on a road trip..don't know when Ill be back "
Or, hey yeah working a double, not available.
Do you have those days? where it doesn't matter who it is you just want to hear nothing?
I have set my Voice Mail to this lengthy professional message, that you would not dare leave a message because its actually a emergency line, and if you do, it states that your message is recorded for quality purposes..and if you can get to the end of the message, you may actually hear I have another cell number and a home phone. Which unfortunately may be disconnected for sleeping purposes, or mindful reading or yoga in the living room..depends how I'm feeling that day- it just might be a dog day, this is where my full attention is on my dog-

The other benefit is you can allow your house to become a sty and go out into the world and do things, like exercise or visit with friends, or a all night coffee shop and write..or a stroll in the city, watch the storm on the good food at a friends house. And no one will will judge you that week on the mess in your house.

You can stay in bed for large amounts of time reading books, and know that no one will judge you, stating you are depressed or some other bullshit, when really you just want to cut off the world and pretend for a day you are trekking the Congo.

You can sleep entirely naked and not worry if you look weird or farted loudly in your sleep. I remember two nights in a row I went to bed with full makeup on so I could look pretty for a man. The reason I look so young to begin with, is I only wear makeup on outings..pfesshh..

You can cook a massive feast for a week, and eat it all to yourself.
you can watch chick flicks in peace, without a can also cry for no reason, and its ok to do that when the hot dude on PS I LOVE YOU movie, dies and leaves romantic love letters and his hot best friend for his X's perfectly normal....or in EAT PRAY LOVE, meeting a man who is super romantic and has dreamy sex with you 24/7 on a paradise island, this so happens every day, and its ok to cry that it will never happen to you!

YOU only have to worry about your dirty socks and towels in the bathroom not anyone else's.

If you have a pet they will love you naked dancing in the living room, lie on your Yoga Matt for the energy ..sprawl out on your paperwork to be close to you, and it wont even matter if you recently ate a Cesar Salad and have bad breath and the farts.

Your best friend is a road..and getting to the end of can run, breath oxygen..listen to music or listen to nature..but that road will not judge you..( That was created by Nike) not me, pretty dam good.

You will spend less money on toiletries, food and everything else. The only one you have to worry about is yourself.

I have to say I am very good at the disappearing act and reinventing oneself act. I have had long relationships and short ones, I have, not had "the one" The one comes when you are OK with yourself, and being alone. You are self sufficient. As I said in many posts, You add to ones life, not take from ones life. I am definitely in that place- To add to someones life.

I am beyond okay with the benefits of being alone. Yet at the same time I hate being alone.

There are those amazing moments where you wish you could grab a hand overlooking the view at Athletes Village...or some other amazing view or thing you are doing...there are those moments you wish someone would steal the popcorn in a great movie.
There are those moments you remember kissing.. and warmth at bedtime. Sharing your day...

Being a serial monogamist is difficult in today's world. Or at least in Vancouver. Everyone is looking for something better and running around taking the next best bid. People are selfish. I was selfish last year.
I am  over it now.

I am taking the reins on my alone hood for 2014, for physical fitness. I started training this week and I have to say, I have met all sorts of people, connections threw false creek and the other out posts with water sports, offering up training time, people at school doing similar things and like minded folk at my local rec center.

Its been a good start, sore but good start.

I am just reminding myself the benefits of being alone while in complete boredom listening to the rain on a Friday night, I have watched two movies and am about to get into a book..lame. I feel like dancing my ass off or doing something. Being reckless and downing a bunch of alcohol and flirting with strange men. I don't do that. But I dam well should! I hate being a Safty Gurl!! I want to be a risk girl!

But I have a early start tomorrow with a complete unknown team, with the majority of being men.

As I am finishing up this post on the benefits of being alone, I google searched my image for the title.

I did, googled, images..boredom illustration. and tell me google, why did I get this image?
maybe bored is synonymous with wood???

Do you think that's a subliminal message? The super cock will come?? WTF..LOL..I am peeing my pants here...What is with the mini men?? how does this image display boredom??..OH..hash tag I bet, what ever are those anyway?..I sort of know, but not really. I don't think a super cock is what I need, those are just assholes and mean. I mean look at all the mini men, those poor little men. LOL

Thank gawd for tomorrow- and Sunday.:)

Gvix Signing off


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